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Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 1

Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 1

I’m gonna own my backwoods ways, and admit that when anyone admired my outfit today, I immediately exclaimed, “IT CAME FROM THE GOODWILL!” I dunno if they were more shocked by my loud, emphatic pronouncement, or that something this chic came from the Goodwill.

Either way, it’s a win.

The Deets: Boutique Essentials jacket (Goodwill); Loft skirt (thrifted); Liz Baker navy pumps (Goodwill);  Beige vee neck tank, fantastic heavy fabric (label cut out, thrifted); Bangles (Assorted Loft, Jada’s Jewels)

Let me explain briefly about all the pictures. I do look rather like a schizoid-type photographer, but I was experimenting with light and exposure today. Also, I am not in love with myself, but I have come a long way from the days (last year) when I refused to be photographed at all. I think my friends and family kinda appreciate that I no longer quietly sneak away from all photo ops.

There’s a lot going on in the back, too.

But I am trying really, really hard to improve my photography skills (constructive criticism and tips accepted). I know The Absent-Minded Professor’s, followed by The Teen’s, photos are the best, but I wouldn’t ask The Teen for a bowl of dry cereal first thing in the morning, much less “willyoutakemyoutfitpicsotheywill beinfocuspleasepleasepleaseplease”.

At least the picture is straight but forgot to hide the remote. The LizClaiborne purse is also from Goodwill.

AMP teaches long hours, and I work long hours, plus I chauffeur The Teen to her many activities, and I huff around grocery stores freaking out over dinner when I’m forced to, so it’s not like there’s much time to practice photography. And self-photography is hard. I take much better pictures of other people, and in fact love to photograph other people, many of whom I’ve discovered don’t want their pictures taken either.

Another unimpressed feline member of the family, Sasha Jane

I hope you’ll participate in my Goodwill Goldmine Party, blogger or reader, deadline to email a photo of yourself wearing something from Goodwill – or other charity or non-profit organization store – October 1, to Let’s celebrate the many reasons to buy gently-used clothes, including being thrifty, unique, and chic.

Random unrelated thought: You may not know this but I am crazy about BBC dramas. The Teen and I have recently been scaring the crap out of ourselves by watching Jekyll (only one season, drat). It’s such a delightful psychological terror that The Teen, who’s been to way more horror flicks than me, wouldn’t watch the next episode last night, “because I don’t want scary dreams on a school night.” Right. Gotcha. Fine. I will replay the the first three episodes we already watched, and drool over crazy-sexy-scary James Nesbitt all by myself.

23 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 1

  1. Oooh the jacket is super duper cute. I think your photos always come out amazing.

    Eee! Miss Sasha Jane! How pretty she is. I love that the sun is hitting her just right to show off her not-quite there stripes.

    Also omg I want to watch that show so bad! I've heard it's good. I love BBC shows.

  2. Experiment away with photography! I'm impressed by your improvements and would love to sharpen my skills as well.

    'The Blues' look great on you, along with the addition of interesting leg wear. Will be following your brilliant Goodwill Goldmine Party. Right now I'm shopping my closet, most of which originated at estate sales since the 70's. I have a long history of appreciation for pieces that have been used before they landed in my closet.

  3. Oh. My. GOODNESS Lynne. I have so much to say right now, but I am going to try to compose myself:

    1. (and most important)–you SHOULD be in love with yourself. I don't even know you IRL and I love you and think you are FABULOUS. And I think that the mere fact that you have come along way in thinking so makes me so happy. You deserve it.

    2. I do my own photos too. And I have no IDEA how to photoshop. And I usually have about 15 minutes max to take them. So I hear ya on the taking your own pictures thing. I won't let anyone take my photos. I've made exceptions to my mom, Patrick and my best friend only about 6 times. I prefer to take them myself and I totally understand where you coming from re asking people to take them for you. I always feel kinda bad. But whoever takes your pictures, I always think you look GREAT in them!

    3. This outfit is just smashing. I love the fall fabric, the soft neutrals, the TIGHTS. It's really here isn't it–fall?

    4. How did I miss this info on the e-party? Drat! At any rate, I WILL be participating. And I am super stoked about it. (also love that you proclaimed that your outfit was from Goodwill because I do that too. all. the. time.) Question: does the whole outfit need to be from Goodwill (cause . . . not to brag or anything but . . . I could totally do that) or only one thing?

  4. Absolutely a win. Your Goodwill outfit is amazing. Boucle? Mmm. And I like seeing all your photography experiments. I have a love-hate relationship with a camera.

  5. Hi Sasha Jane! Pretty kitty. I haven't heard of Jekyll, but I will look for it. I have been enthralled by BBC America's "Copper" though – set in 1864 NYC.

    Your outfit is totally brag-worthy – love it all, including the fab tights. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  6. WOO! I proudly proclaim when I have found something awesome at the thrift store too! I'm excited (or maybe I should be cautious, lol) there's a Goodwill opening up on my way to my parents house (where I go every day for lunch) from work. This could get dangerous…

    I take all my own blog photos and a lot of times they suck. I toy with the idea of trying a better camera, so we'll see how things go. My husband is willing to do them for me and I would let him, but usually I just don't have the time to let him if that makes sense.

    And finally I love that blazer. It looks fab. I'm sure I'll have something to send you for the Goodwill Goldmine party!

  7. Great scores, Lynne! I love how you've styled the jacket with the tights picking up the linear pattern and the bangles echoing the button trim, and I am crazy about the back details! Red purse is the perfect punctuation.

    Re: photography – this is not at all "too many" pictures and there's a nice variety. Allow me to join the "you are so awesome that if I were you, I would TOTALLY be in love with myself" camp. I used to be all "don't take my picture" too and sometimes I still am, even knowing that it's annoying. It's only through self-portraits that I ever have any pictures of myself I actually like. I'm brutally time-strapped for photo-skills-learning too – please do let us know what you're finding most helpful!

    P.S. Hi kitty!!!

  8. Most of what I wear is thrifted so can I play along please?
    You look super-smart and elegant, that jacket is a great fit, and I love the tights.
    Oh photos, bain of my life, I tried taking some indoors today because I didn't want to stand outside in the rain but the light is so bad, they are unusable. I should try and learn to do better, but… I'm really bloody lazy! Your photos are fine, a ton better than mine!
    And I am with you on the "got it in a charity shop" response to any comment on my clothing! Usually followed by telling them the price. Classy, that's me. xxxxx

  9. This year for Christmas I want a Goodwill store! I've seen others – and now you, bring back the most unbelievable goodies, at almost no cost! This jacket is beautiful, and very versatile. It looks great with the skirt and the (also from Goodwill) purse!

    I never noticed the remote in your hand until I read the caption!

  10. Love this very chic outfit! Isn't it funny how we proudly say things like, "Thanks, I got it from Goodwill for X amount of dollars" but most of us wouldn't say, "thanks I spent $500 on this outfit"

    I will work on sending an outfit to you for the Goodwill party. I know I have plenty of items from the Goodwill. That will be fun! Heather

  11. You look so put together in that outfit and gorgeous too!

    I can relate. There's no pictures of me for decades. Up until 6 months ago I wasn't taking any pictures of myself – even for my blog! But now I do it for the clothes I make (or that's how I look at it)!

    I can't really party with you guys, I don't thrift anymore. My stuff is about using what I already have and refashioning. I've been on a no buying (used or new) apparel binge going into my 2nd year now. It certainly makes me creative as all get out!

  12. well i think they must have been shocked because the outfit is so chic! you look fantastic. and i think your photos look fabulous…they are tough to get right!

  13. Lynne, I have made these pronouncements myself…quite proudly, when a thrifted outfit is complimented. I view it as a win-win because I get lovely clothing at very reasonable prices, and I get to demonstrate to people who may be thrift-resistant that its highly likely to find great career wear clothing at Goodwill. I'm proud to share it.

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