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Paralegal Career Dressing: Best Mother’s Day Evah

Paralegal Career Dressing: Best Mother’s Day Evah

Or, I’m Wearing My Wedding Dress for Visible Monday

Oh, so many fashion pics, so little room on this blog.

All I have to say is watching my oldest daughter receive her MFA in Costume Construction, walking across the stage wearing her master’s thesis draping project, a recreation of an Alexander McQueen 2005 runway design, made me bawl like a baby so proud.

As a surprise for her, I wore the gorgeous, swirly dress she made for my 2009 wedding to The Absent-Minded Professor, a/k/a Dear Hubby. I have no idea why I wanted a pink wedding dress, only that the fabric looked less pink and more dusky rose in the store. I’ve been scratching my head for a year, wondering if it could be styled for the office, or if it’s just too damned slinky and pink.

So, without further ado, and with ample warning, here are some pics of a budget career dressing style blogger wearing her wedding dress somewhere other than her wedding, and sharing photos of her kid wearing Alexander McQueen. (When I asked the obvious paralegal question, i.e. is it okay to copy Alexander McQueen, my learned scholar advised me, “There is no copyright in fashion.” Which is why Christian Louboutin couldn’t copyright red soles in 2011. Which my learned scholar advised me were also popular in the French court of Louis XIV in the 1600s. Sorry, Christian.) [Addendum: I think a key difference here, too, is that she isn’t saying she designed it. In fact, she has no desire to design, only to build. She considered recreating the Black or White Singers’ costumes from Alegria, which are also amazing.]

The newly minted MFA in Costume Construction, wearing Alexander McQueen.
Party in the back.
With the Props Instructor and her super cool hat.
OMG, OMG, OMG, the shoes. Also, she designed her own tattoo.
Call me, Sarah!

Okay, enough about her. Now about me 😛

Pink faux wrap dress (My kid); Merona Artist Cardigan ($12.74 clearance Target!); Nine West wedges (Ross Dress for Less); Coral Skinny Belt (Target); Pin on the belt (My kid); Earrings (Can’t see but long and pink)
My kids totally made me do this. Yes, I am wearing a slip, Mom.
Hubs said this is the obligatory cleavage shot.
The button is from a parasol design the Costume Technician made her first year.
My mom surprised me by giving me her mother’s heirloom ring designed by my grandfather as an anniversary present.
When I don’t carry an iPad, I love carrying antique bags from my beloved aunt.
I don’t want to brag, but the Costume Technician is the best thing I ever made.

How was your Mother’s Day? And please, give me some more ideas for styling this pink dress for work!

13 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Best Mother’s Day Evah

  1. Ohwow! So cool. Definitely loving the dress. It's from one of my fav collections by my fav designer. There IS no copyright in fashion, however as shown by fans of designers, they often back the original designer – a la Wendy Brades's swear rings and Topshop fiasco. It is considered polite not to knockoff things that are currently offered by the designer. ;D

    Gorgeous pink dress! I think it will look excellent with a cami and blazer (almost any in a light shade or pattern would do!).

    Your ring is breathtaking. I adore "jewelry stories". My family doesn't really have any heirlooms, so I love learning about how some rings get handed down.

  2. Wow! Your daughter is sooo talented!
    I love your pink wedding dress!! You both look very beautiful!
    How about adding a brown cropped blazer or a cardi for work?

  3. Your "wedding dress" is amazing and I dare say your newly minted MFA will Sarah Burton a run for her money! I am very impressed! Now that she's graduated, what are her plans?

  4. @Kathleen ~ Thanks! I really treasure them, but they don't hold much 😛

    @Rebecca ~ Thanks very much! She has the brain of an architect and the fingers of Project Runway contestant (the ones that sew things, and not tie shreds of fabric together…lol.)

    @Patti ~ Thanks so much. That coral belt from Target is getting a work out!

    @Megan Mae ~ I think the diff is that my daughter isn't saying she designed it, or selling it as her design. The third year MFAs had to pick something incredibly challenging, and from photos, make the pattern, drape it, and re-create it. She thought about doing the Black or White Singers' costumes from Alegria.

    @Gracefully50 ~ I will definitely be adding a cardi for work, and will experiment with brown. What a great idea!

  5. @Terri ~ She flew right back out to Utah Shakespeare festival and when her contract ends, it's NYC here she comes! So excited for my costume builder!

  6. How special for you Lynne! Your daughter is obviously extremely talented. Her dress pretty much rocks the cashbah. And how cool that she designed your wedding dress and even cooler that it is pink! I love when weddings are more personal and less in the box. I think you've done a lovely job making this an office appropriate dress. I would love to see it on its own as well one day!

  7. Congratulations to your incredibly talented daughter! That is such an achievement!

    I think you could totally wear that dress in the office. Just add a tank and a blazer. Or with a tank and cardi like you're wearing here. It's beautiful!

  8. Your dress is awesome. I'd go for lots of pearls on the neck and arm with lacy sandals or wedges. So much you could do with it. A lovely belt would be pretty too. I would suggest a pretty lace cami underneath just to keep it 'appropriate' and the girls decent 😉

    Your daughter is super talented and I love her dress.

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