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Paralegal Career Dressing: $4 Worth of Clothes

Paralegal Career Dressing: $4 Worth of Clothes

I perhaps mentioned one too many times, and may have even tweeted, that I was wearing $4 worth of clothes today, excluding the shoes (which cost more than I’ve ever spent on my three most expensive pairs of shoes altogether but are worth every single penny, thank you, John Fluevog).

Breva ice blue pumps ~ John Fluevog clearance
New Directions skirt (fully lined) ~ $1.99 thrifted at local MegaThrift
Autograph New York pin-stripe blouse ~ $1.99 thrifted (still had tags on it!) at local MegaThrift
Multi-ring set ~ Target
Plastic stretch bracelets from different sets over the years
Pendant ~ since college, so, like, decades.

Then it occurred to me that maybe peeps will just feel sorry for me, instead of thinking I’m a little cute, like I can’t afford to spend more than $4 on an outfit.

Don’t try the rebel ankle bracelet at work, unless your boss hasn’t noticed it for a decade like mine didn’t.

Which is kind of true most of the time, because we have two houses and teenage wallet vampires and hungry four-leggeds and old cars.

I wanted y’all to see the cool button placket thingie on front of the skirt.

Plus, I put myself on a self-imposed shopping moratorium, hopefully to last through August. No thrifting even. Not because I’m a hoarder (actually, I’m a purger, so don’t set anything down you won’t miss in my presence), but because I want to wear everything in my closet, set free the clothes I’m not wearing and don’t love, and be more careful about what I do buy, when I do buy again.

I am wearing two different purple nail polishes. It takes me hours to paint my own nails, which keeps me from shopping 😛

I asked The Teen what she needed in the way of school clothes (the kids do their own laundry, for reasons I don’t have to explain to those of you owned by kids), and she said just some new camisole tops. So we went to a fave teen fast fashion store, Rue 21, and I almost folded over the no-shopping ban when I grabbed a big set of FIFTEEN perfect bangles for peeps with skinny stick wrists and refused to let go. But I put them back.

Mix Metal Bangles ~ $8.99 (Rue 21) Let’s all have a moment of silence while I wish I’d bought them.

I want to tell you I feel really good about it, but the truth is, I really want those bangles. I tell myself if they are meant to be, they will be there at the end of August.

Ever done a self-imposed shopping moratorium? Did you succeed? How long did it last?

P.S. I’m linking up with the always lovely Patti at Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday and #MondayMingle.

Addendum: I figured out how to turn on the Reply feature in Comments. I feel like a hacker now! And I took off the word verification for y’all that have mentioned how hard it is. For you, I am moderating eight million comments a day from anonymous weirdos 😮 Also, here’s a secret I figured out from some of y’all’s word verifications. You do not have to get all the letters exactly right in Blogger. Or else I’d never be able to leave comments 😛

16 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: $4 Worth of Clothes

  1. OMG, thank you for turning off the word verification! I hate those things. I moderate all comments, and truthfully, have not had a rude or spammy comment in MONTHS.

    I love the outfit, and always get a kick out of how little clothing often costs next to the shoes. But the shoes are completely worth it.

    Nah, you don't miss the bracelets. You just crave the new. Tell yourself the truth: those bracelets were made in China for pennies. They are cheap crap.

    I put myself on a "no new clothes or shoes" ban (which included a "one in/one out" rule) for a year, back in 2009. I only bought thrift/consignment, swapped and received gifts for a full year. I learned a lot about my shopping habits, as well as the value of not feeding the "fast fashion" mall clothing monster. If you're interested, this is my summary:

  2. First of all, I love the skirt, the colors, and those amazing shoes. Plus your hair looks really cool. As far as the price-tag of your outfit? I'm personally not surprised because I find much better things at my Goodwill and Salvation Army than I do at the mall stores, for sure.

    As far as a moratorium, I'm always reluctant to impose rules on myself, but instead try to redirect my attention. I'm currently contemplating a challenge with myself to a) wear what I own, b) use materials I already own for any upcycling projects to create something "new" to wear. Just thinking about it has already made me less inclined to go thrifting, even. We'll see!!

  3. You look like 4 *million* bucks, Lynne – great thrifting, and wonderful accessorizing (go back and get the bangles, I say!). I've never done a true shopping ban, unless you count my early 20's when I didn't have two dimes to my name : > I do like your mission though, to refine your closet.

    Love those Fluevogs.

  4. Hey, I would be proud of the $4 outfit! You look fab!

    I'm on a self imposed shopping ban of summer stuff – I should be not shopping all together, but I have said if it will work into fall and winter it is ok to buy. So far it's working pretty well though, I've only bought a purse and some jewelry so far!

  5. I have tried shopping bans before, but I always failed, and usually epically, so that was what gave rise to the budget, and it's working out much better.

    and yay for $4 outfits! I think that is awesome.
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I have not have a self-imposed shopping moratorium since a did the 30 for 30 challenge in November 2010. You must have a tremendous will to avoid the temptation of those bangles!

  7. Have you worn this skirt on blog before? If so, how in the world did I miss it?! It's incredible. Blue looks so amazing on you.

    I turned into a crazy person when someone comments on something I thrifted. I'm like "I PAID A DOLLA FOR THIS FO REAL THRIFTING IS AMAZING" Most people just kind of smile awkwardly.

    Then if they say something about my shoes I'm like "Uuhh, yeah these were NOT a dollar" (Like I did at that last Goodwill we visited)

    Love your polish in these pictures. It's very subtle, but fabulous. I want to paint my nails like that now.

    My shopping bans are usually pretty bad because I'll say I'm on a ban – then people give me things. >.> I know I'm complaining about free stuff, but it feels like cheating or something. Oh well, I'm back to the ban this time. Considering The Boots of Awesome are now on their way and I can obsessively check their tracking I don't need to window shop.

  8. I love that you're wearing four bucks of clothing! Brilliant! Brown with blue in the skirt is a favourite colour combo. And the shoes are definitely worth it. I do the moratorium thing once in a while, and occasionally let chance decide, for example, if this is still here in one week, I'll get it, if not, it wasn't meant to be.

  9. You know, I often respond to people who compliment me on something I'm wearing by telling them the price, as in "it was only a fiver from a charity shop". Why do I do that? Probably because I have a LOT of clothes and feel the need to explain that I don't spend much money on them, lest I appear profligate… But it might sound odd so I think I'll try to save the pricing of outfits for the blog!
    I love the print and colours on your skirt, and all your blue accessories. And if you are going to invest a lot of money in something to wear, really good shoes are a wise buy, I reckon. Every time bloggers feature their Fluevogs, I get serious shoe envy over here…
    You did well to walk away from the bangles. I am useless at not buying, comforting myself with the idea that I always buy from charity shops so it's for a good cause… So I can't help you with advice for self-control, I'm afraid! xxx

  10. First of all–THANK YOU for changing your comments. I use Bloglovin so it wasn't even letting me comment on your page from Bloglovin, so I had to revisit your page a different way and I also suck at word verifications. I hope this isn't too much of a pain for you, but it is loads easier for me!

    I love your subtle pattern mixing today Lynne. That is a very pretty skirt.

    I have been supposed to have been on a shopping ban since November. For the wedding. I've caved multiple times. Sometimes for no reason or particular item! Good luck to you. I know you can make it through August!

  11. Do you get lots of weird anonymous comments! I hope not!

    Bargain shopping is the best, I love to have a little brag. Also, it may push people to try out charity shops or consignment, and that can only be a good thing 🙂

  12. This outfit is so cute. The colors look great on you. And I'm currently on a shopping ban as well. Granted it's been less than a week, so I'm not feeling the hurt yet. I think it's a good way to save money and gain appreciation for what you already have.

    -Mary @ Style That Moves

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