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Paralegal Career Dressing: All Buttoned Up Day 3

Paralegal Career Dressing: All Buttoned Up Day 3

You guys, I think I did it.

What, satisfied The Man’s dress code?


Wore J. Crew for the first time.

J. Crew skirt ~ eBay
J. Crew shirt ~ thrifted
Nine West wedges ~ Ross Dress for Less earlier this year
Faux multi-strand pearl necklace ~ I bought it from Ann Taylor in the early 90s when I had to wear pantyhose to work EVERY SINGLE DAY
Pearl post earrings ~ formerly my Mom’s
Skinny belt ~ dunno, it’s been woefully neglected in my belt drawer for years
Gold ankle bracelet ~ Sharp-eyed Desiree noticed this; my boss didn’t for 10 years 😛

That’s how poor I normally am. No J. Crew for me. I don’t even look at the catalogs. And this was kind of an accident. After I greatly admired my friend Megan’s new-to-her yellow skirt, and moaned a lot a bit about how I could not find a great yellow skirt in my price range (I did send Megan the link to the yellow skirt ideal in my head, which seemed to be this $600 J. Crew suede pencil skirt), she replied with some eBay links for previously owned yellow skirts in my size.

While Megan is Mistress of eBay, I’ve never gotten a single item I bid on. So Megan told me how to do it, and I scored this awesome yellowy gold J. Crew skirt from a seller that was getting rid of all her size 4 stuff. The skirt is way prettier in person that it was in the eBay photo. I wish I’d bought all of her skirts, but I only got just the one.

What was really weird is I decided to pair it with the gingham button front shirt I scored at a MegaThrift 50% Off All Clothing sale for $3. I’d seen gingham shirts on other style bloggers, but I’d forgotten mine until All Buttoned Up week.

Look, y’all, NO ROOTS!

So I was gobsmacked when I took a quick peek at the label, and it says, “J. Crew.” It’s two sizes bigger than I normally wear, but it’s soft and super silky, and I love it and might wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Please help me out, guys. What is up with me and Donna Reed?

11 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: All Buttoned Up Day 3

  1. OMG – jealous! Seriously, wish I had bought it for myself. ;D It's a perfect yellow skirt. Glad you snagged it and it worked for you. Ebay is fantastic if you know how to work it, or terrible because y'know – shopping.

    Gingham is such a classic print. Surprised I have only ever owned one gingham item of that All Saints skirt(and I'll admit, it's now up on ebay for sale).

  2. What an awesome skirt! I love the cut and colour. We don't have J. Crew up here in Canada (at least, not in my corner of it), so the allure of the brand isn't there for me.

    I wore pearls today too! And a yellow bottom!

  3. Love the pairing of the gingham and yellow skirt. Gingham, that is one print that I don't really have in my closet. J Crew is really a pricey brand. I did score some orange capris in a thrift store though. I* wonder if they still fit?

  4. This must be the 4th yellow skirt I've seen in recent days–and it looks great on you…I've won some eBay things, but I'd like to learn more about how to do it. Wonder if Megan has a post about it.

    And the skirt looks great with the checked blouse.

  5. I have had the SAME thoughts about Megan. How on Earth does she do that???? I have bet on 1,000 things on eBay and never get them! Ugh! She needs to spill her secrets!!!

    Also congrats on the J. Crew! I found some at a thrift store and thought I won the thrifting lotto! This skirt is DIVINE!!! I have also admired both of Megan's skirts too. I wonder if she can find me one . . .

    Looking good lady! Love the gingham!

  6. I don't have any J Crew in my closet… I think I need to get myself down to a Goodwill store and scour the racks for some deals! That blouse is so sweet and perfect coupled with the bright yellow skirt!

  7. I have only ever owned thrifted J Crew. No way I pay for that stuff new!!

    This is awesome! I love seeing yellow skirts on blogs, I have one that I had won and am always looking for ways to style it. I really like the look of this with the gingham top! Then again, I'm a sucker for gingham!

    Nothing wrong with Donna Reed! I love her!

  8. Is J Crew expensive? By a strange coincidence, I just bought a little J Crew cotton t-shirt top with ruffles on the front from a charity shop, £2.99. Is that good? Is is a classic/preppy American label? That's my impression, I'll go and google it when I finished chatting here!
    LOVE the bright yellow; with the gingham, it looks so fresh, as though you should be off for a picnic with a homemade apple pie in a basket! That's a good thing, in case you're wondering! xxxx

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