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Paralegal Career Dressing: Bright Shiny Trinkets

Paralegal Career Dressing:  Bright Shiny Trinkets

I’ll have to admit that before I starting reading style blogs, I leaned toward fairly conservative accessories. I still have to lean that way, working in a law firm, but I’ve found myself more drawn to color and statement necklaces, like the one I wore yesterday (and might wear tomorrow). It’s bright, has many beads in my favorite colors, and just makes me happy to look at it.Wearing this necklace is a step outside my style comfort zone, but one that I think I needed to take.

I’m also really happy with the Talbot’s trouser jeans I thrifted. I spent part of the afternoon with The Teen at the hospital sickle cell/hematology clinic, and jeans were great for lots of walking all over a large hospital.

Talbot’s trouser jeans (thrifted); Sandro jacket ($10 clearance rack find at TJ Maxx years ago); Boat neck blouse (Sears last year @$11); Booties (Ross); Statement necklace (Steinmart)
Rumor on the street is stripes are in this year.
Dem booties have bows.
This necklace just says “happy” to me.

Do you have a favorite piece of statement jewelry that brightens your day just to wear it?

6 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Bright Shiny Trinkets

  1. My red statement necklace feels like that – I always feel good in it.

    Those jeans are awesome – your legs look a million miles long!

  2. Megan Mae, thanks for stopping by – I'm a big fan of both you and Sheila's blogs, because you both have such a fantastic artistic aesthetic with your personal style. I love to add that one accessory to an outfit that "finishes" it (or gives me something to fiddle with during long meetings 🙂

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