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Paralegal Career Dressing: Future So Bright Gotta Wear Shades

Paralegal Career Dressing: Future So Bright Gotta Wear Shades

Or, That’s a Big Fat Lie. It’s Really “Bags Under Eyes So Big Gotta Wear Shades”

I’ve been carefully studying my fave style bloggers, and I’ve noticed that many, although certainly not all, are mostly photographed wearing sunglasses.

I thought it was ’cause sunglasses make peeps look badass.

Then I realized that sunglasses hide a lot of imperfections revealed by plain ol’ broad daylight, which is also the best setting for outfit pics.

This morning I had a headache so big to match the bags under my eyes that I couldn’t even take pleasure in my edgier haircut. I was not all that and a bag o’ chips, but more bleeech and a stale Pop Tart.

I also wore skinny jeans to the law office, although so many peeps had taken the extra day off before the long holiday weekend, I should’ve gotten my name on the letterhead (with my paralegal job title noted of course) and a company car just for showing up.

I dug an Ann Taylor blazer from the early 90s out of my maybe GoodWill pile ’cause even in a petite it’s huge, as was the style back in th’ day, and a long tee-shirt, to make sure that my skinny jeans weren’t lookin’ too fly for work, if ya know what I mean. (If you don’t, it means my junk in the trunk was all covered up.)

Ann Taylor blazer (real old); Tee (Loft Outlet); ana jeans (jcp); Nine West wedges (Ross Dress for Less); Artiste Sak (big find of 2011 at Ross Dress for Less); Floral brooch (clearance accessory box at Loft last year, just a couple of bucks); Earrings (gifted); Stretch bracelets (Walmart); Ivory bangles (family heirlooms)

This is what I imagined I looked like, you know in my head, before I saw the actual pics:

Badass Paralegal Sneakin’ the Skinny Jeans to the Biz Casual Office

Everywhere I go, peeps ask where I got this bag. I didn’t even know how much the Artist Series Saks originally cost until I researched them (many more times than I paid).

Peace out.
Sometimes jewelry ends up in my cart while grocery-shopping at Walmart.

Are skinny jeans allowed at your office?

6 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Future So Bright Gotta Wear Shades

  1. I don the skinnies every now and again at my work. Our attire is fairly lax around here. I love the colored ones! And I can see why people love this bag–it's hawt!

    I always wear sunglasses in my pictures not to look cool, but because my eyes are really sensitive. And now I am so used to taking pictures with them on that it is often second nature. And when I try to do it without, I look all squinty and side-eye-y. If that makes sense. 😉

  2. I LOVE this tonal look. I think the long lean look helps balance out the blazer. It looks refreshed instead of dated. The bag is also cute. I love finding out something is worth more than I paid for, especially when thrifting.

  3. Love this! I tried on those jeans in red and they were NOT the right fit for my body – glad I found the Bisou Bisou colored skinnies earlier this week for $15 a piece! (Picked up the green and the pink!) That bag is amazing.

    My mom is a paralegal as is my sister-in-law. My mom wears jeggings sometimes on Fridays so I am sure that skinny jeans are allowable in her office!

  4. You look great! Sunglasses and all. I like the new "edgy" haircut and the big bag. I saw one with a similar shape recently on my window shopping trip to jcp.

  5. @Frannie Pantz (Robin) – I think sunglasses are just some style bloggers' signature look. I love all the different things they do, certain poses, settings, expressions. I look awful if I'm not smiling.

    @Megan Mae – I've decided I like the blazer, it's a little boy-friendish in its shape and size. I did have fun with color, which is a big step up from all the black I used to wear.

    @Taylor – I tried on less expensive skinnys, and had the same problem, plus so many were cropped, and I wanted the option of long, rolled or cuffed. I liked the high waist on these – to help keep the middle-aged muffin in the oven…lol.

    @Terri – Thanks! I was trying to get outside of my style comfort sign, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't 🙂

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