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Paralegal Career Dressing: Full o’ Hot Air

Paralegal Career Dressing: Full o’ Hot Air

Not me. At least not usually. But the “breezes” here were full of hot air and water today – melting faces, frizzing hair, and putting the kibosh on most outside activities, until right before the bottom fell out, and it actually rained and rained and rained.

Worthington pencil skirt ~ jcp last year
Maripe pumps ~ thrifted $6
Loft shirt ~ Loft Outlet sale
MMD Button Flower ~ Megan Mae Daily
Skinny belt ~ I dunno, likely Ross Dress for Less for a few bucks
Stretchy bangles ~ Walmart

I can’t recall another summer when I’ve felt so overheated 24/7. Normally, I’m trotting around in my blazers and cardis on the hottest summer days, perpetually cold.

I also know many conservative office dress codes are not fans of the bare arms, and I thought about those of you stuck in that situation when I added a white cropped blazer over this outfit this morning.

And then immediately peeled it off like I was on fire…or full of hot air.

If my family doctor is right, and it’s not a middle-aged thang, then what the heck is it?

I miss my sweaters.

Anyone else feelin’ the heat more than usual this summer?

12 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Full o’ Hot Air

  1. Yes, the heat is excessive — and Greenland's ice-cover is melting at an alarming rate. Our whole planet is in the midst of serious climate change. People who disbelieve it have their heads in the (melting) sand.

  2. We've had an entire month of over 100 degree days…and our AC at home sometimes cannot keep up with it. I've had very few AC shivers, which as you say is unusual for this time of year.

  3. Hot diggity dog … you are decidedly sizzling (in more ways than one from the details in your post).

    Love it … I'm quite besotted with my red skirt and love it with a striped top, so this is so look so totally up my style alley.

    I need to second Tamera Beardsley's comment … you're getting more and more fabulous by the day.

  4. I'm definitely not near middle age and I've been SO HOT this summer. I am usually the cold wimpy girl too who always needs a sweater in the A/C and still piles on blankets at night. Nope, not this year, uh uh.

    I love this outfit! I wore a pencil skirt today too, it's my new favorite office look. I like the striped top with yours and of course, the buttonflower! 🙂

  5. No doubt! I am ALWAYS cold but this summer is like an inferno! It's crazy! As you have probably guessed, I can go sleeveless at work, but I think the same thing too. What do those who can't go sleeveless DO in this heat??? Love the nautical feel of this look Lynne!

  6. I absolutely love this outfit!! The red with the black and white stripes is such a fun, but classic look.

    I love summer time, but then our law office is really relaxed. I can wear sleeveless tops and sandals most days. Even if I have to go to court, we're not required to wear a jacket.

  7. Yes the heat is outrageous – however so is your outfit! OMG Lynne this is a gorgeous look. This is how I hoped buttonflowers would be used, it adds just the right amount of oomph.

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