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Paralegal Career Dressing: Do Not Go Gentle..

Paralegal Career Dressing: Do Not Go Gentle..

…into Those Good Tights

I don’t know what it is with me and wild tights, only that I’m wildly attracted to them, but perhaps they aren’t wildly attracted to me.

I feel weird that nothing I’m wearing came from GoodWill
The Deets: Adienne Vittadini sheath (@$11 Steinmart red dot clearance with 40% coupon); Moda International no-iron shirt (@11 Banana Republic on sale); Clarks loafers (Rack Room); Floral tights (Marshalls); Brooch (Etsy)

Are my legs too short? Am I too short? Should my heels be higher? Should my dresses be shorter?

I dunno. Only that I’m not giving up on tights that want to blaze like meteors and be gay.

Or something like that.

Bird brooch made by Lynn at Dylan’s Dress, from her Etsy shop, A Bit of Birdsong

Please ‘scuse my rambling. I’m totally fried. Tonight I hid in bed with the cat, and then ate quite a bit of the Halloween candy I belatedly bought for The Teens. And sushi, half a Rainbow Roll. And sort of felt better.

At least better than I did earlier today when I instructed the receptionist to tell one individual who calls, um, a lot would be an understatement, if (insert this individual’s name) called me again, to tell (insert whoever) that I’d died.

I was joking.


36 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Do Not Go Gentle..

  1. I think it might be the pattern of these particular tights – they seem to be fighting the more architectural lines of your outfit, Lynne. I think a striped pair (in multicolours) would work better with a button-up shirt and a simple shift dress. These tights seem to call for ruffles and swooshy skirts.

  2. Jill…it sounds like you had a rough day. I hope tomorrow is better. Just soak up all that love from your cat for now.

    I love those tights.

  3. I don't think you or your heels are too short, I just think you need some waist definition. A thin blue or black belt. Love your Lynn-brooch! Kudos for supportin' those budding blogger businesses.

    • I've decided to let this too plain, white beige dress go – it's just a blah. Plus it has an empire waist which makes a belt funny-looking. Plus, as you know, I have no waist…lol.

  4. Oh clients. I hear you. I indulged in quite the amount of Halloween candy last night too. Yikes. I like your tights! I'm a crazed tights fan myself. I support that!

  5. I hope you'll at least be buried in crazy tights. I love them on you, because contrary to your day job, you're one wild and crazy gal! (Steve Martin reference)

  6. Oh Lynne, you always look lovely to me, and I would not have started analying your tights had you not brought it up up as a point in question. Of course I can be quite on the frou-frou side, but I immediately picture those tights with black close-toed heels with ankle straps. I love Megan's idea of defining the waist. All that said, that blue is absolutely GORGEOUS on you! Wow — your eyes and your skin!! As far as stress, I have probably had 3000 calories today, including a drive through McDonald's (ewww) and I am still snacking. Help. xoxo Lynn

    • Dylan, it is so lovely, and such a cool package, and I loved the surprises! Now if I can just wheedle you into doing one without the pin, and the loop finding on top – it will be a pendant! πŸ™‚

    • Ewwwww. Must think on that! πŸ™‚ Still thinking of details of meeting you some time. Wonder if there is a good Goodwill halfway between your locale and Moore County?


  7. Keep on with the wild tights-love! I love my vast collection of freaky tights, and I'm always thrilled to see them on others.

    I love the tights, I see what you mean about them, but they're wonderful tights and a good remix will set them right.

    That vivid blue is a great colour on you.

  8. OK those tights are wild but totally gorgeous. I want an identical pair. I also love the periwinkle blue of that shirt & once again another great brooch. =)

    I always feel like I stand out in a crowd in bolod, colorful, patterned, lace or unique tights, too.

  9. I love the tights, they would work with all manner of outfits. Is it the contrast with the plain dress that worries you? I suspect the issue is the dress rather than the tights, is it too big for your teeny weeny little self?
    Keep wearing the crazy tights, you crazy law-lovin' gal! And don't let the bastards grind you down! xxxxx

    • Curtise, I've worn this dress several times, and you nailed my own thoughts. It's actually too plain and the almost white beige is just not a great color for me. And yes, it's too big. So I'm consigning it, and going smaller, and like PURPLE…lol.

  10. I think bold patterns like that are better in small doses. Maybe peeking out between a boot and skirt. Just wearing them with regular shoes seems a bit much. πŸ™‚ Enjoy remixing them!

  11. That blue of the shirt is fabulous, and really brings attention to your beautiful eyes. Now, last time you wore a shirt under dress, I thought aha! And was planning to borrow the idea tomorrow. I will link to this pst, if thats ok, to fess up to my stealing?!

  12. Lynne: stop worrying about the tights! They (you) look fantastic. Now about the Halloween candy + sushi for dinner . . . we have to talk : > Love that blue shirt.

  13. I love the title of this post! LOL. The tights are almighty. These tights definitely have a "thing" for you. I support your deserved slacking 100%.

  14. I love the tights, I think you styled them well! I hope snuggling with the cat & eating candy made you feel better, sounds like it would make me feel better.

  15. I can understand your love of the wild tights. And I went down that road, of buying tons of them and trying to make them work and never really feeling certain that I did.

    I think I'd try the lace ones with something a little fancier, and definitely a sleeker, higher heel.

    Chic on the Cheap

  16. Like Patti said we have to talk – Sushi and Halloween candy wow girl good luck with digestion!
    Love the blue shirt and those tights are lovely! nothing wrong with them

    Have a good weekend!

    Ariane x

  17. Ditto on the dress being the issue – the tights are fantastically awesome! Other blues, plums, wine, blue-ish reds, and as you mention, definitely purple would be better friends for them, I think. And lookit your marvellous eyes, lady, holy!!!

    Glad you're feeling somewhat restored after a hard-earned wee retreat. πŸ™‚

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