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Orange You Glad to See Me?

Orange You Glad to See Me?

I don’t mean to blather on quite so soon about the wonders all y’all have to look forward to in middle age, but I was, well, blinded by those subtle creeping changes again this morning. (And I can ignore a subtle creeping change better than most.)

Moving day at work, so obviously it means dress like a Creamsicle. Post pic lesson learned? Do not show my deep love of orange sherbet push-up pops by dressing like one.
The Deets: Talbots faux suede jacket (thrifted); Pewter flats (Loft clearance); Nine West American Vintage jeans (Steinmart last year); Chico’s button front shirt (thrifted); Coral skinny belt (Target); Spoon bracelet (antique)

I couldn’t see when I woke up.

I mean, it’s true I’ve been legally blind all my life, and never have been able to see things clearly upon waking, but this morning I popped in my contacts – and still couldn’t see.

I know, switched eyes, right? Nope, that wasn’t it.

So I had to wear my bifocals. Which I both hate and love. I resisted them for years, and then wondered why I was such an idiot after getting my first pair (these). I love the perfect vision I enjoy while wearing them (my contacts do not correct my severe astigmatism), but I hate the glasses themselves. I am terrible at selecting eyeglass frames (as well as decorating houses and arranging food on plates). Why I picked glasses that make me look like my eighth grade school photo I don’t know.

I’m going to get new bifocals next week (and an eye exam because obviously the vision thing is a concern). If you wear glasses and look really great in yours, I’d love to hear your tips for selecting flattering frames. I’m afraid my next ones might make me look like my seventh grade school photo.

10 Responses to Orange You Glad to See Me?

  1. Oooh fun tonal look! My best advice for glasses shopping – look for a pair that flatters your brows. Go for the funky pair! Colors, interesting shapes! It's hard finding that in everyday glasses, which is why I order online (Goggles4u).

  2. Tips for eyeglasses: try on lots, and listen to the staff at the optical place. Be open-minded. Try something new. Stick with neutrals if you wear them every day, but black is generally too harsh against aging skin (I like tortoise shell).

    I love those skinny red pants.

  3. OH no! What a wretched time you've had the last couple of days Lynne! Sorry to hear. I wear glasses, but they had me pick my frames out after they dilated my eyes (why do they DO that???), so I couldn't give you any good tips LOL. I saw pink and I was sold.

    I actually like the orange on orange on orange. The monochromatic look is very happening!

  4. I love your monochromatic look!
    I would hate having to wear glasses every day. it may become a reality some day, but for now the pair I got in highschool when i couldn't see from the back of the class will just remain there.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Love your orange!

    To find the perfect pair: try on every pair in the store, try them on again, go home, repeat the next day, keep doing this for a year or more… I want to be Elton John and buy hundreds of pairs so I don't have to settle.

  6. Creamsicles are delicious, and I love your outfit! Sorry to hear about the eyesight change, glad you're checking it out. I'm a champion subtle-creeping-change-ignorer myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here's my novella:

    Glasses-shoping can be really hard. I like to try on every pair in existence, and the last time I needed glasses, I ended up ordering my exact same old frames on ebay – thank goodness, because I could not for the life of me find anything I liked nearly as well. It took me years to find prescription sunglasses.

    Part of the issue is the homogenization that happens with everything anymore – the stores have all the same stuff in the same colours and shapes, and what's been "in" for ages doesn't suit me. I entertained my best friend (who was laid up with a broken foot) for weeks with my glasses-shopping self-portraits. Besides taking self-portrait photos, as Sheila said, consulting the staff can be very helpful – go to a couple of places, gather a couple of opinions, and jot down the model #'s of the ones that stand out.

    Also, if you know people who look awesome in their glasses, ask if they'll let you try theirs on and the resulting conversations will naturally evoke the "for your face, you'd need a frame that's more 'this' or 'that'" (wider, not as heavy, rounder, more up-angled, warmer / cooler colour, etc.) info you need. Good luck!

    • I love the idea of taking photos while trying glasses on. I often notice details in photos that I don't when looking in the mirror.

  7. I love that outfit! So colorful and fun, which you need to do occasionally. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wore glasses for many, many years before I had corrective Lasik surgery. I know eventually we all go back to glasses when you at least need reading glasses. I probably wore glasses for a good 20 years, and figured out that the square frames fit me better. You definitely have to try on a lot to figure out what works for you. Don't be afraid to get a fun pair of glasses either! You are wearing them every day, so you might as well like them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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