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Paralegal Career Dressing: A Bit Buggy

Paralegal Career Dressing: A Bit Buggy

My stomach isn’t feeling quite up to par today, and neither is The Teen’s, but at least it’s not a full blown sickle cell event. I thought her tummy woes might be from the 48-hour junk food extravaganza she enjoyed earlier this week, but it can’t be that, because I know I didn’t eat an entire bag of family-sized bag  of potato chips, Chinese take-out, and popcorn – and consume a 12-pack of soda and a 12-pack of lemonade nearly single-handedly.

J. Crew skirt ~ eBay
Gathered neck tee ~ Loft Outlet clearance
Open knit cardigan ~ Loft Outlet sale
Obi belt ~ Megan Mae Daily
Button flower ~ Megan Mae Daily
Aerosoles pumps ~ Steinmart several years ago

I kind of stood in front of my closet this morning, going “unnnhhhhhh”, and wanted to expend the least effort possible, but adding one of Megan Mae Daily’s obi belts to any outfit takes it to the next level. I even gave the ordering link to one admirer to today.

Megan Mae Daily obi belts make everything better.

I feel like I need a good old-fashioned health tonic to feel just the thing. Maybe one with a spot o’ gin in it 😛

What do you wear to work when you aren’t feeling all that and a bag o’ chips, but have to go in anyway?

16 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: A Bit Buggy

  1. Love! The belt works so great to tie everything together. You seriously impress me with your obi belt skillz. I also LOVE those shoes. So cool, they've almost got a sci-fi look to them. (I think I say that a lot)

    Anyway, thanks for putting the word out. Trying to keep up sales before school starts. Because yikes, it's gonna be a tough year.

    Hope you and the Teen are feeling better soon. I've got a touch of the Heat Sick from being out and about too much in the hottest parts of the day. I'm off to read blogs then crash for awhile.

  2. I've been feeling the same way lately. Just off! My Little Miss has had some sort of tummy thing and she hasn't been able to go to daycare, so she's been coming to work with me and that's been… well, in a word, AWFUL! Can you imagine trying to get work done with a whiny two-year old in your office? Yeah, it doesn't happen!

    I think you can't even tell that you feel off. You look gorgeous!! I love that obi belt!

  3. Gorgeous colours, and you are right, that belt adds a certain flair and pzazz!
    Sorry to hear you are feeling a little off as well as your daughter. Hope all in the household are soon better.
    Colour – that's what I wear to perk myself up a bit when I'm having a blah kind of day! xxx

  4. The belt adds some extra pizzazz to an already great colour combo.

    I like the look of those shoes – how they wrap around the arch of the foot. Very interesting.

    I hope you and the teen are feeling better soon!

  5. Really love this outfit; so much so that I had to comment! The color combination is great and brought all together w/ the belt. I'm this close to buying some of the belts and flowers. Hope you all feel better. Cuz you know the weekend coming.

  6. Love the way the belt really makes this look pop! It's already bright and cheery with the yellow skirt and but then you add the belt and it is like "Hello!!"

    Sorry you're not feeling so great! I deal with that when my lady business is in town, I tend to feel totally awful during that week so I go with the most comfy things I own that still look good, a maxi dress or skirt, or these plaid pants I have that fit no matter what.

  7. The purple with the yellow is such a rich combo! When I don't feel good, I don't want anything restrictive on my body–no belts, no tight clothes, nothing. Haha. It's hard to build an outfit around that sometimes, let me tell you.

  8. For not feeling all that and a bag of a chips (haven't heard that expression before but I like it!) you look really together. Well done! If I had a potato bag (forget the chips) I'd wear that when I'm in a stupor. My go-to's when I'm blah are jeggings with an oversized long T and hat and flats, so I like your pencil skirt with a T concept.

  9. These colors are brilliant together. I'm extra taken with them because I never wear them, and you look great. The belt is genius. As far as your stomach woes (and this also works well for colds) cut fresh ginger root into chunks or slices and boil for ginger tea. I like mine strong with some rice or hemp milk and a little honey. I swear by it! Feel better!!

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