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Paralegal Career Dressing: 5 Statement Necklaces Under $25

Paralegal Career Dressing:  5 Statement Necklaces Under $25

A statement necklace can really add an interesting and unique focal point to a classic outfit, and is a great piece to invest in for the office. I found five that I’d love to add to my own accessory collection:

Gold Statement Necklace w/ Turquoise ~ $18 (BellaBluJewelry – Etsy)

Faux Stone Necklace ~ $6.80 (Forever 21)

Aimee Lynn 2-Tone Woven Chain Necklace ~ $20 (Nordstrom)
Blu Bijoux Circle Leaf Necklace in Gold ~ $24 (Max & Chloe)
Dana Buchman Chocolate Brown Textured Flower Bib Necklace ~ $23.40 (Kohl’s)

Don’t forget to check thrift stores, Etsy, and discount fashion retailers like Burlington Coat Outlet for super deals on polished and unique statement necklaces to add a little oomph to your career style. But for conservative offices, remember that one beautiful piece per outfit is enough – don’t go overboard on the statements you’re making with your jewelry.

4 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: 5 Statement Necklaces Under $25

  1. Yes, thrift shops are great for finding unique and inexpensive jewelry. I bought a fun and flirty long necklace with beads and sequines this weekend while visiting thrift shops in the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area. They have some nice shops.

  2. While I love all kinds of jewelry, I'm fond of pins especially after reading about Madeline Albright's pins. Talk about making a statement with your jewelry! I've worn my butterfly pin on days where I needed wings.

  3. Karen, I'd love it if you'd share a pic wearing that thrifted necklace! Or just the necklace if you like 🙂 I'm hoping to get some other real live legal staffers on board with this career dressing on a budget thing!

  4. MC ~ I love pins, too, and have a lot of heirloom pins from relatives. I need to work them into my wardrobe more often. I'd love to see a pic if those wings if you want to share!

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