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Paralegal Career Dressing: All Buttoned Up Day 5

Paralegal Career Dressing: All Buttoned Up Day 5

I know I’m a fan of “Nightgown Friday,” but today, in honor of All Buttoned Up Week, we’re gonna do “Loophole Friday”.

Maripe pumps ~ Thrifted $6
Printed cropped pants ~ Loft sale
Cardigan ~ Loft Outlet sale
White tank ~ Loft sale
Necklace ~ Loft sale

So the office dress code says “NO JEANS” (all caps, basically yelling in writing like we can’t figure out this means not even on office moving day).

I still like my accidental pics best.

So the office dress code says “NO CAPRIS” (which are basically short fat pants on me so I’m cool with this.)

I was holding this fence up at 7:30 a.m. before the rain and the outdoor sauna struck.

But the office dress code doesn’t say “NO CROPPED PRINTED PANTS”. Win.

Now the dress code says “No hot pink and purple cropped pants with red shoes.”

Oh, I bought these pants because Gracey made me.  See “A Passel of Printed Pants.”

Just a lucky blooper shot of my heel  getting stuck between the bricks.

Yay for Gracey!

But I still don’t own a single pair of shorts. I’ll be 50 next year. Do I need shorts? Are any of y’all short-less?

17 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: All Buttoned Up Day 5

  1. 'Scuse me while I jump in my car to drive to NC because omg I want to steal those pants! Hot damn those are cute. I also love how you styled them with purple and red. If you ever think of getting rid of them, I call dibs.

    I like the sheer cardigan idea for keeping the arms covered but cool.

  2. Yes I am shortless. Oh no, that's a fib actually, I bought a black pair, thinking I might wear them over tights with ankle boots, but I looked like crap! Wore them to mess around pretending to be Sally Bowles instead!
    I too look short and fat in cropped/capri length trousers. I am quite tall but have a long body and short legs, proportionally speaking, so they don't do me any favours. These trousers look great on you though, because they are tapered and ankle-grazing. I like! Maybe I should try some… LOVE the colours. And the red shoes. And the accidental shots! xxxx

  3. I love this outfit (and your outtakes) – all the shades of pinky-purple are just heavenly. I love your loopholes (I am also a loophole-finder). Heh.

    I had some longer shorts, but they no longer really grab me. I prefer skirts.

    I can't believe you're going on 50! Get out!

    Have a fab weekend, Lynne!

  4. I own just three pair of shorts…and never wear them out into the world. I'm glad Gracey pressured you to sample the printed pants.

  5. Yeah girl get some shorts- you have great legs, show them off! This is such a fab work outfit, those printed cropped pants are a fun way of getting past the office dress code and the colour blocking is phenomenal!

  6. I love shorts as long as they're long and lean because that's what works on me. But I do love cropped pants and slender ones like these you have on. Patterned is ever better. This is a great color combination on you!

  7. No, me neither, I am shortless. No, wait a minute, that's a fib! I bought some black shorts from a charity shop, thinking to wear them over tights with ankle boots, but I looked like crap, so I have only worn them when dressing up as Sally Bowles!
    I never wear cropped/capri length trousers – short fat pants is right, ha! I have relatively short legs, despite being quite tall, and a long body, so they don't do my proportions any favours at all. The length of your lovely trousers (what are we calling them? Ankle grazers? Cigarette pants? I'm not good on the fashion speak… ) looks good though, and the fact they are a narrow fit is flattering. You have great legs, so I don't think you need to worry about that! Fabulous colours and print too. Maybe I should reconsider? But shorts? No, I can't, the world doesn't need to see that! xxxxx

  8. Why have I commented twice? Because I am an idiot, that's why! Didn't think the first comment had posted, so did it again later…
    Now I've commented THREE times!
    PS. You're still rocking those trousers! xxxx

  9. I was shortless until last year as well surprisingly enough! I saw go on out and get you a pair or two. Don't go crazy, but I find that when you ease yourself into wearing shorts you remember how crazy comfy they are and how much they help to beat the heat!

    I LOVE your Loophole Friday! What better place to find dress code loopholes than in a law office? I say you deserve a raise for that one! LOL I love your cropped pants and your accidental shot. Weirdly enough, I love those too!

  10. Slipped through the net – hooray!!!!!! No-one can complain about your beautiful trousers, the colour and print is absolutely gorgeous:)) You're bloody hilarious, you know that? How many of us get our heels caught in pavement cracks. I think that's why I switched to fat heels and platforms:)). I love the way you play around with your office dress code and no way are you 50 next year! You NEEEEEEEEEEEED shorts! Why haven't you got any with those awesome stems of yours? Please rectify this issue asap. Love Desiree xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  11. I am definitely shortless. But I have seen a couple of girls wear longer shorts ( for one)…they are nearly to the knee, nice fit and look very modest and nice I think. Paired with a cardi these might look very nice on you and not feel like shorty shorts.
    I love the red shoes with your outfit today!

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