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Paralegal Career Dressing: This Is Not a Pair of Shoes

Paralegal Career Dressing: This Is Not a Pair of Shoes

It’s been almost a week since I blogged, right? I bet a few of you in the know (see Megan Mae Daily) pro’bly think The Absent Minded Professor a/k/a Dear Hubby insisted that I stop blogging and no longer travel alone, because I went to Tennessee for a blogger meet up with Megan, and a hot date with Benedict Cumberbatch, and came home with a cat.

All dressed up for Benedict. Yes, we tried on each other’s Vogs.

What I think is important to emphasize here is that I did stick to my self-imposed $20 thrifting challenge (if you don’t count the new Anthropologie dress I bought at the Rugged Wearhouse. Which I don’t.)

No iron Express blouse, Etcetera skirt, Mootsie Tootsie sandals $2, Connie pumps $2, what looks like a handmade leather purse $2 (no label, but so cool, I’ve already taken it out on Movie Night)

Everyone here who thinks I am a nut for hopping in the car to meet a woman I only knew online has asked, “Did you have a good time?”

My answer? “THE. BEST.”

Yeah, we took way more pics, but I thought you guys might only go for, like, six in one post 😛

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to meet a blogger you already like so much and have communicated with outside your blog, but it’s pretty damned amazing. Megan is of course gorgeous and intelligent, as you know, and she has an unerring eye for diamonds in the rough killer used clothes.

I’d pro’bly be better at thrifting if I wasn’t a terrible eavesdropper. This nice lady let me help her pick out a formal gown for her hubby. Yeah, her hubby. He needed a gown to compete in a Relay for Life Beauty Pageant 🙂

We talked non-stop for hours, and kept losing track of time. Her family was completely welcoming, and even her mother-in-law’s dog, who hates everybody but her mother-in-law, kinda took a shine to me.

My only complaint is that time passed too quickly, and some of our other fave bloggers couldn’t be there. Trust me, we talked about y’all incessantly, exclaimed over thrifted clothes that would be perfect for some of you, and even bought one (it’s a surprise) an outfit.

Even if Megan hadn’t been a lovely and like-minded companion, or Benedict hadn’t blown most other actors off the face of the earth as Frankenstein’s Creature, or she hadn’t given me a pair of shoes worth the drive alone, I still came home with a totally unexpected bonus: a cat. (Hubs said I lost my Internet privileges. Hee. Not really).

Blogger swap goodies and button flowers from Megan, including Coccinelle flats, which I might wear in every future outfit post (fair warning, right?)

Everyone human in my family immediately fell in love with this tiny creature who has the personality of a fairy, sort of magical, mischievous, and gentle. The Corginator is insanely jealous, but this is not a blog about Corgis who want to be the only four-legged in the house.

Sasha Jane, love-child of Megan and me. Okay, that’s not true. She has a mom, and a dad, Smoky Joe, and Megan and I are his sister wives, raising the kids together, although no one wants to do the ironing.

Nope, a cat is not a pair of shoes, but a blogger meet-up has the potential to solidify lifelong friendships, with a few crazy but wonderful surprises thrown in (the first thing Megan did was hand me a pair of the best shoes I’ve ever been given in my life). If you haven’t done one yet, start planning one now.

Even though Megan spotted 500 great things to my every one, I found this blouse for her! The only thing we came even close to fighting over are the $2 killer teal heels she’s wearing here. Although we both wear 6.5 Vogs, she has much narrower feet than me.

P.S. I’m also participating in Not Yet Dead Style’s Visible Monday, because Megan and I are pretty darn visible!

12 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: This Is Not a Pair of Shoes

  1. Ah, it looks like such an awesome time – I want to hang out with you! I live so far away from all the cool kids, dang it!

  2. I have indeed been catching up on your fun times via Megan's blog, but I love to hear it from your side too. I have never met another blogger and I am DYING to. Unfortunately, the bloggers in CO are sparse at best. I LOOOOOOOVE your outfits in the second photo. You two are the CUTEST!

  3. I wondered how the kitten would be received at home…and I was convinced that your daughter would help make it okay. You guys' visit makes me want to meet another blogger face to face.

  4. It was the best time ever! And we must do it again sometime. I actually have you some treats that are going out in the mail tomorrow. I do hope you like what I did with the ties you left me, and I'm including a secret extra surprise for you.

    Your Corgi and my Sammy (black adult cat) could totally get on the same committee for evicting Those-Things-That-Mew-and-take-all-the-attention.

    You totally found a number of great scores, and also helped me find that gorgeous knife-pleat top too. I would have totally overlooked it and probably most of what else I bought. I'm a terrible person about commitment (to clothes) so actually ending our two days together with a huge haul was amazing.

    The flats looked so much better on you, and who am I to deny the hand of fate that was dabbling in our meet-up. Seriously the time could not have been more perfect.

    And speaking of the lovely Mr. Cumberbatch I'll finally get some time tomorrow to sit down and tackle some practice sketching before the drawing you requested. It's like asking me to study Ben's face and find a million – um, reference photos. Really. They're for art. Hahah!

    Also thanks for all the update photos of little Sasha. She's so gorgeous and I'm really happy to see her little sweet face again. She looks so much like her daddy in that photo it's scary! (I saw him tonight roaming across the creek) Also for what it's worth, I'm totally cool with doing the cooking, cleaning, and ironing – just don't make me kill bugs or pooper-scoop.

  5. What a fabulous weekend. I'm green with envy. Your little kitty is so cute – she looks like an angel.

    Glad you had such a fine time. Hope your week is awesome as well.

  6. So much to be happy about today! It's so great that you and Megan are now bonded forever with a kitty to love (so darn cute!!). Your outfits are fabulous, esp your pattern mixing stripes and florals. *And* you can share Fluevogs. Sigh.

    Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday : >

  7. I totally geeked out over all of Megan's posts about your meetup and told her I was insanely jealous – but I'm so happy you guys had such an amazing time! And I think my favorite part of the story is that you came home with the sweet kitty – I love that. I know she'll have an amazing home with you!!

  8. In that first photo of you guys together I've got to wonder whether you planned this outfit or it just happened. From the rest of the post I'm guessing it just happened – the two of you are definitely sharing a vibe. Your meet-up sounds like a blast, the best kind of get-together with shopping and kitties.

  9. Love this report. Am actually living vicariously through it.

    You two gals have such PERSONALITY and STYLE that putting you together is like combining combustible chemicals. An explosion is guaranteed!

  10. This is such a delightful post. I agree – meeting kindred bloggers is a thrill. The two of you look like you had so much fun, and a kitten went home with you. Sounds magical if you ask me.

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