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Paralegal Career Dressing: Fashion for Shrimps

Paralegal Career Dressing: Fashion for Shrimps

Sponsored by Fashion for Giants

erm, no compensation exchanged hands, just a new-to-me dress courtesy of Gracey

I have to tell you how awesome Gracey at Fashion for Giants is: she’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s tall, and she’s got this amazing individual style that reminds me getting dressed for the office can be fun.

Yes, that is the lawn services guy. Not just anybody can get one in their pictures. 
Also, pantyhose, ugh. But my Leg Maintenance Plan simply stops from September 30 – March 31. 
There’s no contingency plan for 84 degree days in October.
The Deets: Jenny Petites dress (thrifty gift from Gracey!); LizClaiborne Flex Pumps (Shoe Carnival); a.n.a. multi-bead necklace (jcp clearance); skinny belt (Ross I think)

Plus, Gracey is magic.

Seriously? Seriously. Because when she shares a picture of what she wears to the office, what you might not know if you’re new to her blog, is that she rides her bike to and from work. Every day. Rain or shine.

I can’t even exit my own vehicle without incurring some kind of damage to either my person 
or anything in the immediate vicinity. 
I have to wait until I’m sitting safely at my desk (more or less),
to put on my real shoes, 
in case I hurt myself walking from the car and up a single flight of stairs. 

Gracey is funny, a huge fan of vintage clothes and the 80s, and extraordinarily gifted at creating beautiful outfits that don’t cost a fortune. I find her style to be uniquely individual but at the same time accessible to real working women, especially those who need to stretch a limited clothing budget. She’s a creative re-mixer of both classic and funky separates; a smart shopper when it comes to more expensive investment purchases, like the perfect pair of boots; and a terrific role model for anyone who likes to thrift pre-owned clothes, or wants to start.

I was trying to show off the buttons all the way down the back.
Instead I got this very Heigh-ho Heigh-ho, It’s Off to Work We Go Pose

Did I say she’s magic? She has to be. She sent me two dresses that fit perfectly, and she’s never met me. Not only do the dresses fit perfectly, but they also fit my style perfectly. It was so odd that I opened her package at the end of a day, after looking at my outfit pictures (which I decided not to share), and thought, “That’s a pretty dress, but it’s not really right for me.” And that Gracey sent me two dresses absolutely right for me.

Which gives me the courage to find a new home for the dress that isn’t really right for me.

That’s Gracey: magic and gorgeous style you can use, every day. Rain or shine.

Photo Credit: The Absent-Minded Professor

20 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Fashion for Shrimps

  1. The dress is awesome! And perfect for you.. Go Gracey! Plus omg how awesome is it that the dress has sleeves.

    The temps are supposed to change to cold this weekend. Looks like I'll also be in tights or pants until spring.

  2. Gracey IS great! Man, that's a sweet dress, and it looks absolutely perfect on you. Just another one of the beautiful moments the fashion blog community hath wrought!

    Also, that last picture is the greatest. You look like you're about to take off skipping down the street.

  3. Gracey is lovely, isn't she? I am so impressed with her style, and I love the polka dot dress she sent you. It looks great and fits perfectly, isn't she clever? Can't wait to see the other dress too! xxx

  4. Gracey has got you, your style and your figure spot on! That dress is stunning, a perfect fit and with the cheeky polka dots looks smart without taking itself too seriously!
    You are so gorgeous, no wonder the lawn services guy was loitering! xxx

  5. i would love to ride my bike to work like her – i interviewed from a job that was maybe a mile from my house and wanted it soo badly just because of that. in the end i'm glad i didn't get it – they laid off the guy who got it shortly after i took a different job! ANYHOW love this dress on you! indeed – it flatters your figure and is adorable on you

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  6. What a great gift from her! This dress really works for you. I am the same as you when it comes to the legs. Come October, I am pulling out the tights and pantyhose (mostly tights). My pedicure is half on right now, too. It is too cold out there for bare legs or toes!

  7. Gracey is such a sweetie. I love this dress on you sooooo much Lynne. The polka dots are so fun and I love the heels and knotted belt. Did I miss the Goodwill party? I never saw it posted 🙁 Nonetheless, it was fun! Can't wait to see your other goodies!

  8. OMG I am in love with your dress. Not just because it is Polka Dots, but the shape of it is great. It fits you beautifully and the neckline is the perfect frame to your cute bob.

    Great steel gray pumps and skinny belt, too. You are one of the best-dressed paralegals that's for sure. =)

  9. Wow, Lynne! Perfect dress!!! You look beautiful in it.

    I completely echo all of the fantabulous Gracey-love and goodness, and must say I adore your final action-shot as well! I thought you might have just pitched a football or paper plane, but showing button-detailing solves the mystery. Your accessories are lovely too!

  10. Yes, Gracey does have a magic touch — every piece she's sent me fits perfectly. How does she do that?!

    You look adorable. Sorry you don't like pantyhose; they're my favorite item.

  11. I have adored Gracie for a long time. Her smile says it all. You look amazing in the dress. Panty hose is an arguably difficult item; I pretty much hate them (it) but there's no denying that my legs look better, should I choose to expose them.

    I don't have to, however, so I tend towards other solutions for leg wear. You're inspiring, though. My husband adores hosiery and it behooves me to embrace it on some level.

    Have a good weekend!!!

  12. Okay, I am SO EXCITED that this dress worked for you!!! I was worried that it might be a little big, but hoped it would work because I really did think it was perfect for you. And it is. You look even more gorgeous than I'd hoped for! And I'm so happy you like the other one too; I can't wait to see it on you.

    Also, thank you so much for your kind words; I'm really just glad my picks worked out for you!!

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