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Paralegal Career Dressing: A Day Late, A Dollar Short

Paralegal Career Dressing: A Day Late, A Dollar Short

That’s just a cute way of saying I didn’t get Tuesday’s outfit up on Tuesday.

But I got sick. And so did both four-legged kids. Ugh.

I wouldn’t even be talking about Tuesday at all if I hadn’t started out the day by cleaning up pretty good. (That’s a cute Southernism for “my lipstick isn’t on my teeth, I brushed my hair, and my slip ain’t showing.”)

Plus, I wanted to prove that Loft and jcp play together just fine. And my shoes only cost $15, but peeps still ask me all the time where I got them. (Our local “old ladies” store. So. I’m no spring chicken. That’s another cute Southernism for “didn’t your ma teach you it ain’t polite to ask a lady’s age?”)

Blazer (Loft Outlet sale and coupons); Worthington skirt (jcp); Blouse (about $8 at Ross years ago); Easy Street slingbacks (Hamricks); Cuff bracelet (F21)
I like ruffles, even on my shoes.

Forever 21 never lets me down in the cuffs for second grader wrists department.

Have you ever had a pair of inexpensive shoes get heavy rotation in your career wardrobe, and still keep going, going, going like the Energizer Bunny?

5 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: A Day Late, A Dollar Short

  1. What a cute outfit. Everything in it works.

    And the shoes are special. Price is not always synonymous with quality; we've all had low-cost items turn out to be durable and high-priced ones fall apart.

  2. This happens to me all the time. Last summer, my mom scored something ridiculous like 36 pairs of designer shoes at a garage sale for $60. So technically they were free for me but people always assume that I spend thousands on shoes. 😉

    I can see why you get so many compliments on these. This is a great outfit Lynne!

  3. i have a couple pair of shoes from target that are better than some of my expensive shoes
    who knew???
    keep saying i am going to the new revamped jcp and just haven't made it there yet
    hope you are feeling better

  4. I adore this outfit. The blouse and shoe matching is one of those details that makes me squee.

    I adored a pair of moto-boots from Walmart for a few years. They eventually started looking really ratty, but the heel was a perfect height. I wore them all the time. Now I don't buy cheap shoes. It has nearly always turned sour for me. I just pony up and hit goodwill for clothes.

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