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Paralegal Career Dressing: Flower Power

Paralegal Career Dressing: Flower Power

I scored this dress for around $10 in the Ross Dress for Less clearance dresses – in November. Apparently, no one wanted this much spring even in the spring.

A couple of years ago, I would have looked at it, and shuddered. I did not wear flower prints. Ever.

Maybe because I wore the heck out of ’em in the 80s, all giant shoulder pads, even bigger lace doily collars, and in your face flower power. And let’s not forget the hair permed within an inch of its life and the bright blue eye shadow.

Wait, let’s do forget.

Soho Apparel Ltd dress (Ross Dress for Less clearance); Agenda shrug (Ross a couple of years ago I think); Button flowers (Megan Mae Daily)

This dress has some great details, pleats at the bottom of the skirt, a built-in full slip or lining, and the best part, pockets.

Candies Mary Janes (Kohls clearance a long time ago); Reading glasses (part of a three-pack from Walmart. Yup.)

I’ll buy almost anything that has pockets. Maybe it’s because my sister and I were told to get our hands out of pockets so many times as kids, that they seem like a luxurious sin now.

Megan’s Buttonflowers, my decades old scarab earrings
Not allowed to bring a dog to work? Bring one anyway 🙂

Are you Team Large Floral Prints, or no?

8 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Flower Power

  1. I think it's a cute dress, the cut is adorable! I however am not a floral fan – in my own wardrobe. Florals are great, in fact are often very cute, but personal preference is to not wear them. It's mostly that I dislike ditsy florals, they remind me too much of the 90s, and I do have a couple of flower/plant driven motifs in some pieces, but I don't gravitate to them myself.

    Hilarious considering the buttonflowers! I love how well these two paired with your look. I'm glad you're already getting a bunch of use out of them, you're so creative!

  2. lovely dress…I remember the 80's floral trend, LIke you I wasn't into florals once in fact I willfully resisted them. Now it's big time florals for me! Your dress is definitely a great buy. Florals are in for sure!


  3. I remember those 80s florals…I wore them to church every Sunday. And then switched to solid colors throughout the week. I love this dress…without the cardigan. and, yeah, for pockets!

  4. That dress is so divine. I like it without the little cardi over. Oh my, in the 80's I did the big shoulder pads, but have always been wary of big floral prints, doily collars and blue eye-shadow! I was told only ladies of the night wore it … lol. I'd love to see photos if you have any. I did however do the leg warmers … can't find a photo though.
    Hope your have a fabulous weekend planned.

  5. I love this dress! I'm starting to embrace florals a bit more again, I had resisted for awhile, but I'm finding some nice ones out there! The colors in this are fun!

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