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Paralegal Career Dressing: Business Nightgown Friday

Paralegal Career Dressing: Business Nightgown Friday

Oh, they don’t celebrate that day in your office?

Maybe they do, and they just don’t know it…

Friday was scheduled to be cool and breezy again. I couldn’t handle jeans. Too complicated, with the two separate legs an’ all. I wanted to stay in my jammies.

Since I couldn’t, I decided to participate in Business Nightgown Friday, and pull on my black maxi skirt again (it’s really a convertible dress/skirt, and for an item that hasn’t seen much use in several years, it’s really getting a workout these days.) A sheer bat wing shirt with built-in cami from a Charlotte Russe clearance rack earlier this year filled the dress-for-exhaustion bill. I know I keep wearing these beige wedges, but I am a shorty, peeps, and these are the only 3 1/2 inch heels I can walk in.

Shirt (Charlotte Russe clearance); Convertible skirt/dress (Marshalls years ago); Nine West wedges (Ross); Necklace (Burlington Coat Factory clearance several years ago); Charm bracelet (had since 2nd grade)

I love my charm bracelet that my maternal grandmother gave me in the second grade. Yeah, it still fits my skinny second grade sized wrists. No links added, but lots of charms and memories over the years. I’ll give you guys a closer look sometime soon. I love to wear it, but those charms get caught in clothes easily.

Even my hair looks exhausted ๐Ÿ˜›

As I get older, I look more and more like my paternal grandmother, Mimi. Dressed in a long skirt, add a little B&W effect, and I’m channeling her like crazy, except the parts that can cook and knit anything.

I love looking like my fave grandparent.

Do any of you think you look like a favorite grandparent or other older relative, especially when you wear certain kinds of clothing?

8 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Business Nightgown Friday

  1. I don't think I look like any of my grandparents, but I see my mother and older sister fairly often in the mirror – its rather freaky. I'd love to wake up and see Cindy Crawfords face looking back at me and her body wouldn't be too bad either … lol

  2. Great idea for a day of comfy! I definitely notice my family's physical traits. The most obvious is my Dad's eyes. Both my brother and I have the exact same shade and shape as my dad did when he was younger. I also think I have my grandmother's nose, my mom's mouth, and my aunt's face shape.

  3. I am told that I look like my paternal grandmother, though she passed away before I ever really knew her. You may look like your grandmother, but you are also the spittin' image of my youngest aunt, Nicki.

  4. @Wendy ~ It must be tough to be Cindy, but someone has to! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Megan Mae ~ Your dad must have gorgeous eyes!

    @Ally ~ I guess I should have clarified my Mimi as I remember her, 60s and older…lol.

    @Terri ~ I loved, loved, loved the way Mimi looked, even past her 100th year. So Nicki must be a looker, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I look a lot like my mom, who looks a lot like her mom. I love that! Charm bracelets are the best! A great convertible maxi is a great addition to any closet!

  6. very pretty outfit, I like the feminine maxi skirt and the oversized top, very relaxed chic. The necklace is just right for this outfit. I don't look like my grandparents.


  7. I love that loose blousy top! I'm a pretty decent combination of all of my relatives, but I don't really look like any one of them. lol

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