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Paralegal Career Dressing: Blue Tuesday and Rain

Paralegal Career Dressing: Blue Tuesday and Rain

It’s been raining for two days. Getting out of the house is a big deal, much less getting dressed. Today, I took part of the day off to run errands (which really means wander around aimlessly, wondering what to get loved ones for Christmas, and then selecting the universal gift, socks).

I also walked off the street, on the spur of the moment, into one of those budget hair cut stores, and got the back of my weirdly growing out haircut lopped off. This is how experienced my stylist is: she whacked me in the head with the blow dryer.

The things we do to get our hair did.

I look at this picture, and think, so rainy, so blue, but darn, I’m still madly in love with those Banana Republic Mad Men pearls. I also like that I can see my daughter reflected in the door. Yeah, I pay her for pics. Kid needs apps and ebooks. We call her account the Bank of Mom, or BOM.

Eddie Bauer jacket (clearance sale); Anne Klein shirt (thrifted); Merona jeans (Target); Nine West heels (Ross); Mad Men Pearls (Banana Republic); Belt (really old)
Have you ever walked off the street and let a total stranger cut your hair? How did it turn out?

3 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Blue Tuesday and Rain

  1. I actually found my current stylist when the one I had an appointment for was out sick and she had an opening. I'd been stylist hopping a lot but now, 2+ years later, I'm still happy.

  2. Walked in off the street for a hair cut? Yes, unfortunately.

    I was starting a new job as a director of a day care the next day and I wanted to look just right. My hair was straight and long, to my lower back, so I went in to a random salon, asked for a trim, and asked if they could teach me ways to put it up, in a way that would look professional. I explained that I needed it up and out of the way, and that I was looking for styles like a French roll, chignon, etc. I said I would of course be glad to pay the stylist for her time instructing me.

    But I let the woman convince me that I needed a perm so my hair would have the body to hold when I put it up. A spiral perm. It would cost most of a week's salary, but it was an investment in my professional image. It was going to look classy.

    Right. That is, if "looking classy" means looking cheap and ridiculous and frizzy and damaged. The trim was ragged and uneven. But the worst part was stylist didn't know what she was doing and she burned my scalp. The chemicals actually burned my widow's peak completely off. (It never grew back right.) Then when I reminded the stylist that what I asked for was instruction in ways to wear my hair up, professionally, she handed me a banana clip.

    Now, 20+ years later, I still cringe. And laugh about it.

    I tell my current (wonderful) stylist that she can never retire!

  3. A #1 You got lucky! 😀

    A #2 Bless your heart! As a 20-something in the 80s, I had many bad, bad perms. I'm pro'bly lucky to still have hair on my head, and there is photographic evidence. Ugh.

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