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Paralegal Career Dressing: Fried Bologna

Paralegal Career Dressing: Fried Bologna
Today it was all about the shoes, which I plan to wear every day, so you might want to unsubscribe now…

During a conversation I had today with a lovely man I’ve known with for years, he mentioned that his significant other had taken a nasty spill in a parking lot, but went to work anyway.

Sleeves have come a long way, baby. This shirt, purchased in 2009, debuts at the office.

I said, “Tough lady! I sure hope you’re gonna have dinner ready when she gets home tonight.”

He replied, “We’ve got some bologna and some bread up in here somewhere – she can fry it up into a sandwich!”

Never one to let anyone have the last word, I said, “You sure know how to spoil a woman!”

Work is crazy. These photos took seven and a half minutes, with the camera sitting on the edge of my desk.
The Deets:  Kenar blouse (Marshalls); Handmade amythyst necklace (gift); Megan Mae Daily obi belt; J. Crew cropped pants (on sale outlet store); Ollio faux suede wedges (Amazon); mixed bangles and antique rings

I think he was joking. I know I was.

But darn, if I haven’t been craving a bologna sandwich since our conversation. I haven’t had one in years. You’re probably thinking who would want one EVER. My dad used to fry bologna up every now and then, when I was a kid.

Have you ever had a fried bologna sandwich? (Vix made me google marmite last night, so I’m hoping I make at least one of my international buddies google fried bologna.)

Recommended Read: I devoured The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield last week, staying up until the wee hours to finish it in one sitting. The premise is the best-selling novelist in the world has a mysterious past that biographers have attempted to unravel for decades. When she finally reaches out to a young bookseller with a mysterious past of her own, to share her life story, the gothic creepiness is beyond compare.

30 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Fried Bologna

  1. I don't eat meat often but having enjoy 2 hotdogs recently I think a fried bologna sa'mmich sounds yummy!
    Yummy also are your purple shoes and sweater!

  2. Yes, I have had a fried bologna sandwich and it was great, with lots and lots of mustard. You are a vision in this purple ensemble. Your office needs to give you a raise for the sensory relief you are providing your colleagues. Animal print heels? Niiice.

    • Mustard is a key ingredient to a fine fried bologna sandwich. Or just a regular one, too.

      I think these shoes might be too subtle with the animal print. You don't really see it until the wearer walks away. I need shoes with bigger spots to get a notice in the ol' law office!

  3. I have also never had fried bologna sandwiches.

    I love the slits in the sleeves – very cool.

    I read that book! I guessed the secret with about 1/3 of it go. I liked it, though – good gothic atmosphere.

  4. Oooh the shoes are so cute! Even cuter than the stock photo. I love them with the obi belt. Purple explosion of the blog-o-sphere commence!

    I have had bologna sandwiches, fried and not. I was practically raised on them and apple juice. I was a horrible child when it came to picky eating so I probably ate enough bologna to satisfy three lifetimes. I now stick to a much more sophisticated slice of salami or tuna melt.

    • Thank you, Megan. I, too, am a sophisticate, willing to toast tuna salad and cheese on English muffins every night for dinner, if only anyone else in my family liked it.

  5. Oh, I loved the Thirteenth Tale AND your wild shoes. Actually, I have eaten fried bologna. I occasionally get a craving for it too, but I purchase a package and it quickly passes!

    • Terri, that's why I buy the teeny packages of bologna about once every three years when I get a weird craving for it. Half a sandwich, and suddenly, you are your dog's best friend ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Hmmm…not sure about fried bologna! Bacon-check! Scrapple-check! A whole host of other unimaginable combinations even. Might have to try it, though! What's the best condiment?

    Glad to see the shoes in action; they are great!!! Also love the slashed sleeves.

  7. My dad used to fry up bologna or hot dogs too.
    That's so weird you're mentioning bologna. I've had a craving all week for ground meat sandwiches like my grandma used to make with a meat grinder she fastened to a table or counter edge. She let us grandkids put in some of the ingredients, but she wouldn't grind till our little fingers were out of the way. Bologna, sweet pickles, cheese, boiled eggs and mayo. OMG, I loved that stuff. haha I made it in my adult years about 15 years ago…but have refrained since then…since I am the only one that would eat it and I made a huge batch of it…and ended up eating it all by myself (not all in one sitting).
    Those are some Prince worthy purple shoes! Not sure why they're reminding me of him, but now I'm imagining you dancing and doing the splits. haha

  8. It's funny my first comment on your blog would be about bologna! I never eat it myself but feed it to my dog sometimes. She thinks there's nothing better. For some reason just the other night I wanted a fried bologna sandwich tho. The best is on white bread with tomato, lettuce and onion. Tomato is a must. I also sometimes eat it with scrambled eggs for breakfast but it's been awhile. I must admit that sandwich was pretty darn good!

    btw, I am a paralegal too but in a small low stress office :o)

  9. I love how you tied your obi. Funky.

    I've had fried bologna before. I don't really like bologna – I just like the mustard that usually accompanies it.

  10. When I belonged to a fraternity in college, we used to break into the kitchen late at night and fry up bologna sandwiches. First time I ever had them and, boy, were they good. Especially at 3 a.m. after a night of drinking.

    Your shoes and shirt and belt look so nice. Your whole appearance seems to be becoming more fashionable.

  11. I used to love bologna when I was little, but I can't stomach it anymore. I have never had fried bologna. There is a cute vintage t-shirt shop in my area called Fried Bologna, which is kind of funny.

    I love your purple obi!!

  12. 1. Love the purple; 2. I HAVE had fried bologna, but much prefer all beef hot dogs; 3. Thank you for the read recommendation – I love gothic! Adding it to my list.

  13. With a little one in the house we have a bologna sandwich every now and then. They are best with cheese, mustard and Doritos, lol! Loving your purple top and those great wedges ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Now I DID have to google bologna, fried or unfried! I suspect a sandwich like that is something I would love, even though I shouldn't…
    Love the purple/leopard print shoes, and the whole purple and grey outfit. You look lovely, and I can't believe you eat much bologna and stay as trim as you are! xxxxx

  15. Smokin' outfit!

    I have also googled bologna! And is a spill a fall or a trip? I love ou different words ๐Ÿ™‚

    For summer, I have rotated the same 2 pairs of soes with the occasional converse, and you have all been too polite to menton it, so go ahead – wear those shoes every day & make me feel better!

    (thanks also for your comments on my blog, it was lovely to come home too after a rubbish day x)

  16. Ewwwwwwww … no, I don't eat that stuff (we refer to it as polony in SA) … its poison. My mom would fry it with an egg in the middle … I swear I still heavy when I think of it. I sure hope that gentleman was joking!!

    Love this outfit … absolutely love it. You look gorgeous in purple… and the shoes, oh be still my beating racing heart, be still.

  17. I love how the pattern of your MMD obi is picked up by your animal print wedges, and the slit sleeves. You are fabulously purple! I really, really hope that man was kidding.

    Frying would definitely elevate bologna. Oddly, though I tolerated "luncheon loaf" (essentially bologna with added alphabet noodles and pimentos – so grotty!), as a child I never could decide whether bologna was good or bad – it seemed to have mysterious right-on-the-line qualities. KFC is one of those foods that in the past I would develop a hankering for once every couple of years, and having it would completely put that craving to rest for a loooooong time. Though I knew what would happen (terrible tummy ache), I still had to have it. Enjoy your sandwich!

  18. I have to say Lynne, I am not a bologna fan and personally I think fried bologna sounds . . . less than desirable. But hey, I'm an ex-vegetarian so that's probably why. Your wedges are KILLER!!!! I love them mucho mucho!

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