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Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 4

Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 4

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I started out the day underneath my desk, assembling a Kensington Snaplock Keyboard Tray.

I bought this shirt because the print reminded me of bridles, and anything horsey is in this year.
The Deets: New York & Co blouse (Goodwill); Pencil Skirt (Loft on sale); Etienne Aigner T-strap pumps (Ross last year but rumor is T-straps are seriously in this year, too); Handmade necklace (gift); Plastic bracelets 

I wasn’t really dressed for that activity. I was also too proud to ask for help, since I’m supposed to be the tech-savvy one. So I dusted the floor with my burgundy-covered butt, and broke the three remaining fingernails I have left trying to pry the bolt covers off to adjust the tension.

Those bolt covers needed pliers. And a man. Dammit.

I do not recommend this color for dusting.

I give the Kensington Snaplock Keyboard Tray a two thumbs up except the “uses no tools” part.

They lie.

I’m slightly doofus-i-er when The Absent-Minded Professor snaps the pics.

I want to give a shoutout to my friend Rebekah Harman from Legalis, who stopped by the office with a giant box of chocolate chip cookies. Rebekah was rocking a bright green skirt with a white short-sleeved shirt, having wisely decided to stick to her summer wardrobe, while I stubbornly stomped around in tights, like that rebellious act of winter-dressing would make it cooler than 84 degrees outside.


In my mind, I look like this. And yes, I enjoy shaking the hell outta that bracelet. 
Cheap thrills, I’m all about them.

Shoutout to the man in Rebekah’s office who reads my blog. Not for the pre-owned fashion. ‘Cause I’m hilarious. (Right. Oh. God. The Pressure.) But I’m all up for guest posts from men who are stylin’ office wear on a budget. (Sorry, this is the wrong blog for Armani, unless you found it at Goodwill.)

Oh, and shoutout to my lovely, lovely friend, Ally, who is sending me the coolest present in the world. Now that I’ve seen it unwrapped already, I may expire from excitement. I have taken to asking the receptionist every five minutes if the mail is here and did I get anything.



P.S. Bloggers and readers, I hope you’ll submit a picture of yourself for my Goodwill Goldmine Party post. As long as the item(s) you’re wearing came from a not-for-profit organization store, you’re in! Please send the pic and a short description of the Goodwill (or charity, non-profit, or mission shop) item(s) to by October 1.

Bonus pic of Sasha Jane, rubbing it in that she got to sleep in this a.m. 
I B&W’d her to show off her gray on gray stripes.

18 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine Day 4

  1. Well you don't look any the worse for wear! It's a great outfit. 🙂 And I think all the fall weather is up here in Michigan. Feel free to join us!

    I'll pop you a thrifted pic this weekend. It's the inspiration I needed to wear a particular dress I got at Goodwill!!

  2. Oooh this is such a great tonal look. Love the print on that blouse, it does have a harness-style look to it.

    Miss sweet Sasha Jane! She's such a gorgeous little girl.

    (Btw I'd like to add my borderlands post for your round up – the dress is thrifted vintage)

  3. Those keyboard trays are the DEVIL! I have one, and it's totally evil – snags my tights!

    I love your burgundy mix – so totally elegant! And aw! Sasha Jane, what a sweet sweet kitty.

  4. Oh beautiful Sasha Jane!
    Is it bad that I commented on the cat first? Probably…
    Don't worry, you're looking good too, Lynne! I love all the rich burgundy and the great print on your top. It's still 84 degrees? Good grief, that's hotter than any day this summer in the UK!
    Have a great weekend. xxxx

  5. No fair having to do grubby work in your divine outfit! We need assistants, I say. Yay for your fabulous Goodwill finds, love those tights and shoes too. Oh hey Sasha Jane, srsly, don't get up.

  6. LOL, I have had to crawl around in some interesting outfits too because of working with the facilities folks. I don't let it stop me from dressing cute though! Way to do the tough work without a man!!

    I love the rich color of your burgundy shirt/skirt – so pretty!! And I love me some Sasha Jane! And I can't wait to see this gift you're anxiously awaiting from Ally!

    I'll send you a Goodwill pic today!

  7. Me: Look! Sasha Jane is stripey just like our Angel!
    Husband: Who's Sasha Jane?
    M: Lynne's kitty!
    H: Who's Lynne?
    M: The Practical Paralegal! You know, the one who got a kitty from MeganMae!
    H: Who's MeganMae?
    M: The one who made my obi belt! Not to be confused with the other Megan, who also has an obi, but didn't make it.
    H: What's an obi belt?
    M: Never mind. I want to try some serious pattern mixing with my obi, like Amber did. Lynne got a swap package from Ally, and Ally got a great skirt from Gracey because she's tall.
    H: Who ARE all these people? How do you have so many friends I've never met?!?
    M: Look, if you're not going to pay attention, I'm going to stop talking.
    H: *Sigh* Yes, dear.

  8. What gorgeous monochrome looks on you and Sasha Jane! I spotted the print of this top right off when you first posted pics of your haul, and is it ever beautiful on with it shape and draping. Though not perfect for roasting or keyboard tray wrestling, it IS perfect for looking beautiful – if this is "doofus," I've got a lot of potential to live up to!

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