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Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 3

Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 3

This post will be entirely composed of my random thoughts o’ th’ day. I know, you’ve pro’bly got better things to read, like Fifty Shades of Grey or campaign mailers.

The Deets: Talbots tee (Goodwill); Loft pleated skirt (thrifted $10!); Candies pumps (old, Kohl’s clearance); Cuff bracelet (Jada’s Jewels); Sterling silver pendant (Kohls I think)

” I will die if anything happens to our Keurig coffee maker.”

“I will die if I get to work and discover my International Delight Iced Coffee carton is empty.”

This is the best hot pink shirt ever. And I still love these shoes after all these years.

“Wow, after the equivalent of six cups of coffee, I see way more clearly than I do with my glasses.”

“Gosh, I’m glad my new office is right beside the bathroom.”

“Why are you so mad I wasn’t here when you showed up without calling first, like I asked?”

“I’m a grown-up. I can eat half a bag of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies if I want. I paid for ’em.”

“OMG, I have to show Megan these crazy awesome way outta my league boots I shouldn’t have bought during a period of mania, and ask if I should keep them?”

Now, I’m asking you guys, should I keep these? Please vote. (But not if you’re married to me.)

And finally, here’s what I was car-dancing to so bouncily on the way home that the peeps in the next lane gave me the two thumbs up:
Is it bad to be excited about the new Mumford & Sons album, and still like Boy George, no matter how much fun my family makes of me?

27 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 3

  1. How old are those shoes? I had some like those in the 70's! Not kidding. They are darling with your ensemble. They say "Keep it! You never know when it will be in style again." lol.

  2. I love the multi-straps on the shoes – they are very Fluevog-ish.

    I love Boy George and Mumford and Sons! I hope I get the new album for my birthday.

  3. You should buy the boots. That is such a deal for Frye boots which I hear are really comfy and long lasting!!!

    I love your thrifted skirt, it is so cute on you.

  4. oh stop with the goodwill finds, i am in awe
    love the skirt
    oh boy george! how i loved thee in the 80's, i might have even dressed up as him for a costume party

  5. Girrrl, you bettah keep those boots! Seriously, Lynne, they're gorgeous and totally worth it. And I will defend that opinion to ends of the earth – for the other half of that bag of Milanos. ;P

    Loving the funky pleats on the skirt. Loft makes some adorable clothes.

  6. You have to keep those boots. Gray boots are just the absolute best. And those are lovely and amazing and you'll get a ton of use out of them.

    Also, you look so pretty in pink. (See what I did there? You catch that 80s reference? You're welcome).

  7. KEEP. THE. BOOTS. A good pair of comfortable neutral boots go a long way m'friend. I guarantee you will use them. I am loving the look today Lynne. You have such an amazing figure! And it is totally showing in this outfit. The skirt is so pretty and pleated and I love the bright top!

    Also, good thing we don't share a law office cause we be fightin' over Milano cookies!

  8. Love that old Boy George! I am going to wear my keyboard like the guy in his band, like a guitar. I finally got my strap… Your thought bubbles are fun! I vote, Aye, keep the boots. You are alive today. Milano cookies and coffee, sounds like a dream job!! You look fantastic in your Goodwill motherload.

  9. Ewwwww girlfriend, love those shoes!! Shoes like that deserve to be loved after all these years. Love the skirt and pink top as well. The boots? I do like them a lot. I had to look at them for a bit and try picturing them. I can totally see them with skirts and dresses, and I bet they will look amazing!


  10. Yes to the boots, yes to Mumford and Sons, and Boy George was an essential part of anyone growing up the 80s, so he can have a yes as well!
    You have a super-stylish school girl vibe going on in this outfit, Lynne, and look about as old as you were when Time (Clock of the Heart) came out! xxxx

  11. KEEP THE BOOTS!!! LOL. You must keep! And wear them!

    I love both good 80's tunes AND Mumford and Sons. Nothing wrong with that at all!

    And I love your random thoughts – especially the coffee related ones!

  12. Keep the boots. I just donated 5 pairs of shoes – which logically means I get to buy 3 new pairs, right?!. I wish I could find awesome stuff at our (very small) Goodwill. Maybe after I drop the weight I need to drop, I will find more!!

  13. I just adore Boy George. I adore your shoes, black tights and pleated skirt, and that you've given me an inspiration outfit to copy.
    I'm jealous that you have a bathroom near your office. Since we moved to a larger office building a couple of years ago I now have to walk down a very long hallway to reach the one on our floor and I sometimes don't think I'm going to make it and will be like the lady on Bridesmaids and end up squatting (peeing!! not the other) in the street…I mean hallway. My bladder seems to be shrinking rapidly with age. What's with that?? Okay, I'm sure that was TMI. haha

  14. This outfit fits you so beautifully – I love the skirt (box pleats!) and shoes (multi-straps!) especially. Your well-caffeinated narration is the best thing I'll read today – maintaining the blood levels to juuuust below eyeball-vibration is a perpetual challenge!

    We would all do well to love the music we love with our whole enthusiastic hearts!

  15. Keep the boots! Leave the cannoli – oh wait, that's a different movie.

    No kidding, I will absolutely perish if anything happens to the Keurig. When the hurricane comes, it's me and the Keurig, that is all. Love your classic look – thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday!

  16. I still have Culture Club's album and somewhere… an autograph from the guitarist. I browsed through your Goodwill Hunting posts. I am going to have to set Saturday aside to peruse my local goodwill shops. It seems like that is where all the really great stylish pieces are hiding. I go to a store here called Savers. I actually thrifted a Jessica McClintock skirt this past weekend at consignment shop ($15) and if all goes well—meaning I ease off the honey buns from the snack machine –I should still be able to fit into it on Saturday for my cousin's wedding and therefore be able to post it next week.

  17. Uh oh I would much rather read your blog than fiifty shades of grey. I find it sp boring, have postponed reading it. πŸ™‚ you look supercute in pink and black. πŸ™‚

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