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Our Law Office Is Haunted. Really.

Our Law Office Is Haunted. Really.

My Halloween essay is a little late, but last night we took six 13-year old girls trick-or-treating in the pouring rain, and then had to spend an extra hour with them this morning after they’d eaten Halloween candy for breakfast.

I normally don’t talk much about the ghost that hangs out at our law firm because it’s not really recommended for small business marketing, but I see that Prescott, Arizona attorney Gil Shaw is chatting up his firm’s ghosts in the news and that it might actually be cutting-edge to have a ghost.

Attorney Gil Shaw and his employees now occupy the second floor [of the Knights of Pythias building], and they say they have seen too many strange things to explain. And so did the staff of Tom Kelly, who had his attorney’s office there about a decade ago.

That’s TWO law firms that are reporting seeing ghosts in the same building.

The firm I work for is located in the historic Brickenstein-Leinbach House, also known as just “The Leinbach House”, which was rescued and moved from across the street (all 9,500 square feet of it), after being booted out of Old Salem. The Queen-Anne style house, built in 1906, was scheduled to be demolished and replaced by a reproduction of the first blacksmith’s house originally built in Old Salem.

We do share the common theme of extensive remodeling with Shaw’s office.

Maybe it was all the new remodeling that rattled the ghosts back into action, but Shaw and his staff say they have seen plenty of unexplained things since they moved into the building at the end of May.

Several times after walking down a long flight of stairs to the first floor at night, Shaw said he has seen a ghostly figure at the top of the stairs as he turns to shut off the lights. He can make out the shape of a head and cloak slowly backing away.

He said he also has walked to the back of the building only to find the new elevator opening by itself several times.

“I’d just say, ‘No thank you, Mr. Herndon,’ and it shut,'” he related, referring to one of the first attorneys to occupy the building.

Like the employees in Shaw’s firm, some of us don’t jump up and down at the thought of working in the building after dark, because we all swear we’ve heard the ghost of Clarence Leinbach, who married the builder Brickenstein’s daughter and lived in the house for 53 years, go bump in the night – or at least tread heavily down four flights of stairs when we thought we were working alone in the house.

After numerous incidents, Kelly’s staff became reluctant to work late at night on complicated cases. “I called Father Pyka just so my office could get back to work,” Kelly related. He asked the local priest to exorcise the place. After Father Frank Pyka blessed each floor and said prayers while sprinkling holy water, things calmed down, Kelly said.

I thought about asking my bosses to spring for an exorcism, but since we conveniently blame Mr. Leinbach for anything that goes missing, I’ll leave well enough alone.

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