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Paralegal Career Dressing: Do Not Open Until…

Paralegal Career Dressing: Do Not Open Until…

…I Can’t Stand Not to One More Minute

As an adult, I have a weird relationship with packages, both mailed and personally delivered. I don’t open them right away, even if they contain something I ordered myself. I know it drives peeps crazy (hey, hubs!), but I like to savor the mystery of a wrapped box, gift bag, or envelope, sort of recreate the magic of childhood Christmases in a mortgage-paying-Hamburger-Helper-coffee-fell-on-my head world.
I also adore real mail, because it’s become so rare. I’m old enough to remember writing tons and tons of love letters back in the day to the object(s) of my affection, and sending them via the rapidly becoming extinct U.S. Postal Service. Long distance phone calls cost a fortune, and there was no Internet, or email, or even computers at your house. If your love was not near you, you pined away and wrote about pining away on real paper with a felt tip pen to match your mood, in that perfect Palmer penmanship that was drilled into you in fourth grade.
So when I  received surprise and/or swap packages and real mail from Ally, Gracey, Patricia, Charmaine, and Sheila, I just stacked it all up like this:
I let the suspense build, until last night when I was chatting via email with Megan, and it hit me: what if someone mailed me FOOD? Uh-oh. I vowed to stop circling the real mail like it was do-not-open-until-Christmas, and dived in.
Or would have dived in if some people didn’t tape things shut so well that I bet they could make waterproof shoes out of packaging tape. I would have panicked ‘cept I knew that one was a swap package, and the odds were high no food was in it, or the Corgi would have gnawed through it by now, even if it took her three days.
You guys, it was so better than childhood Christmas, so delightfully surprising and fun! Sheila sent me a real live thank-you note. Ally sent real live stationary and the wonderful Henri Mendel compact I won, plus real live cards with pictures of her gorgeous gams on them, which I am so hanging in my office. Patricia sent a lovely long purple dress, and Charmaine sent a super swirly polka dot skirt. And Gracey, who dresses for work so wonderfully originally and stunningly, sent me two dresses that fit perfectly, and a square horse scarf:
Gracey said I could give the horse scarf to my sis (the professional equestrian) but since my sis nearly fell out of a chair laughing at one of my posts, where admittedly I was taking bright blue a bit too far, and called me “Smurfette,” she’ll just have to look at this scarf on the blog. Plus, I need its mustard background to remain hip and cool this season. Yep.
You guys will never know how often you make a hard day better, with your posts, your photos, your comments, your emails, and sometimes, your magical surprise packages. I’m smiling now, and feeling blessed to be part of an online community comprised of the kindest, wittiest, and most beautiful fashionistas and friends ever.

15 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Do Not Open Until…

  1. Ha ha, Lynne! You are too funny! But I remember everything you are talking about, even that cursive penmanship, but I am remembering 5th grade! πŸ™‚


  2. Such lovely gifts, and actual stationery too! Ahh, letters, weren't they great?
    I tear into parcels/presents immediately, so I admire your patience and your ability to delay gratification, Lynne. You are all mediating ego, I am all gimme gimme gimme id! xxxx

  3. Aww, what wonderful gifts! Ally beat me to the punch, I will tell you now I was planning on sending you some stationary! LOL. I will just have to come up with something else now, because I still want to send you something nice because of the nice box you sent me! πŸ™‚

  4. How fabulous! I try and take pictures before I rip any parcel open but it kills me not to tear in right away! That horse scarf is lovely! x

  5. Ohwow! What a great set of packages. I love getting snailmail. It's like a small way for all your friends to send bits of themselves via the mailbox.

  6. Oh, I love receiving packages in the mail, too! They are so fun to open. πŸ™‚ Have you ever ordered from Zulily? It it mostly kids stuff like Ideali. It takes FOREVER to get what you purchased. By the time it shoes up at my door, I can't remember what I ordered so it is a big surprise! πŸ˜‰

  7. Are you perhaps referring to my very well-taped package as a possible prototype for waterproof tape shoes? Good idea! Anyway, hope you like the color purple.

  8. Oh, so awesome! I'm glad you're feeling the bountiful affection which surrounds you – what a wonderful great stack of packages! Can't wait to see the horse scarf in action.

    I sometimes hold off just a little while, until I can give a package my full attention, but never more than a day or so passes before I'm tearing into it like a wild dog. πŸ™‚

  9. I'm like you — I don't open packages right away and wait for the perfect moment so I can savor them.

    Glad you got such nice gifts. You deserve them.

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