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Paralegal Career Dressing: Can I Wear an Ankle Bracelet to Work?

Paralegal Career Dressing: Can I Wear an Ankle Bracelet to Work?

Normally, if you worked in a law firm, I’d say, “No.”

Then that would be just like lying (if in fact not actual lying). I’ve clasped on the same ankle bracelet, albeit a very delicate one, every spring for ten years, just as soon as the weather is warm enough for bare legs.

Loft tee ($10 on sale); Loft skirt (on sale at Loft Outlet
earlier this year); Nine West faux snakeskin pumps (Shoe Carnival); MMD
tie obi belt (Megan Mae Daily); MMD button flower (Megan Mae Daily)

During the tenth summer, my boss of nearly 20 years commented, “Hey, nice ankle bracelet. Is that new?”

So clearly there are exceptions to the rule.

This skirt was made for twirling. Everyone should twirl while they can.

Today was extremely busy at work. I did immigration and workers’ compensation intakes, prepared for a Social Security disability hearing, and recorded this month’s Paralegal Voice podcast at Legal Talk Network with The Paralegal Mentor, Vicki Voisin, and Jared Correia, Esq., the Senior Law Practice Management Advisor at Mass LOMAP. The man knows his law practice technology and is a BIG fan of legal assistants. (Find out how big a fan by listening to the podcast which should be available shortly).

I also tweeted a pic of our ticked-off cat. Hey, I’m a busy girl (and @ExpertParalegal on Twitter). Well, actually, I’m not a girl or anywhere close, so I wondered if maybe I need to dress more like a grown up paralegal after someone called me “cute” today.

Now neurotic Cairn Terriers are cute. This is GizMo workin’ the cute.

Is a woman ever too old to be called cute? (I hope not).

10 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Can I Wear an Ankle Bracelet to Work?

  1. Never! <—too old to be cute
    Always! <—ok to wear anklets to work

    LOL that your boss never recognized the anklet before. I can relate. Love that pretty twirly skirt!

  2. Hm, "cute" is a compliment I don't seek out, but if I heard it I would graciously try to say 'thank you.' I sample an ankle bracelet with an outfit last week…and my grandson was fascinated by the tinkling sound it made. I don't think we play with sound in our outfits enough.

  3. No, I don't think so. People call me cute all the time. I just roll with it.

    And I think a delicate ankle bracelet like that is always appropriate. Probably. I think it's when they contain bells and are used during belly dancing performances that they are probably a no. Again, probably.

  4. I don't think we have to be all sophisticated, prim and proper, and totally ladylike and demure…or mature…ALL the time. Cute is youthful, joyous and fun! Just look at how much fun you're having!! There are days that call for cute and girly…no matter what age we are. At least that's how I live. And I'm happy with it. But maybe cute is not everyone's cup of tea. That's fine too.

  5. what a cute outfit
    i am mixed on the ankle bracelet thing
    when i spotted my mom wearing one, i thought…eeewww
    put me off for anyone over 30 lol

  6. I never minded being called cute and now, at 65, I still like it. Delicate ankle bracelets are great. I just don't care for charm bracelets that are moved to ankles though. Not for play and certainly not for work.

  7. Never too old to be cute I say! I love your twirly skirt, it is flirty and fun! And I would totally wear an ankle bracelet to the office, but my boss also wears one! 🙂

  8. Oh, I hope not, because I kind of strive for cute. lol In fact, I was about to say that you look really incredibly cute today. =) I love the colors in your swirly skirt!

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