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Paralegal Career Dressing: Dating Myself

Paralegal Career Dressing: Dating Myself

I’ve been working on my post for Sheila at Style Agent 909’s virtual Clothing Swap Party, and realized I have a lot of heirloom and antique brooches I’m not wearing, as well as a lot of scarves that aren’t seeing much action either.

The Deets: Purple scarf (surprise! didn’t recollect owning it); Anne Klein pin (likely Belk late 80s or early 90s); Ollio faux suede wedges (Amazon); Pencil skirt (Loft sale); GUSB Collection tee (Ross)

To be honest, I wasn’t sure where to pin my brooches. I always think I look like a flight attendant when I put them on jacket lapels. But when I saw Catherine wearing a brooch and scarf as a sort of a necklace, the urge to be a copycat inspiration struck.

I mixed my jungle cats. There’s pro’bly some kind of rule against it.

I bet I haven’t worn this Anne Klein lion pin from the late 80s or early 90s in 20 years. Looking up old Anne Klein lion jewelry on eBay and Etsy was a cool trip down career wear memory lane. I so wish I hadn’t given away the Anne Klein lion earrings I owned. But maybe it’s for the best. They were so heavy they made my ears feel like they might fall off.

Photo credit: The Absent-Minded Professor of course. My first pose is always “I’m not ready!”.

To be honest, I’m kind of Catherine’s fangirl. Because of her, I paint my nails in colors I would never have tried (ever) and joyously pile on the Arm Candy. Which is actually handy when dealing with cranky babies. You see more of those than you’d think in a law office.

Are you wearing anything now you wouldn’t have worn a year ago, because of your favorite style bloggers?

18 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Dating Myself

  1. Lovelovelove the colors of this outfit, makes me all ready for fall and crisp days. Especially with those amazing shoes. Rawr! I'm still working on learning to wear my scarves and brooches. Suddenly I have a bunch of both without owning ANY before.

  2. love this look Lynne. Thanks for the reminder to dig out my square scarves and broaches. And I just love how you worked in all three colors with the scarf!

  3. I have a few Ann Klein pieces myself from back in the day! Love the lion. Great outfit – you really suit the purples.

    I would never have tried layering so many things (dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, vests) without the inspiration of fashion bloggers.

  4. Fabulous fabulous outfit Lynne. I adore the colours and your scarf and brooch are divine. I wish I hadn't tossed tons of brooches … I called my mom last year and beg a few off of her … then I told my daughter that should anything happen to me, she much just put them in the closet because some day she'll wish she had them.

  5. Earrings that make your ears feel like they're about to fall off should always be dumped, no matter how pretty!
    What a great idea about the brooches, that's definitely an idea to try! x

  6. Ooh great idea – the brooch on a scarf. Love it!! I might have to try it, because I do have a couple of cute brooches, but like you don't want to pin them to a jacket! And I love the colors you have on too! So perfectly fallish!

    I'm like you – bloggers have encouraged me to do the arm party, to try pencil skirts more, maxi skirts, skinny jeans. You name it, I'm doing it because my favorite bloggers are doing it!

    Speaking of favorites – I'm wearing the dress you sent today. LOVE it! I'mma gonna send you something nice at some point soon, you are so awesome!

  7. Catherine inspired me to get some manicures and try out bright colours! I have bought the best shades and now just need to get better at painting..

    Other than nails, bloggers have been so influential for me trying colours, pattern mixing, different accessories.. I get some inspiration for colour combos in nature, and the occasional advert in Vogue (very occasional) but the majority of my inspiration comes from bloggers and stylish commuters (I get the train every day).

  8. Oh yeah, I copy, I mean get inspired by Catherine too! And by you, and the Sheilas, the Megans, Melanie, Amber, Vix, Ariane, and so many more. It's one of the best funs of blogging. I love your brooch + scarf, and the shoes are di-vine.

  9. Your outfit is perfect for fall! Can't stop starring at your shoes, love them. And yes, sometimes I copy fashion ideas from the people that inspired me. 🙂

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