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Paralegal Career Dressing: Fly Me Away from Here

Paralegal Career Dressing: Fly Me Away from Here

I got about four hours of sleep last night, because I’m a big fat baby about the dentist, and had a dental appointment this afternoon. I come from a long line of smart women who are crazy about dogs and terrified of dentists.

To distract myself from my severe anxiety, I thought in addition to Not
Dead Yet Style’s
Visible Monday, I’d do the Two Birds Inspiration Monday outfit challenge: “Don’t be afraid of the dark.” I actually had my thrifted chambray shirt ready to go, but then I panicked this morning because I forgot to paint my nails green (instead of green flats like Katie’s wearing ’cause I don’t have any green shoes). Well, I was really panicking over the dentist, but didn’t want to admit that. I also didn’t want to dress up for him.

Wearing most fake Monday a.m. grin evah.
Report wedges ~ Ross Dress for Less
Loft jeans ~ $11 at final season clearance
Papaya Top ~ thrifted
Antique pearl ring ~ mom’s
Fake diamond pendant ~ doesn’t everyone have one?

So I ditched the lighter chambray, and picked wings to wear instead. The inspiration I took from Katie, who was clearly not going to the dentist in her outfit, was keeping things simple with a nearly matching top and denim bottoms, and minimal accessories.

I think someone clipped these wings.

I was a quiet, dreamy kid who used to dream about flying all the time, so maybe that’s why I thrifted this particular top. I kind of wanted to fly away during the middle of my work day, when I had to do something I haven’t had to do in years, thanks to the miracle of the Internet.

I had to call clerks of multiple county courts in another state, because I am trying track down a divorce judgment for an individual who does not know when, where, or even if the divorce took place (it happens more than you think). The information is not available online. I had forgotten about the disdain, heck, even downright dislike, some government officials have for the public. Basically, I got a “how could you not know if you’re divorced or not? I’m divorced and I know it.” lecture from one clerk, like I didn’t know if I’m divorced or not. Helllloooo, not my personal issue, just need ya to look up a name, puh-leeze, since it’s your job.

This is the look I had on my face when getting lectured about peeps who don’t know if they’re divorced or not.

Fly me away from here. The shirt didn’t work. The dentist was worse than I imagined. Maybe I’ll try Calgon.

At least the end of Monday is looking up. My neighbor has invited The Teen and I over for spinach lasagna and peach cobbler. So I’ma fly, or maybe just waddle, on over there πŸ˜›

Sasha Jane, the kitteh I brought back from my blogger meetup with Megan Mae, says “hey”.

Hope your Monday was fairly painless, but if you want to share anything you wanted to fly away from today, feel free to whine moan complain share here:

23 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Fly Me Away from Here

  1. I hate the dentist too, I have 3 apts coming up. My imagination just runs away with me and I make things much worse than they really are. I love your posts on your different outfits and I am missing posts on paralegal works and tips etc., as well as the Profiles of different paralegals.

    • Maria, bless your heart, I think you're the only one who's said you miss my news posts, and I thank you for it. To be honest, I was spending 15-20 hours per week covering paralegal news, profiles, and tech tips here at Practical Paralegalism, outside of a full-time job. But when people saw me, or emailed me, they wanted to talk about thrifted or budget business wear, or if I could recommend other bloggers who were talking about what they wear to work as well. These days, I tend to tweet more of the paralegal profession stuff than blog about it, or direct peeps over to the wonderful The Paralegal Society (TPS) blog, or LinkedIn discussion groups. I've got some ideas spinning 'round re the paralegal profession that I hope to give life to soon. I'm going to do a post soon about all my professional activities, and then you'll just think I'm purely nuts πŸ˜› But I really do appreciate your feedback. Maybe someday blogging can be my full-time job πŸ™‚

  2. Love the blouse. It's very funky and fun. Sorry it couldn't fly you away from the dentist though. I guess I don't have a lot of dentist fears because I'm obsessive about keeping my teeth healthy/clean – but I am a mess when it comes to any kind of medical care. Sometimes I want to run even on the way to the therapist. >.>

    Hey Miss Sasha Jane! She's getting prettier and prettier all the time. Her coloring is settling into that blue-ish shade. <3 Such a pretty girl. She's looking more and more like her Daddy cat with his squareish head, but her eyes are all Momma. Also look she matches you today!

  3. takes all kind of people to make the world go round… but cannot remember if they are divorced or not?? :-/ Love the top you are wearing and guess what?? Tomorrow I go to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning. I was a dental phobe for years and years, but found one that practices gentle dental and even numbs my gums with a numbing solution before a cleaning… otherwise no one touches my teeth. I'm glad you survived your appointment. :-))

  4. Oooh, that winged top is so yes, yes! Am I allowed to say you look fab (on dentist day)? I switched to a very kind female dentist a few years ago and it helped me a lot. She also has similar political views, so we have a sympatica thing going.

    Sasha Jane — you are exquisite! What a face.

    • I'm going to state in writing, permanently on the Internet, that I miss my old dentist and her nitrous oxide sooooooo badly. But she retired, and this one insists he's so gentle none of his patients need laughing gas. Keep in mind that I don't even like to have my teeth touched, so I'm pro'bly blowing even his entrance into the exam room all outta proportion. And every single thing they use for cleaning makes me gag. I know, what a baby!

  5. Clothes with wings. Why don't I have any clothes with wings? I will add it to my ever-expanding list of items other bloggers have found which I have never seen before, yet covet badly.
    Sorry the dentist was bad. I don't like going either. I say to myself every time, you have had 3 babies, you can manage this, but it doesn't help…
    But tea with your neighbour sounds delicious, and SJ is beyond beautiful. (Don't tell my cats I said that!) xxxxx

  6. That is a very special blouse and looks great on you. I like how you've paired it with a sort of monochromatic look. Nice deal on the Loft pants. Wow!

    • Joni, sometimes I can really score when Loft has those 50% of all its sale items, if I can find the time to run in. I actually like Loft Outlet better than Loft for great deals, but thankfully it's an hour away from me, much better for my wallet πŸ™‚

  7. I agree with Gracie. You look so long legged (in a good way) in these pants.
    So sorry you had to endure an unpleasant dentist visit.
    I would like to fly back in time to about 24 hours ago. I unlocked the car to place a blanket on the back seat to transport doggy to the groomers. Hubby came out, loaded up the dog, we jumped in the car (he drove) and off we went. Discovered today that my whole key ring of keys to the car, house, my employer's house spare key, and my office keys "flew off" the back of my car somewhere on our trip, because dufus me forgot she left them there. We retraced our driving path and stops we made and asked the store managers, etc., but they were nowhere to be found. Some lucky SOB is now the proud owner of my ginormous pink flip flop key ring dangly my husband bought me. haha

  8. I caught your tweet today about looking for a divorce case. It reminded me of a case that walked in the door several years ago, which I thought you might get a kick out of. The guy wasn't sure if he was divorced. Turns out he did get divorced, but right after, the wife got very sick, so one of them moved to have the divorce "set aside," which the judge allowed. The reason he was so foggy on this was because it happened [drum roll] more than 30 years before. You're right, it does happen. There was a happy ending, though. She did recover from her illness, and after being apart all those years, they got back together, much to everyone's delight, including their kids.

    I love your fashion posts, Lynne. Keep up the great work.

  9. Lynne–Here's hoping that trip to the dentist was a one-time visit…and not a long drawn out affair. As I've aged, my teeth are falling apart.

    I like the wings!

    Wondering if you need to lower your voice commandingly when you call the clerks for this info.

  10. Lynne, I LOVE that top on you! It's so adorable and looks fabulous paired with your trouser jeans! So chic, I love it!

    I have a friend who has severe dental anxiety too, so you're not the only one!

    Hello Miss Sasha Jane!! You are a beautiful little girl!

  11. Lynne I love this top on you so much! The zipper on the back, the wing print and the sleeves are fabulous! As someone who works in family law I can back you on this issue. I don't understand how it happens but it does. A lot!

  12. I've had clients with that exact same problem! It's kind of a crazy one to have.

    I absolutely love that top!! The wings make it so much fun!

  13. Ah, the wings are lovely.

    I also really don't like going to the dentist. My poor dentist is a very nice man, but I just want to be anywhere else. I asked my previous one what NP (in big red letters) stood for on the top of my chart (thought it was a demographic thing perhaps). Reply was – 'Nervous Patient'. Ah. That obvious?

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