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Paralegal Career Dressing: I Found a Maxi Skirt in My Own Closet

Paralegal Career Dressing: I Found a Maxi Skirt in My Own Closet

I have been loving the maxi skirts on my favorite style bloggers, and longing to own one. Then I realized I did own one, only it was in the back of the closet with my non-work clothes. It’s the convertible skirt/dress I’ve had for about five years and wad up my suitcase for the beach.

It just got upgraded to the work clothes section. It was chillier today than it has been, and I would have loved to wear jeans, but I couldn’t do that on the first outing of the Fluevogs. An extra long skirt was ideal, and much to my surprise, I got a lot of compliments during the day. Which is way better than a request to go home and change.

Cat (long term hanger on); Gingham shirt (thrifted @$6); Convertible skirt/dress (old Marshalls); Wide belt (old Steinmart clearance); Breva pumps (John Fluevog); Freshwater pearls (gift from bestie); Stretch cuff (Forever 21)

Here’s a little better peek at the new Vogs. They are wonderfully comfortable.

I need to show you the cool soles. They say, “Coffee. Take the time and do it right.” Yessir!

Have you worn a maxi dress or skirt to work?

20 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: I Found a Maxi Skirt in My Own Closet

  1. Eee! Your new Vogs! They look fabulous. Okay, I admit I may have been judgemental about the "simpler" coffees when they came out, but I take it all back. They are fabulous, and I think they will be a heavily remixed item. Happy to have contributed to another Fluevog convert.

    Also heehee! Love the kitty photobomb.

  2. I love that you cited your cat! ;o)

    I've only worn a maxi length to work twice and even though the styles of the maxis are casual, I feel more "fancy" in them – probably because I end up messing with my skirt all the time and have to pick it up to go up and down the stairs … "like a lady!"

  3. I think I have worn a maxi to work just once. My job often entails walking from one building to another…and kicks up dust. Have you really been asked to go home and change?

  4. Love this look on you! Makes you look taller too, which is always a plus for me. Beautiful shoes, and the color makes the outfit, I think, as opposed to neutral ones. I ditto Tara on the necklace. A+

  5. Those Vogs are so cute!! And I love the blue shirt with the maxi skirt. I wear them to work sometimes, usually when I'm going for a casual look. I've never really tried dressing one up… I like how yours turned out!!

  6. Very cute skirt. Looks great with that belt.

    It's fun to go shopping in our closets. Most of us (including me) have clothes we've forgotten about.

  7. @Lisa ~ We don't have an elevator, and I don't remember how I went up and down the steps. Pro'bly dusted them thoroughly πŸ˜› But I was so comfortable I will be wearing it again SOON.

  8. @Terri ~ I haven't actually been asked to go home and change, but I know people that have – and also people that received negative feedback from office managers in conservative environments. Sometimes I agreed – and sometimes not.

  9. @Tiffany ~ Thanks! I've already got the next outfit in mind for taking my maxi to work πŸ˜€ Of course, while giving maximum productivity at the same time lol.

  10. Oh, wow, that skirt looks beautiful on you! Way to style it for a formal work environment, Lynne, good job!

    The Fluevogs are AMAZING! I wore my Coffees today too – and I love how comfy they are. So glad you enjoyed them! Better watch out…they are addicting! πŸ˜‰

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