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Paralegal Career Dressing: 5 Faux Croc Purses under $50

Paralegal Career Dressing: 5 Faux Croc Purses under $50

In my style blog travelings tonight, a big time designer style blog featured really adorable teeny croc totes for the bargain price of around $200! Eeek! The Teens eat that much in chips and cookies in a week!

But I really want a croc tote. Only I don’t want a croc to die for it.

Maybe I need therapy. But online window shopping is cheaper.

Faux Croc Mini Satchel ~ $32.95 (New York & Co)
Sag Harbor Crocodile Ombre Satchel ~ $33.60 (Kohl’s)

Reader, I am THIS close to ordering this one:

Designer Inspired Faux Leather Crocodile Oversized Satchel ~ $50 (Amazon)

Or this one – in blue:

Dasein Faux Leather Embossed Croco Satchel ~ $44.99 (

BONUS PURSE and educational piece for the uninformed, like myself until a few minutes ago. This is a leather wine purse, something it seems like every paralegal could use. Nice spring color, too 😉

Gala Faux Crocodile Leather Wine Purse ~ $27.99 (

4 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: 5 Faux Croc Purses under $50

  1. Love the Amazon bag…it has the divided compartment and the pouches for cell phones…having to carry 2 phones (one for work and one personal) I like to have those pouches so I can get my hands on my phone quickly. Trust me, its been hard finding those divided compartments…I searched 3months before finding my current bag at my favorite handbag store (TJ Maxx).

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