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Paralegal Career Dressing: The Day My Hair Died

Paralegal Career Dressing: The Day My Hair Died

I have photographic evidence that my hair looked okay when I got to work this morning, but somehow managed to break free of its hair spray chains, and turn into a hot mess by the time I’d driven almost two hours to the North Carolina Bar Association to do the second in a series of online continuing paralegal education (CPE) webcasts paid for by an educational grant from the N.C. State Bar Board of Paralegal Certification.

Express no-iron shirt ~ Tennessee GoodWill during blogger meetup with Megan
Merona stretch skirt ~ Target on sale
LizClaiborne Flex pumps ~ Shoe Carnival
“Bubbling with Fun” necklace ~ Jada’s Jewels, love my daily deal email!

In the interest of transparency, I’m going to speak plainly. I am an extremely shy introvert. Yes, I have done an incredible amount of public speaking since 2008. Yes, I even taught for five years in the local community college paralegal program. Every single time I stand up in front of anyone to talk, I wrestle with severe social anxiety and shyness.

My hair right before it died, or grew an inch, or mutinied.

But somehow the idea of speaking for an hour into a video camera with only an awesome distance learning coordinator and video expert in the room (Hi, Carroll!) unnerved me even more than usual. To the point, that for the first time in many years, I arrived at my presentation destination, only to realize I’d left my speaker’s notes back at the office.

I saw all this equipment and wished for a room full of peeps instead.

That’s when I think my hair became unnerved, too. It’s the only explanation I can find for the difference between my 8 a.m. hair and the picture Carroll kindly took of me right after the presentation. My other theory is that my hair grew during the two-hour drive. It does stuff like that. Getting a haircut and coloring it an even fierier faux ginger have leapt to the top of my priority list, right after buying more Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies and teaching the kitteh not to play in the toilet bowl, especially when it’s, er, occupied.

It’s times like this you wish your mom was around to tell you to brush your hair, or get a haircut 
because your face is so pretty.

Shoutout to my friend and NCBA staffer, Carole, who gave me a cool vintage cuff bracelet she bought for $1.50 at a yard sale. She said she saw it and thought it was me. I love it when peeps do that (okay, it’s happened once, but still I loved it), and this bracelet is so awesome. I showed it to everyone who attended the online CPE, but didn’t get a good photo of it today. Rats. Look for it a lot in future blog posts, because it’s badass (Hi, Ally!) and red.

So what are you guys? Extreme introvert or easy extrovert? Or maybe faux extrovert? Or some other category I haven’t thought of yet?

17 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: The Day My Hair Died

  1. I'm a faux extrovert. I'm naturally introverted, but I've learned how to appear to be extroverted (I credit my 15+ year career working in retail). It's an effort for me to be "on" for people, but I'm really good at it. The down side is that I need a lot of "me" time to recharge. If I don't get it, I get burned out quickly.

    Love your blue blouse, the fun patterned skirt, and honestly? you go on about your hair, but it always looks great!

    I hope you were able to soldier through without your notes – I totally feel for you!

  2. Like Sheila, I'm a faux-extrovert who needs lots of me time. I can fake being on, especially in discussion based classes. I started doing it when I was in school because otherwise teachers call you out. If you're already talking all the time, they're more likely to ignore you.

    Still adore that blue shirt. I'm glad you've gotten such great use out of it. You hair always look great imo. I wish mine looked more like yours on a daily basis, but mine has a mind of its own most days.

  3. OMG! I didn't know this about you. I also am an extremely shy introvert. And, like you, had to learn how to speak in public. With great stress.

    You display such confidence. I admire what you've achieved.

  4. I like Sheila's explanation and I'm gonna steal it. I am an introvert by nature. I am not a big fan of the general public, but when I am comfortable, there is no stopping the shit that comes out of my mouth. LOL I loooove your hair. Oh Muh Goodness! You look great!

  5. i am a huge introvert, yet public speaking has never terrified me. I think I like that everyone is paying attention to me, and since I know what I'm going to say, I'm not too worried about making a fool of myself.

    I think it's because I wish I could be an extroverted person and public speaking is like playing pretend.

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I am like Sheila, a faux extrovert – it hides my severe self doubts and shyness … somehow people don't realise that it's one way of dealing with it. If I have to stand up in front of strangers and talk, my knees start banging together and my throat closes up … I'm very proud of you for doing what you do do.

    Now gal, that shirt … the colour is so divine!!! and I love the pattern on the skirt is awesome.

    You look absolutely fabulous … fabulous I tell ya.

    Hope the rest of the day was great.

  7. Who'd ever guess you're a shy introvert? How frustrating to forget your notes. If that happened to me, I'd give up and go home! BTW, did you match your shirt to the banner on purpose?
    Your hair looks fine. The tousled look is sexy. Love your shades of gray in the previous post. Yes, do read the book(s).

  8. I am brutally introverted, but also do well with public speaking / performance. I used to be a good faux-extrovert, but post-long-illness I wear out quickly and need much more down-time.

    Your priority list sounds about right (cookies first!), though I too think your hair is lovely! It works nicely with that blouse (fantastic colour on you) and necklace combo. You're amazing to take on challenging situations, and I'm glad you had Carroll and Carole on your side today!

  9. Hmm, I think this Is a case of something seeming significant to US but not noticeable to others – cos your hair looks FINE! Really, it does. You look professional, pretty, in control, yet very friendly and approachable. The perfect combination! And that electric blue suits you so well.
    Well done for getting through your webcast without notes, that's impressive.
    It's all about the context for me – raucous extrovert with good friends in relaxed settings, quite reserved and shy with strangers in formal settings, crap at big groups of people where I don't know anyone. I used to do training and presentations at work, but would be terrified of the prospect now. Most people who know me would probably describe me as outgoing and confident, but it's all front, I MAKE myself appear that way. Inside I'm a jelly quivering with social anxiety and self-consciousness. Blogging has helped though! xxx

  10. I love the pattern on your skirt. It really funks up a pencil skirt.

    Like Sheila, I am a faux extrovert. It can be exhausting pretending to enjoy public events but it's better than hiding in a corner and never doing anything.

  11. I think I'm a faux extrovert too. I am very comfortable in front of people and actually do well with crowds and can be outgoing and all of that, but I need my own time to recharge, so I'm definitely an introvert for that reason.

    I think your hair looks fab, but I know when it feels icky to you it can appear to not look great. I totally understand that!

    Love your blue blouse!!

  12. Love the skirt & pumps!

    I am an introvert! Yep, I don't mind large groups of people, or being the center of attention-if I am in the center of say 5 close friends-but, I HATE having the spotlight on me. I Also don't like being around people for more than a few hours, I need to be alone to recharge.

  13. That color looks great on you! Maybe we already talked about it, but I am in NC too. Wonder if our paths have ever crossed! 😀 Anyway, nice outfit, and I love all the grays in the last post. Very pretty!


  14. Another faux extrovert here. Fake it 'til you make it, then go home and collapse. As others have said, your hair looks just fine in the last photo. Maybe different than you had intended, but still good! I'm working on not being as hung up on the state of my hair, so I feel your anxiety. But we are so much harder on ourselves than others are! Besides, even your flaming-est red hair color can't compete with your bazillion-watt smile 😀

  15. I'm an extroverted-introvert. Can you believe that? It's true, even though my husband laughs when I say it – yep, it sounds pretty crazy. But what's NOT crazy is that incredible blue blouse and your gorgeous hair – I don't see misbehaving hair, just beauty:)). Standing ovation for your video effort – hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've always HATED public speaking with a vengeance, however I've felt better about it recently and I quite frankly, I think it's blogging that's given me more confidence:)) xoxo

  16. I'll join the faux-extrovert gang. On the (Belbin?) scale of extrovert/introvert I sometimes score majority one, then another time the other. My understanding of the difference is that introverts need time on their own to recharge their batteries, but extroverts need to spend time with others. If that is right, I am definitely more on the introvert side.

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