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Paralegal Adds Video Cover Letter to Job Search Arsenal

Paralegal Adds Video Cover Letter to Job Search Arsenal

If you think you’ve gone high-tech in your job search by using LinkedIn, Chicago paralegal Tara Kowalke’s higher-tech approach might make you wonder if you’re just doing the equivalent of banging out your resume on an IBM electric typewriter.

She’s hired to help her prepare a video cover letter, which she hopes will help her stand out from the competition.

For Kowalke’s video cover letter, she spent twenty minutes being interviewed by the director — mostly questions about her personality and background. Then the director edited together the best clips to make a 90-second video.

Now here’s the catch, she can attach it as a link to the top of her resume.

Guugos says you can also link the “60-90 second video cover letter…to your emails, or to any of your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social site pages.”

Check out the featured candidate at the company’s website. I’m interested to hear what you think. Is a video cover letter worth the $200 investment, and can it really help you – or hurt you?

Do you think that lawyers, human resource personnel and legal recruiters will embrace the concept as a way to “preview” candidates?

4 Responses to Paralegal Adds Video Cover Letter to Job Search Arsenal

  1. The cost would be tax deductible – but even for the money it seems like a great option. Think about what HR finds when they search for your name now? I'd rather it be a well crafted message/video that i can put on my Facebook and Linkedin pages.

  2. Remember that Yale student a few years ago who sent a cheesy video with his resume and became the laughing stock of Wall Street?

    Even if it doesn't show clips of me ballroom dancing or giving a puffed-up talk about success, I guess I'd be worried that it would be too much. I'd love to see a clip though…

  3. I watched the sample and was not impressed by this particular candidate. Lacked energy, monitone voice, frequent use of um, you know. I'd ask for a mulligan if I was a golfer! It's an interesting concept but if not done right, it could eliminate you as a prospective hire.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I can see a video resume going either way, but since the majority of us aren't "naturals" on camera, I'm not sure that 20 minutes prep time is enough to get it right on the first, second – or fifteenth take…

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