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No Shorts and Spiders on a Saturday Night

No Shorts and Spiders on a Saturday Night

I’ve had several people ask me how I can get away without owning any shorts, especially during the hot, humid summers here in the South. I can’t even tell you exactly why I won’t wear shorts, except maybe that I just don’t like the way they look on me, and I hate the way they feel when I sit down. Weird, huh?

Old Navy dress ~ $1.99 MegaThrift
Vintage bag ~ $1.99 MegaThrift
Report wedges ~ Ross Dress for Less
Earrings ~ part of Walmart 3-pack
Yellow hinged bracelet ~ Kohl’s
Purple hinged bracelet ~ Thai gift shop in Wilmington, NC

I love shorts on my style blogger friends, but not enough to buy a pair. Cropped ankle pants are as radical as I’m likely to go in the pants department this year.

The Cairn Terrier did not want to show off his freshly washed self.

The lovely Lynn who blogs at Dylan’s Dresses did a post earlier this week about dressing down in tee shirts, skirts, and comfy shoes. That’s what I usually wear on hot days instead of shorts: tees, tanks, crinkly broom skirts, dresses, sneakers, and/or cuffed skinny jeans.

There are tiny orange sequins on this bag. Love them.

I don’t usually share outfit pics on the weekends, in no small part because I like to run around in bifocals and no make-up, you know, to give my skin and my ever-decreasing aging vanity a bit of a breather, but I love this $1.99 dress I thrifted last month so much I wanted to share it. It doesn’t squeeze me anywhere, and it has pockets. Boom. Perfect run-a-round dress.

The Teen rocks stripes and Toms.

The Absent-Minded Professor is camping this weekend with good friends from graduate school. I’m not a big camping fan, and The Teen is even less of one, plus she is recovering from a mild sickle cell event, so we stayed home and appreciated air-conditioning. We also had a movie date, Taco Bell and The Amazing Spiderman.

Forget Andrew. I’m obsessed with Gwen Stacy’s boots. Brand doesn’t seem to be listed online πŸ™

The Teen is terrified of spiders but smitten with Andrew Garfield, so all in all it was a very romantic, chick flick kinda Saturday night. Also, I think my life may now be complete with the introduction of dark chocolate Kit Kats.

What’s your fave treat to snack on at the movies?

P.S. I linked up with Two Birds’ Inspiration Monday. Thanks, Beth, for suggesting it!

17 Responses to No Shorts and Spiders on a Saturday Night

  1. You too?!!!! I NEVER wear shorts, ever!! I think the last time I wore shorts was in 1970. Seriously. Not a good look and I figure with so many other options, why wear something that's just not remotely flattering. I like them on other people, and I really like denim shorts done in a funky, fashionable way, I just can't do it. Couldn't back then and definitely not now.:-)

    Your weekend with "the teen" sounds perfect. I have been missing my kids so much recently. I have to get on a plane to see either one of them. This is when empty nest really sucks. Enjoy your lovely family!!!!

  2. I love your dress! I understand on the shorts, I have a couple of pairs, but I don't wear them super often. I do like capris though.

    The teen looks very cute too, sounds like you had a nice weekend!

    Oh and PS, you should link up with Two Birds tomorrow, they chose an outfit almost identical to this one.

  3. You look great in these photos today. What a special little purse.
    I love the combination of salty popcorn and anything that has chocolate on the outside. πŸ˜‰

  4. I think dresses are way cooler than shorts. I wear shorts, but I also don't like how I look in them.

    Love the dress and the bag is too gorgeous for words. I did a no makeup day today … washed hair and clipped it up and put ueber moisturing lotions on.

    I don't like movie houses (a host of reasons) but my favourite snack would be Whispers and popcorn.

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend and that your week is fabulously fashionable.

  5. I am with you – forget shorts, give me a dress or loose skirt every time!

    What a fun weekend! Those boots are fabulous, and haven't you seen Kit Kat darks before?

  6. cute chambray dress
    i do own some shorts, but they are not a staple in my wardrobe, i have gravitated more and more towards cute little dresses as i have gotten older.

  7. I have to say I hate spiders too and before Patrick I was not a camping fan either but military men really know how to get down on some camping! I love your new thrifted dress! It is super cute!

  8. That dress, $1.99? Whoa. Good one! I don't have any shorts either. Eeew! They look great on other people but I can't stand them on me. I don't know why either. Having said that, I do have some for sports, kind of a necessity, but I never ever go out in them. Oh, and I have some hot pants, does that count? The Teen looks fab. What a fun girls' night!

  9. Must make that "treat" plural in order to answer. I only go to the movie theater a couple of times a year, but I must have a hot dog and popcorn. I neeeed them both. πŸ™‚ So that becomes our meal of the day.
    This is a great little dress and the vintage purse looks perfect with it.

  10. Thanks for sharing a weekend pic Lynne. That dress is even cuter than shorts.
    Shhh…Don't tell anybody, but I like to sneak my treats into the theater. My favorite is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
    Hope The Teen is feeling better.

  11. Love the ease of wearing a simple dress. I rarely wear shorts either. I see them on other gals and think they look adorable but for some reason I don't look the same as they do when wearing them. I'm more of a long pants gal. Great buy on that dress!

  12. Not weird at all. I don't like to wear pants either.

    What I do love, though, is every styling detail of your outfit here. And, the prices on the bag and dress are unbelievable! Score!

  13. I wouldn't wear shorts for years. No, decades. I barely wore them in high school. Last year, I got two pairs on a 105-degree day. I just couldn't take it anymore. Now I love them with wedges. It's my own Never Is the Next New Thing experience… πŸ˜‰

  14. Fun ! You rocked the look. Glad to see you had a pup and a child in the post at least. She seems like a happy gal, sorry about her having a bout with an ailment… πŸ™

    Please come on over to my site and see what you think? My sis and I are hosting our first weekly, blog hop tomorrow! eeeeek, I'm hoping is has a great turn out.

    I'm joining you right now and inviting my sister and a great new blogger, Jacqueline.


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