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Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 2

Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 2

A few caveats here (I know, it’s gonna be a terrible post when your opening statements disclaim it), but I finally made some long overdue deductive leaps with my camera and lighting and got some shots I’m happy with – but I cut off my feet in most of them. Considering the shoes I’m wearing came from Goodwill, this is bad.

The Deets: Loft dress (Goodwill); Oxford pumps (Goodwill); “Bubbling with Fun” necklace (Jada’s Jewels last year); Megan Mae button flower pinned to necklace

Also, the eye doctor confirmed my worsening vision, so it just makes sense that I cut off my feet in my pictures, and you should expect plenty of footless budget career posts in the future, which is unfair, since I get the creeps from most headless style blogger pics.

I’m tired, you’re tired, but I have to share what happened to me at the eye doctor’s office, because The Teen and the cat simply don’t care about blind ol’ mum as long as she’s bringing home the bacon and canned cat food in three very hard to find preferred flavors.

Doc asks me to take my contacts out, and I say, “Okay, got some saline and a case?”

Doc: “Nope, they’re goin’ right in the trash.”

Being tight on cash and having just opened these contacts, I’m very reluctant to throw them in the trash, and he can tell.

Doc: “No worries, I got plenty of samples in your prescription. Into the trash they go!”

It kills me to put new lenses in the trash can, but I do. I warn him he’ll have to drive me home if he can’t find my prescription, because the bifocals aren’t with me. The exam itself is long, arduous, and I am extremely grumpy at the end of it. .
He leaves to get some sample contacts that might help with my severe astigmatism. He does not come back. For a really long time. Right before I leap from the chair and start (blindly) pawing through the trash in hopes of salvaging my old contacts, he comes back. Pure relief. I happily put in the new contacts.

But I can’t see. Doc: “Blink. They’ll settle.” I put all of my heart and soul into blinking. No wiser or clear-visioned, I share the same with the Doc. He looks at the lens specs again, and says, “Oh, my bad, wrong strength.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love my eye doctor of 25 years, and we picked out some humongous uber-nerdy new bifocals together, but next time, I’m bringing my own contact lens case.

17 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 2

  1. Aww no! Sorry about the worsening eye news. I've been noticing my glasses aren't quite doing the long distance job these days.

    I love Loft dresses. I found one at Goodwill the last time but put it back. It was a size 6 and I wasn't up for another sewing project. Maybe if it's there on 99c day!

  2. I feel you! I'm blind as a bat and it's not getting better. I tried contacts and I couldn't adjust. I need tri-focals, but I'm totally in denial. The strongest OTC readers are no longer sufficient so I'm going to have to succumb to "real" glasses.

    So if I tell you your outfit is great, do you believe me? Really, it is. I can see that. Keep the Goodwill goodies coming. I love it.

  3. Oh no! I would just have refused to bin the lenses, I'm afraid! I have new varifocal lenses, which have dispensed with the need for my contacts plus reading glasses on top (I am increasingly blind every which way too). When I got the quote for varifocal glasses, I nearly had a heart attack, the contacts were a lot cheaper.
    Anyway – you can be forgiven for a little foot cropping in the circumstances!
    Lovely dress, I bet it's really comfortable to wear. xxxx

    • Curtise, have we seen your new glasses yet? Very eager to check 'em out. I ordered giant sort of Harry Potter'ish bifocals that I'm almost excited about picking up, although yes, I nearly had a stroke when quoted the final cost. Ugh. At what price vision.

      I am gonna confess right here that my vision is so bad without glasses that I wore this dress all day, put my real glasses on when I got home and saw the pics, and had a meltdown wondering if I'd accidentally bought a Loft maternity dress (Google'd like a mad woman I tell ya). No lie. I finally had to ask The Teen. Even if it is a maternity dress, I'm gonna keep wearing it to work because it is soooo comfortable.

  4. Ugg, no good about the eyes! Kind of funny about your doctor though! At least he figured out he gave you the wrong ones!

    Fantastic dress – even more fantastic necklace! Always love the added touch of a MMD flower!

    • Sheila, I just confessed to Curtise that when I saw the pics last night, I panicked because I thought I might have accidentally thrifted a Loft maternity dress ๐Ÿ˜ฎ The Teen and I inspected it closely and finally voted not, but still, I thought I was going to be the laughingstock of the blogosphere. Which I may very well be, because even if it is a maternity dress, it is super comfy!

  5. Oh noes! I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through that ordeal, but at least you got a story out of it, lol.

    I love the dress! I have someone take most of my pics, and he still cuts my feet out of most of them ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Lynne, let me start off by saying thank you soooo much for the bracelet, earrings and big chunky ring! Just received them today and they were the perfect 'pick-me-up' to come home to after a day of work. I love it all!
    That's a funny story about the adventure at the eye doctor's; but not for you I'm sure.
    Your Goodwill Goldmine outfits #1 and #2 belong in the display windows at Nordstrom.

  7. Lynne, let me start off by saying thank you soooo much for the bracelet, earrings and big chunky ring! Just received them today and they were the perfect 'pick-me-up' to come home to after a day of work. I love it all!
    That's a funny story about the adventure at the eye doctor's; but not for you I'm sure.
    Your Goodwill Goldmine outfits #1 and #2 belong in the display windows at Nordstrom.

    • Sheila, I was going to email you the heads up re the extras, because I didn't have time to add a card. It was either rush into the post office, or ride around with my swap stuff in my car for three weeks ๐Ÿ˜› I actually broke up the brand new bangle set that didn't fit me among three friends, and loved the ring, but it didn't fit me either. It seemed to fit your wish list and I wanted it to be loved ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I love this dress with the oxfords and the buttonflower-decorated necklace! On your figure, an Empire waist does not look "maternity" in the least – wouldn't have crossed my mind. Super-comfy is a huge bonus, and one of my favourite clothing attributes!

    So frustrating about the lenses, aargh!

  9. I like the optician story – mine is quite blase about stuff like that too. If I bring my own case though, he'll say – 'we do have spare ones here you know!'. He is a bit of a character. And I think he is lying when he says my pupils are too big (in the dark??!) for laser surgery. However, i will forgo surgery and keep wearing lenses/glasses because he is such a hoot.

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