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Paralegal Career Dressing: Heigh-Ho It’s Off to Court We Go

Paralegal Career Dressing: Heigh-Ho It’s Off to Court We Go

Today I accompanied my supervising attorney to a Social Security disability hearing. I did a lot of the pre-hearing work, including writing the brief for the Administrative Law Judge. We were ready to make our case, but the hearing itself was short.

Short is a good sign in most Social Security disability hearings. These are the best days in a litigation paralegal’s life, when you get to see a deserving client have a successful day in court.

Phoebe jacket ~ thrifted
Colin Stuart heels ~ thrifted
Loft pencil skirt ~ Loft on sale
Gathered tank ~ old, likely Marshalls or TJ Maxx clearance rack
Stone earrings ~ Street vendor in Wilmington, NC

Even though there’s no jury, and very few people in the actual hearing, other than the ALJ, the court reporter, your client, and yourself, attorneys and paralegals still need to take a conservative approach when appearing before the Social Security Administration. A multi-purpose blazer over a skirt, slacks, or dress is a less expensive option than investing in suits.

This is what I really look like when I’m working 😛

Still, I would love to own a pretty pants suit in a color other than black, grey, beige, or that ubiquitous legal professional color…pin-stripe. 

Do you have a favorite blazer or jacket that goes with everything?

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16 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Heigh-Ho It’s Off to Court We Go

  1. Hey Lynne. I'd want you on my side in court any day! You look dressed to do real legal battle.
    I have a red blazer that I wear a lot and it works in summer as well as winter. Just can't go wrong with a blazer.

  2. Such a cute blazer! I love the multi-coloured stripes. Agreed; I like mix-n-match separates more than suits – so much more versatile.

  3. Actually I went shopping today and tried on a couple of blazers and both were a size too small. It's just a must have piece in any wardrobe and since I have not worked in 10 years I haven't purchased a good blazer. Must do that!

  4. What a great outfit for court. A little bit of flair, but in a conservative way. Congrats on having a short successful session.

    I still can't get over those incredible shoes.

  5. I think you look very polished in this…and interesting as well. That's a hard combination to pull off. Do you often write the briefs?

  6. Your hair looks fantastic here, well everywhere!
    I do have a favorite jacket and I think it's perfect because of the fit. It's grey which is kind of boring but I do love the fit and stretch. It's an Ella Tahari I think is the name.
    Reading this about your court case sort of scares me. I manage a special needs trust fund for my sister and she's on SSI. I've never visited a lawyer about how to do things and I know I probably should. I've only been using the money to pay some bills for her that aren't under the normal cost of living things. Sorry to ramble on! Do you think I need a lawyer before any trouble might happen? Just in case?

  7. I don't own any really cool patterned blazers 🙁 But my white and black ones are real work horses in my closet (well when it's not sweltering out). I'm glad that your hearing went well! I don't ever get to go to hearings of our clients. 🙁

  8. Congrats on your successful day in court. That is a fantastic outfit–conservative, but not boring. I love those stripes. Unfortunately, my "go with everthing" blazers are black, navy or gray. I have a couple of of fun blazers, but they are more limited in how they can be worn.

  9. The little jacket is lovely. And the coloured stripes take it out of the usual grey/black/navy rut. Red would be nice too. You look very professional and capable, but stylish too, a case-winning combination! xxxxx

  10. I have a "pin-stripe" suit, but was lucky enough to find the striping in Lavender! Kohl's sale, some years ago. Glad to hear your hearing went well.

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