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Paralegal Career Dressing: I Channel My Spinster Aunts

Paralegal Career Dressing: I Channel My Spinster Aunts

I had several spinster great aunts, and it’s clear sometimes from the way I head out of the house in the morning that pictures of them greatly influence my sartorial choices. Ask my hubby, he’d tell you I’d make a great spinster aunt.

Rafaella Studio dress (Steinmart with coupon); Bow-tie blouse (Gap sale); Aerosoles heels (Steinmart with coupon);  Opaque tights (Walmart); Pin (Spinster Aunt)

First, this sheath dress has a secret weapon: a built-in body shaper slip. Aaaah, you can let your muffin top ooze out of the top of the pan without anyone seeing.

Second, Aerosoles pumps are so well cushioned that I call them “sneakers with heels.” Paralegals need sneakers with heels. They’re not Jimmy Choos, but who the heck can run like a bat out of hell in Jimmy Choos? Only Carrie Bradshaw, and she’s not real.

Tying bows. Not my forte.

Do you ever catch yourself channeling the style of your favorite older relatives?

2 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: I Channel My Spinster Aunts

  1. A sheath dress with spanx-appeal?!? Sign me up!!

    1. I love sheath dresses.
    2. Over the years, it appears my sheath dresses have SHRUNK!!
    3. I want a dress with built-in tummy tucks.

    My burning question… Is this a recent Steinmart purchase? I may need to stop by there on my way home from work – sans coupon – b/c once the word is out, I'm willing to bet the rack will be cleared out!


  2. Andrea, I bought this one early in 2011 🙁 I posted about the Rafaella Shaped Sheath Dress on May 1, 2011, and Amazon had the dress the time, but the link says it's now unavailable. I'd do some hunting for Rafaella sheath dresses online – who knows, maybe there are some on eBay – if anyone would part with such a gem 🙂

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