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Paralegal and “Dog Next Door” Rescuer Loses Home in Fire

Paralegal and “Dog Next Door” Rescuer Loses Home in Fire

Georgia paralegal Deborah Wood has a generous spirit and a calling to care for homeless pets, but now she and 15 foster dogs are the recipients of help from American Dog Rescue and American Red Cross, after she lost her home to a fire this week.

Sadly, one of her foster dogs did not survive the fire.

“I am totally exhausted and I lost everything,” said Wood, founder of The Dog Next Door, a private, home-based canine assistance group. “By profession I am a paralegal, and by passion I have a dog rescue company. I tried to get all dogs out of my house. One is in doggie heaven, one is critical injured, all others, need foster homes today. I will probably be staying with Red Cross as I don’t have family here and few friends.”

Wood’s dogs have temporary shelter with a local animal hospital, but American Dog Rescue is working hard to find them more permanent placements.

Ms. Wood’s story touched my heart deeply,” said [Arthur] Benjamin, [President of American Dog Rescue]. “Here is a woman that has devoted her personal time to saving dogs and when disaster struck, her focus has been and remains on the welfare of her sheltered animals. American Dog Rescue has taken a leadership role in gathering national and local support to ensure these animals are given a chance.”

Wood and her canine charges are in my thoughts and prayers.

If you want to help, visit American Dog Rescue and Wood’s site, The Dog Next Door.
Click here for a list of adoptable pets from The Dog Next Door. The photo included with this post is of Lily, a shepherd/miniature pinscher mix. I don’t know Lily’s status after the fire, only that she is a beautiful dog – and that Deborah Wood has 15 dogs that have been through a lot and really need their “forever homes” now.

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