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Paralegal Career Dressing: How to Read Every Language

Paralegal Career Dressing: How to Read Every Language

“Oh Gawd, will this week never end?” That was pretty much my thought process yesterday. My vertigo slightly relieved by meclizine, I was my typical OCD self, helping my bosses avoid malpractice and even translating foreign documents. Oh, wait. You didn’t know one of my mad paralegal skills is fluency in all languages?

Actually, what I am fluent in is scanning a foreign document and creating an OCR file, and then dumping the text into Google Translate. I wish I had known this was the future when I flunked conversational French in college in 1982.

Nine West Vintage jeans (Steinmart); Anne Klein blouse (thrifted); Mossimo Ona Ballet flats (Target); Necklace (Rue 21 like  $7 score!); Skinny belt (Target)

Yeah, I coulda worn my killa John Fluevog Breva pumps in ice blue with this outfit, but I would have just fallen off them. Vertigo ixnays cute heels.

Truly, I can’t stop staring at these awesome flats.

High on life over-the-counter cold medicine and Pop Tarts.
I look like a gal that speaks Google Translate.

So, ya got this season’s colored skinny jeans yet?

8 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: How to Read Every Language

  1. Google has really opened up the world. I hit sites all the time that aren't in English and using the Chrome browser I just have to hit "translate" and there it goes. It's also much more accurate than babelfish ever was. (Though still LOL-worthy sometimes)

    Latin has been beneficial for grasping the gist of things, but I probably couldn't translate a sentence of latin to english to save my life (or the wizarding world).

    I love your skinny jeans and bright flats! Those flats really do look fantastic and give a punch of color.

    I am all about some colored skinny pants. I have always liked colorful pants, skinny jeans or not!

  2. Girl. I am all about your flats and this color combo! Hope you start to feel better for the weekend! And avoiding malpractice suits is one of my favorite "pluses" of being a paralegal! 😉

  3. Don't ya just love red jeans? And what's up with this vertigo…I know I've been grading papers all week, but how long have you been contending with this dizziness? That's no fun.

  4. I got an OLD pink ones actually, then I cropped it, and now I regret it because now it's all the rage!! I'm wearing it for today's post. Yep, one great thing about weekend: no fashion rules! Unlike when we're in the office!! Yayyy!!

    And flats. I love heels. My feet love flats. So we take turns.

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  5. You look great in those pants. I love colored ones.

    I use Google translate all the time. I enjoy several foreign blogs and it enables me to read and write on them in languages I don't speak. It isn't infallible, however; I once complimented a woman on her attractive "arms" and Google's translation had me saying, "Nice weapons!"

  6. great outfit, I am smitten by colored jeans and I have a pair in red too, yours look great with a chambray shirt, And wow…I love the turquoise necklace! What a statement piece! Sometimes the google translate gives horrible translations ..haha…don't trust them totally. Once we paid a "professional" translator to translate some english text to chinese, they came back with garbage translation…then we realized they just goggle translate…


  7. Sigh … I can't wear real 'skinny' jeans because my calves are big and then i can't walk let alone bend my leg, so I go for straight jeans, but I have not found a red pair (which is what I am hankering after) which are not 'skinnies'. I'm rather envious of your coloured skinnies :0( and you do look fab-u-lous.

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