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Paralegal Career Dressing: Gypsy Woman

Paralegal Career Dressing: Gypsy Woman

I might have loaded up a bit on the necklaces this morning, adding a Mother’s Day key pendant from years ago to two super-long double-looped chains from Jada’s Jewels. I think all I might be missing is a crystal ball. But that would just be over-accessorizing; my boss already thinks I read minds and foretell the future.

My pants are super-wrinkled from power-sitting. Paralegal newbies, I don’t want you to go into this field with your eyes closed. You will eat a lot of Pop Tarts and Nabs at your desk, and you will eventually imprint your rear parts upon your office chair.

Evie cardigan (thrifted); Antonio Melani tank (thrifted); BR slacks (thrifted); Franco Sarto shooties (Ross); Two super long chains (Jada’s Jewels); Key Pendant (gift)

When in doubt, pile all your jewelry on. You can always remove pieces later when you catch sight of yourself in a reflective surface and wonder if you’re a wee tad too gawdy for words ;P

What’s your fave desk snack?

11 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Gypsy Woman

  1. Great top! I love either wearing no jewelry – or practically all the necklaces I own.

    My favorite desk snacks right now are captains wafer in the cheese and chive variety, trail mix, beef jerky, dark chocolate. I try to switch up snacks frequently to not get bored.

  2. I still have not attempted to layer necklaces – but I think you have it down!

    Favorite desk snack – this is going to sound weird but we had an Insinkerator boiling hot water dispenser in our kitchenette area at my last job. I ate a lot of oatmeal as that instant boiling hot water LITERALLY made my instant oatmeal instant. My partner in crime who sat back to back with me, she preferred your poison, Pop-Tarts. (Please tell me you like them frosted as I don't trust those who like unfrosted Pop-Tarts.)

  3. First of all, hell ya! Where was my Administrative Assistant Day? I have no clue! I too found out at about 7 this evening when I went to King Soopers. Lame-o!

    Also, you are totally right about the sitting. Of course, there are some other days when you don't get to sit. But others where all you do is sit!

    I love the layered necklaces Lynne! Hope the Teen is doing well still!

  4. Love the print Lynne! My favorite snack is almonds in the 100 calorie packs (somewhat guilt-free snacking). They're also convenient to tuck into the purse for off-site training.

  5. I must admit that I'm fairly healthy with my snacking … I like fruit and yoghurt, however, I do give in to chips every now and then but then I hit a terrible slump. I had pop tarts when I visited the USA a few years back.

  6. I'm glad to hear the Teen is out of the hospital. I hope she's feeling much better!

    I like the layered necklaces. Because they are all the same color/metal it isn't over the top!

  7. I like multi-necklaces for their whimsical look. And, at my desk, I snack on either something healthy (raw carrots) or unhealthy (jalapeno potato chips). I'm a conundrum…

  8. Ha, I've been doing some power sitting trying to catch up on my blog reading backlog this evening. I think nuts are my favorite desk snack.

  9. @Megan Mae ~ I love a little bit of dark chocolate during the day, too.

    @Taylor ~ I love, love, love instant oatmeal, and have it almost every morning.

    @Robin ~ I agree, Lame-o! lol

    @Susan ~ Almonds are yummy…covered in dark chocolate…:D

    @Wendy ~ You made me laugh when you said you had Pop Tarts on a visit to the USA. I don't even think they are real food, but everybody here eats them at some time or 'nother!

    @Louise ~ Some style bloggers magically layer all kinds of different necklaces. I don't have that spell down yet 🙂

    @Ally ~ I love raw carrots. With ranch dressing.

    @Terri ~ I do love a good trail mix or granola bar.

    @LL ~ Thanks!

  10. I keep a box of Nature Valley granola thins with dark chocolate in the fridge at work. They're only 80 calories. So far, no one has stolen them! Also, Clementines (a/k/a Cuties) make a super-sweet, healthy snack.

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