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Paralegal Career Dressing: Gray Day & Outfit

Paralegal Career Dressing: Gray Day & Outfit

First, via th’ Twitter, this is how my day started out:

Then it mostly rained, and was dark, and then rained some more, which is a killer for both outdoor and indoor pics.

Before I started reading style bloggers, and then expanding my budget career dressing posts from just sharing good deals to putting my wardrobe where my mouth is, most of my outfits were gray or black, and all the colors in between gray and black.

Inspired by Sal at Already Pretty’s recent post, “Dressed For: Monochrome Experimentation,” I decided my former gray ways could work, with a better mix of monochromatic textures. (In my prior career style life, my typical post would have been titled “Dressed For: Job at a Funeral Home.”)

Plus, I already owned all the gray stuff, except the xhileration top I thrifted for a few bucks this weekend. Normally, I don’t jump up and down about thrifting Target brands, especially for juniors, but this top is really well tailored and interesting.

.xhileration blouse (thrifted); Mossimo pencil skirt (Target); Pleione
cardigan (Nordstrom clearance); Snakeskin print Nine West Flex pumps
(Shoe Carnival); Necklace (Jada’s Jewels); Cuff Bracelet (F21); Assorted
rings, including my grandmother’s engagement ring from the 1920s;
Bracelet watches (Steinmart last year)

All gray looks good in black and white 🙂

Obligatory blooper pic of me falling off table. Thanks for the idea, Lisa!
I wish this was the firm nap couch. Don’t think I haven’t lobbied for it 😛
Sans sweater. I’m kinda self-conscious about taking pics of my butt, but this blouse has a cool drop in the back.
Multiple watches worn together inspired by style bloggers way cooler than me.
I’ve got to get my grandmother’s ring resized. I wear it stacked with other rings so it won’t fall off.

So, are you living a monochrome career wardrobe, or do you experiment with the whole color wheel?

10 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Gray Day & Outfit

  1. Monochromatic is so chic – I have never done a full outfit but I'd like to try. Also – those pumps! A good metallic pump is on my "need" list.

  2. THIS is how you do monochrome. Lots of textures, interesting cuts, and shine. I like the blouse. I've found a few target things while thrifting. If they're cheap and interesting enough, I consider them worth the cost. Sometimes target can have some well made pieces to boot.

    I love color. As "dark" a person as I am, I love bright colors, I love things that remind me of salt water taffy, ice cream, and summertime. I usually prefer contrast of some sort in my outfits, mostly because my wardrobe often doesn't contain similar colored tops and bottoms. All black is as close to monochrome as I can get.

  3. Oh, how pretty! I love this outfit. The varying shapes and designs make it deeply interesting. I keep studying it with interest.

  4. I like monochrome…you did a great job…lovely textures, layering and accessorizing…you created a classy outfit which is absolutely work appropriate


  5. I am loving your blog! I am beginning to attend college with an ABA approved paralegal program here in Arizona this summer. You have so many good pointers and professional attire posts! Keep it up, I can't wait to use your advice in the future. 🙂

  6. You know, my fondness for grey was one reason I started my blog…and I have expanded my spectrum considerably, but I am still very fond of grey. I will have to say that it is the cardigan that is my favorite part of this look.

  7. Oh, well, you know me and color. =) It's really hard for me to ever wear just grey or black without inserting a pop of color. lol But I always love the way it looks on other people. That skirt is beautiful on you!

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