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Paralegal Career Dressing: Galoshes for the Office

Paralegal Career Dressing: Galoshes for the Office

While I think everyone must own galoshes, I don’t highly recommend them for office wear, and therefore never intended to wear mine all day long.

The real shoes are in my hand. Thrifted for $8 this summer.
The deets: Galoshes (Target); Cropped ankle pants (J. Crew Factory Outlet); Boatneck top (J. Crew Factory Outlet); Cardigan (old); Necklace (Jada’s Jewels)

I was just going to skip posting today’s outfit altogether, since I somehow got galoshes stuck on my feet, like nine hours straight, but while recording The Paralegal Voice podcast with Vicki Voisin, I admitted I had them on all day, and she said there must be pictures. Well, I did tweet one this morning as a joke, but they were supposed to be temporary.

Photo Credit: The Absent-Minded Professor

When The Teen and I left the house this morning, great sheets of hard rain were pounding the pavement. Driving her to school was like slogging through the longest car wash rinse ever. My first stop was a large medical center, which had lost all power. I was asked if I wanted to stay and see if the electricity came back on, but I sort of had a panic attack because the lobby looked like a post-apocalypse bunker, complete with wailing people. Um, nope, no thanks, just write my name down on that pad, and reschedule me.

This Maybelline Color Show Metallics in Bold Gold turns my nails into extra jewelry.

When I got to work, it was still raining so hard the only items I could get out of the car were my purse and my umbrella, and I still got soaked. I figured I’d go back out and retrieve my real shoes when the rain lightened up. Which it never did. We had a lot of guests at the law office, and I did get some funny looks, especially from my bosses.

On the fashion front, my beloved J. Crew cropped ankle pants clearly took a beating today. I’m wondering if I bought them a size too big. I hate to be squeezed, but I don’t think I took into account the amount of stretching out some pants do when you get them wet and then sit all day.

Eh. Life goes on. So what’s the worst thing you’ve ever gotten stuck wearing an entire work day?

13 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Galoshes for the Office

  1. Would you believe I don't own galoshes? Never have, in my adult life (I think I may have had them as a kid).

    The worst thing I ever got stuck in all day…oh, this is good. I had on this gorgeous camel suede pencil skirt (remember when they were first big around 1987?), and I was running for the bus downtown to go to work…and I slipped and fell! I got total road rash all up my leg, but the worst part was that my suede skirt RIPPED right up the back. Not up the seam, but across the suede!

    I tied my coat around my waist to hide it and when I got to work (I was working in a Christmas store at the time), I had to wear this ginormous red smock that buttoned up the front (right up to the neck). It was my boss's and she weighed over 300 lbs. Ugh. I felt so awful all day.

  2. Sounds like you got the rain I had yesterday! I was pretty much soaked all day long – and I don't own rainboots. Much to my disappointment.

    I love how your orange necklace helps to pop the orange-red color on your boots.

    Hope tomorrow you get the gorgeous sunny weather we had today.

  3. The worst? I think it was when I was performing in a top 40 band waaaay back in the day and I was breast feeding. I leaked and only noticed it after I came off stage. Betcha didn't expect that answer!! 🙂 I think your boots are pretty tame comparatively speaking. BTW, I think I may have the same pants and you're right, they do give a little. I love your stylish umbrella with the outfit, too. You look great, rain and all.

  4. At least your galoshes are adorable! It was only for half a day, but one day I rode my bike to work in my work outfit with sneakers on (since I planned on going to the on-campus gym after work), and only when I got to work did I realize I hadn't brought the flats I'd intended to change into! Oh, my supervisor laaaaaughed and laaaaaaughed. And then my boyfriend brought me the flats because he's a doll.

  5. Oh you are too cute! I love your galoshes! And they totally work with the rest of your outfit. I am glad that you got pictures. Sorry about the rain. I can't remember the last time we had a rain like that. Maybe two years ago? Anyway, it kind of makes me miss it. Hope the weather clears up for you soon!

  6. Those are adorable rain boots, and you are hilarious and gorgeous! Weather does have a way of causing fashion mayhem. Your "real" shoes look like they would have been nice too, but I like this look as-is! Great sparkly bits.

    An extremely unfortunate incident at a long-ago workplace serving dually-diagnosed adults resulted in a couple of us having to raid the donated clothing, which we were of course seen wearing by the family member who had donated it, who reported it to the Executive Director as "staff taking donations for themselves which are intended for participants." 🙁 Even so, it was way, way, way better than not-changing would have been!

  7. I want your rain boots!

    Re: wearing something odd all day – I am going to take you back to when I was four (! I remember this well) – I tripped on a tree trunk on the way to playschool & ripped my tights and cut my knee. Playschool were very organised and had spare tights (and knickers etc, to account for all the 'accidents' children have). I was very unhappy, partly because they were from the 'piss-pants box' (phrase overheard from older brother… and partly because now my outfit Did.Not.Match. Yes, I am the same at 31 as I was at age 4….

  8. I love that striped shirt, I just bought one from old navy in the same color a few days ago.

    I got stuck wearing jeans, a tee, and sweatshirt at work the other day because I originally only came in to pick up some files and leave to work at home, but I ended up staying for hours to answer emails and make phone calls – I was so embarrassed, didnt have make up on either, lol.

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