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Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine, I’mmm Baaack!

Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine, I’mmm Baaack!

I’ll admit I might have to give up the Goodwill habit, but overall it’s pretty harmless, and less expensive than smoking, gambling, or phone sex.

Plus, I’m editing my closet. I know, buying more items from Goodwill seems like maybe I don’t understand the concept.

I really do understand the benefit of having fewer clothes so I can more easily get dressed in the morning. I’m buying the basics I need and love, to fit me now, and am moving lots of items out of my closets by swapping via my Swap Stuff (see tab above), passing on items to friends (in person or via mail), giving things to my daughters if they like them, or if all else fails, simply seeing what the local consignment shop will take, and then donating the rest to the Goodwill.

When I was there on Saturday, I actually dropped off an entire trunk load of items for donation before even entering the store. Oddly, that simple act of passing on items or clothing we aren’t using made me feel lighter of spirit.

Now for some of the items I scored, all under $4, that you’ll see on the blog (not washed or Dryel’d yet, so please ‘scuse the wrinkles):

Loft skirt (finally got some polka dots, y’all!)

Jeanne Pierre cropped three quarter sleeve open knit sweater
Isaac Mizrahi for Target charcoal dress (fully lined)
Jones New York plaid skirt (fully lined, incredible swing to the shape and heavy fabric)
And the piece de resistance….
St. Malo fully lined leather skirt (deep black, pristine condition, I can’t find any cracks or pulled seams)
And so, there you have the nuggets I found when I panned for gold at Goodwill this weekend (charcoal sweater dress not included). Thank you to everyone that has already submitted a pic for my upcoming Goodwill Goldmine Party; there’s still time for you to share a pic of you wearing something scored from a Goodwill or other charity shop. You have through October 1 to email me a pic and a brief description to
Oh, and for those of you that follow me regularly, I returned those Frye boots. As lovely as they are, they didn’t look great on me; my calves are too small for most knee high boots, and my heels kept slipping when I walked in them. Since that purchase made me feel guilty, the return made me feel lighter of spirit, too 🙂
Did you shop this weekend, and buy anything to update your fall wardrobe (or next spring’s)? 

15 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Goodwill Goldmine, I’mmm Baaack!

  1. Ever since I started my own Goodwill parties, my closet is over flowing…I have to do something about it next weekend. I guess it is a good, fun problem to have…and a much more harmless addiction that what you mentioned here!! You did well when you panned this weekend…looking forward to seeing all of the styles at your party!!

  2. I love your new purchases, especially that leather skirt! Wow! Can't wait to see how you wear it.

    I have that guilty feeling about my wardrobe as well…I keep buying stuff – but I'm wearing it! I will be doing a serious evaluation of my closet once my year-long challenge is over.

    And yeah, I bought a ton of stuff this weekend, all thrifted.

  3. Oooh you found some major scores, I especially love that full plaid skirt – adorbs! Also the Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress is awesome. I like my sweater from that line.

    Ohgod, I keep shopping. When I texted you, I had a ton in my cart, but I only came out with a raspberry shirt dress and a Vera Wang for Kohls sweater for myself. I also got the DH a pair of trousers because they were 50% tagged. I'm going to have to keep out of the shops for awhile.

    I also need to be a bad friend and mail you some stuff. Though some of it may be right for your boss because it's tiny.

    Thrifting really is a thrill for the bargain hunter, but getting in the buy-wear-redonate cycle can cause really bad habits. I wish I could say I'm being smarter about it, but I haven't stopped shopping yet. Eep!

  4. I missed your Frye boot purchase, but I can totally relate to your reasons for the return. I can't wear them even though I really, really wanted a pair. My calves are too skinny and they're not comfortable on my feet at all. Your Goodwill finds are great again. I love all of them.

    I had family visiting all week, and my daughter-in-law went thrifting with me today. She was blown away by the Goodwill here. Apparently Portland Oregon's Goodwills are more pricey. Guess I've got it good!!

  5. I was going to shop this weekend but instead did yard work with the hubby. I love that LOFT skirt you found with the polka dots! It's adorable! And I love the dress too, can't wait to see them both on you!

  6. WOW–you got some great stuff!!! I totally get you shopping/editting process!
    For whatever the shopping at my local thrifts (4 Goodwills, 2 salvations, & 2 church missions) was pathetic. Found nothing I wanted that fit–but not for the lack of trying on. I found a stunning Pendleton woll bazer in TEAL blue–but it was just too huge for me to be alstered. And it was only $3-so bummed!
    Unless I count the Union Bay Cargo pants for $3 I got for the hubster it was a dry haul!
    Oh well–it's another week!

  7. Great Goodwill haul, Lynne. I'm liking the dark seafoam color of that sweater lately. Thrifted some jeans in a similar color and plan on wearing them this week.
    I'm taking 4 bags of donations tomorrow. I get a $3 off coupon for each bag – yippee! – which I'm sure I'll be promptly spending and then some.

  8. I bought a box of matches this weekend … must remember to take a photo of them.

    The leather skirt is so divine! I've never owned a leather skirt. In my area, there are no goodwill stores with this quality of clothing – sadly.

  9. I love all your finds, especially the polka dot and the leather skirts. See, I knew you had an inner rock chick just waiting to be released, Lynne!
    I know an overflowing wardobe is unwieldy and unhelpful, but as habits go, spending at and donating to Goodwill doesn't seem such a terrible thing to do. Like you say, there are worse habits to pursue. I don't suppose $4 buys you much phone sex or even a packet of cigarettes, but it gets you a great item of clothing!
    If the Frye boots weren't right, then they had to go. Thrifting karma dictates you will find the perfect pair of boots which fit just right at the Goodwill, just be patient! xxxx

  10. If/when I go to America the first place I'll go and see will be the nearest Goodwill Store! It's so hard to believe the prices, and the pieces you can find there! Like last year I'll put "Goodwill Store" on my Christmas wish list! You lucky Americans!

  11. Lynne, the charcoal dress and JNY skirt are outstanding, bet they'll be lovely on!!! Great leather skirt too. I'm so envious of the lower thrifting prices EVERYWHERE ELSE. Aargh.

    Goodwill is a very fine habit, lovely to balance it with lightening up! Glad it wasn't too hard to give up the Frye boots – only a loss if they'd been perfect. Looking forward to the Goodwill Goldmine Party! Whoo!

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