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Paralegal Career Dressing: Confession

Paralegal Career Dressing: Confession

I can’t believe I’m sharing this with you guys, but in the interest of budget career style blogging transparency, I’m going to spill all.

I wore the same pair of Banana Republic black slacks two days in a row this week.

No, there will be no pics, partly because of the reason I wore the same pants…for two days in row.

I think my recent outfit pics have chronicled my shrinking figure, and I can promise you guys I don’t diet and I love The Sugar.  I have medical issues.

But I’ll share one of my fave pics of me and The Teen (when she was in the 3rd grade) roller-skating, before I knew one day I’d be lucky enough to be her mom.

But suffering through The Great Dread Crud this past week more or less finished me off. (You know you have The Great Dread Crud when you throw up ginger ale.) I waited until the last minute to get dressed this morning (pre-planning would not have helped because I would’ve wrongly assumed my pants would fit), and discovered even my most recent new pair of slacks now hang like overalls on a scarecrow.

With a belt. The belt actually made things worse.

Not wishing to start all over, I grabbed yesterday’s pants, and hit the road. All day long, I was seriously bothered that someone would notice. (Like anyone notices black pants in a law office.)

I hope I don’t have to wear them tomorrow.

Addendum: The Teens turned me on to the hilarious Twitter stream @PaulRyanGosling.

Hehe. This boy is so funny. Wait, you thought Election Day was really November 8?

Addendum to the Addendum: Then the Teens suggested that “you and all your blogger friends” do the Annoying Facebook Girl meme, where you just post obnoxious pictures of yourself making duck lips and flashing peace signs. Only. Pictures. of. Yourself. Hehe. They are so funny.

24 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Confession

  1. What is it with us and our weight? We need to go on a hot fudge sundae diet! And I won't tell about the same pants two days in a row. I've done the same thing.

  2. Sorry to hear you're losing weight against your will, Lynne. I don't know what the Great Dread Crud is but perhaps that's just as well and I hope you are through with it asap. As you say, no one in the world would notice you wearing black pants two or more days in a row, so no worries there. That's a joyous picture you posted of the two of you. Now take care.

  3. Aww, Lynne, I've been missing you like crazy. I'm sorry to hear you're under (way under apparently) the weather. I hope you're taking care of yourself and making sure to eat healthy when you can keep things down.

    Also love that picture – your hair was so long!

  4. I don't have teenagers anymore, so I am a little out of the loop!! Like who is Paul Ryan Gosling, and why is he giving the wrong date? I feel like I'm missing something here. Help me out.

    Your "teen" is adorable and so are you with your long hair. I appreciate the passage of time, however, and love you even more in your current incarnation. Hope the Crud has passed and you're moving on to something other than black pants, although I'm convinced you looked great regardless. xxoo

    • Jean, it's a parody feed, combining VP candidate Paul Ryan with move star Ryan Gosling (who was so alarmed by this feed that Twitter made it clarify it wasn't really Ryan Gosling.) Of course, most Ryan Gosling parodies start with "Hey, Girl"…:P

  5. Well, my goodness. So sorry your pants are falling off and you've been spewing up ginger ale. That does not sound fun at all. You have every right to wear those black BR pants 2 days in a row. I would probably not have gotten out of my jammies. You DID get dressed, so you're a winner. Just think back on those Little House on the Prairie days. They'd have been thrilled to have BR pants and would have probably worn them most days of the week…until they had to gently scrub them on their wash board. We have just grown accustomed to luxury.

    • Lisa, it's funny you mentioned that. I think about that all the time, how women used to only have 2-3 dresses, and how there was alot of dusting and spot-cleaning to keep them in circulation. Wearing the same pants for two days in a row is such a first world problem 😛

  6. This is the cutest pic ever! I'm sorry to hear you are having tummy troubles. 🙁 Wondered where you went! I am on Twitter, but I am never ON Twitter–I hardly know how it works! LOL

  7. Oh, man, throwing up gingerale? Yeah, that's sick. So sorry you've been unwell; that you can get dressed at all is probably impressive enough.

    Belting clothes that are just too big for me is like the recurring error of my fashion existence.

  8. The same pants two days in a row? Hey, we don't start counting until it's like five or six. You're allowed when you have The Great Dread Crud. I hope you get well soon…!

  9. Lynne-if you need a donation of blubber I'll be glad to take one for the team and let you have some of mine!!
    Ugh on the crud–it's been going around!
    Around here I could wear the same exact outfit every day and the rest of the engineers would probably never notice. Heck I could dye my hair green and wear a batman suit and they wouldn't notice.
    Glad you're feeling a bit better!

  10. Sending you bestest wishes for a recovery, at the very least that you can keep liquid down. Can you try and eat little and often? Have been here too.

    You can wear your black trousers as much as you need to, blogging doesn't have to mean different every day. I am lazy as, with my outfits sometime. Amazed, like others have said, that you managed to get out of pjs.

  11. I am sorry to hear you've been sick! I have a cold right now. Arrrrgh! But at least I am not to the point of throwing up ginger ale. I am drinking ginger ale, though, mind you! I woke up yesterday feeling a slight sore throat, and then today it was truly there! Blah. I hope you are all better by now!!

    I LOVE this pic of you and the teen!! Beautiful! And that is so sweet that you got to be her mom! Yay for both of you!!

    Lynn Dylan

  12. Long time reader, not-very-often poster. Love to hear the story about you and the teen, I have to admit, I have never-ever once not thought she was biologically yours.

  13. Really, Lynne, as a Style Blogger, and Grandma-in-Chief, you have to know black trousers 2 days in a row is completely unacceptable. I am shocked, and have been forced to report you to the Style Police…
    Ha! As if! Poor poorly you, it sounds pretty horrible to be so sick and still have to go to work, and it's as tricky to deal with losing weight as gaining it, if either are unwelcome. Are you OK? Don't make me come over there and check!
    You+littleTeen=gorgeous. xxxxx

  14. Thanks for this lovely, dear photo of you and The Teen! SO sorry about the Great Dread Crud! As others have said, that you put any pants on is spectacular, and you are amazing.

    I was just saying to Stacey (Grey Skies) that I think the "don't wear the same garment / outfit two days in a row" nonsense is an obsolete privilege-laden judgy thing on the order of "no white after Labour Day" – these things thankfully seem to be easing some.

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