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Orange U Glad 2 C Me?

Orange U Glad 2 C Me?

Or, Yes, I Am the Orange Powerpuff Girl

The Goodwill Fangirl almost never came back after The Teen’s bone marrow transplant. (We’re doing third person today. It’s just easier to keep a little distance right now.). The other side of transplant wasn’t what anyone expected. No amount of pre-admission education could prepare her for the hurricane emotions of fear and joy, rage and sorrow, grief and awe that flew her high and flung her low since last August, when two units of cord blood from the generous mothers of two children she’ll likely never meet were given to her youngest daughter, to replace the bone marrow that was doing its best to kill her.

Photo Credit: Dear Hubby
Toe-Curling: Stop that, honey, it makes you look nervous.
Clothes and Accessories: Vintage 60s floral pants turned into skinny jeans (thrifted a coupla years ago); Lace cami (@$2.99 at The Rugged Wearhouse many years ago); Talbot’s cardi (gleefully removed from a clearance rack during one of the last trips she bought anything actually new); Loft flats ($11 final clearance a couple of years ago; maybe not everyone likes sequins on their feet?); Purell hanging from bag (every bone marrow transplant mommy has one of these)

She sure didn’t care what she was wearing, but she knew whose child was so close to death that the parent could not change clothes for a week. She didn’t want her own picture taken, and The Teen did not want any photographic evidence at all. The Teen knew she was a phoenix rising from the ashes, but she did not want to see the fire ever again.

The Goodwill Fangirl lost her place in the world, and for a long time didn’t think it mattered. Getting dressed to buy groceries was too much, and there were too many confusing places full of clothes she couldn’t remember liking, much less buying, in hospital drawers, suitcases at the Ronald McDonald House, and in the bedroom closet she hardly ever opened. And yes, in the trunk of her car, which quite frankly, was just too freakin’ much to handle.

But she had to get dressed sometime – don’t we all? And she lost 13 pounds somewhere along the way. One day she looked in the mirror, and realized that her clothes didn’t fit, her hair had no color, and she had forgotten how to apply eye liner. She looked even tireder than she felt, which was pretty damn tired.

Then she enrolled in a college class after many decades away from formal education, got a little part-time job in an area of the law that she hadn’t written a book about, and accepted the occasional social invitation because her Dear Hubby forced her to. And she broke her no-shopping for a year ban, which was pretty easy to stick to when she didn’t care, but she had to have a few smaller clothes that fit. She remembered this whole style blog started to celebrate real women with real wrinkles and real problems, including getting dressed for work, even if they hadn’t gotten their first paycheck yet.

And who better than The Goodwill Fangirl to share her experiences as a middle-aged woman, starting everything anew, and turning first to Goodwill to get some clothes that fit right now, that make her feel like a woman who walks fast, like she knows where she’s going, even if she hasn’t quite regained her footing yet.

But she will, I know she will.

21 Responses to Orange U Glad 2 C Me?

  1. Lynne, it is so good to see you. Commenting on your looks is probably one of the least important things in life next to what you and your family have gone through, but I'll say it anyway, you look fantastic, in orange no less, a colour of zest and tang. I'm very glad you're walking fast again in any direction, laugh. I'm glad Dear Hubby has been there to thrown you a rescue ring as well. Get ready for a tidal wave of warmth and smiles from other bloggers happy to see you back. Big hug. Here's to traction ASAP.

  2. I'm glad to see you back in blogdom and appreciate you sharing an update with the rest of us. I don't think I could say things as well as Melanie just did, so I will just have to second her sweet comment.

  3. Let the tide start, indeed! It is so great to see you, and yes, you look wonderful. I look forward to seeing and hearing you and I have a big lump in my throat. Xox

  4. I know she will too. You and your family have already overcome SO MUCH. It would be impossible to not take notice and be humbled by your journey. I am so happy you friended me on Facebook so I can keep up with you. I know you'll get your groove–and you STILL look great. I personally think you look better than I ever would under such stress. What kind of law are you working in now? I hope that TGF is going to stick around–no matter the frequency. This orange makes me happy and so does seeing your blog pop up in my Bloglovin feed.

  5. Welcome back, welcome back! You have been missed and prayed for. As a mother who's been thru a similar, but not exact journey, I well remember and can empathize with your pain, and joy, and lethargy, and the tender seedlings of new beginnings. Joy can, and will, follow.

  6. Indeed she will. It is SOOOOOO good to see you, Lynne, you have been very much missed. Your family has been on the most incredibly challenging roller coaster, and here you are, looking bright and beautiful, stepping out into the world again. And a new world at that – new college course, new job. And at least in part a new wardrobe!
    Sending much love to you all, and looking forward to having you back in the blogging fold, though you have always been in our thoughts. xxxx

  7. Um… Laura? Lily? Oh, yeah… Lynne! Now I remember you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You've been through a war and it's no wonder you're shellshocked. Hang in there. Your strength and enthusiasm will return. If you want to blog, blog; if not, hit a golf ball.

    Fabulous outfit, btw; on trend and perfect for you.

  8. I can't tell you how glad I am to see you! I'm extremely proud/happy for you and your family. As Ally said, you've been through war – through hell and back. And well? You're back!

    I'm fighting the exhaustion of a new full time job, but I keep telling myself I'll adjust and eventually won't feel so tired. I think you'll find your energy again too. You're always on my mind, dear lady.

    You look better than you feel, I guarantee, and your style continues to blossom.

  9. So good to see you back and man, was it worth the wait. You look fabulous despite the roller coaster ride you've endured over the past few months. xxx

  10. LYNNE! So good to see you, hale and hearty and alive after such a taxing time/hellish situation. Best vibes to the Teen and you and Hubs and the Corginator and the other fab fam. Hang in there, hon. Looking awesome, but of course that matters only a little in the Real Life.

  11. So happy to see you again Lynne! I thought you had given up on blogging completely and I wouldn't blame you one bit. I can't imagine how difficult life has been for you and your family. No doubt you are exhausted. Your unbelievable strength is such a huge inspiration. The orange is perfect for you, it is the colour of hope, strength and refusal to give in.


  12. Lynne, its wonderful to see a post from you. You guys are in my thoughts daily and its been awesome to keep up with you on FB. It amazes me how quickly life as we know it can change and how fast the months pass by. Congrats on grabbing life by the horns and giving it a good shake – you're my hero. Hugs

  13. Lynne, I am so happy to see you blogging again – I've been keeping up on Facebook so I know where you've been and the tough road, but you're coming out the other side looking amazing – you're still here, you're still standing and that's what matters. And this outfit is awesome. Seriously awesome. Hugs to you!

  14. Y, yes I am glad to see you Lynne! In power orange, buddha orange, sweet and tangy orange. Wishing you all you need. I don't know what to say, other than I think of you and yours. xxx

  15. Beautiful orange. I am so, so happy I found your site. I've yet to crawl through everything, but the day is young! I'm a paralegal in Louisiana (the Civil law state!) and am constantly looking to strengthen my skills in this profession. Thank you for putting all this out there for us. And the fashion is a major bonus! <3

  16. I am so very happy to see you back, though in that 'no pressure, we all know you've been through a huge, huge ordeal' way. I hope the weight will come back in due time (unless of course, you prefer it stay lost!)

    It sounds like you're kicking butt and taking names in class. I hope to keep in touch with you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. If I'm not mistaken, the Phoenix (you!) look even more beautiful here. I haven't been by for a long time, and I'm so happy to see you. And since this is a style blog, among other things, I can say I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! Sending huge hugs to you and KeeCee, and your whole family. XXOO

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