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Paralegal Career Dressing: Friday’s Deal Is an Essential Cardigan

Paralegal Career Dressing: Friday’s Deal Is an Essential Cardigan

You guys aren’t commenting so much on my Paralegal Career Dressing posts, but you are telling me via email and Twitter that you love them, especially the real cheap reasonably priced clothes I share. And the recurring comment is, “I love Corporette, but I can’t afford any of the clothes!”

Me, too! I have to thank Corporette for starting me down the career fashion blogger road. I, too, love the clothes and conservative styling for legal environments, but can afford almost none of the items shared every week, which started me looking for other career fashion bloggers that offer terrific, but less expensive, alternatives for conservative offices, and then lead to dipping my toes in the career fashion blogosphere by occasionally sharing fashion deals in legal staffers’ price range.

So I’m going to try to share some daily deals (maybe not every day, because I have a life, too, including recently joining an adult orchestra) on clothes that work for paralegals and legal staffers’ clothing budget.

Today it’s this great cardigan on sale from JCPenney. It’s a beautiful neutral color, and I love the styling with the dark blouse, dark slacks (a uniform for many of us), and skinny belt. It’s worth buying a few inexpensive belts (Kohls, Ross, local thrift store) to jazz up your cardigan styling.

Essential Worthington Cardigan – $17.99 (JCPenney)

See a deal on a great piece of essential career clothing for law offices and legal departments? Send me the link at, and I’ll share it with Practical Paralegalism’s readers.

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