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Paralegal Career Dressing: I Make a Bow Tie Dress in 30 Seconds

Paralegal Career Dressing: I Make a Bow Tie Dress in 30 Seconds

Okay, I may be exaggerating my mad sewing skillz a bit. What really happened is that I wanted to wear the dress the Style Crone was wearing yesterday, only I don’t own any cool vintage 50s dresses, so I took the $13 Evan-Picone dress with the full skirt I scored from Steinmart last year and have already worn on this blog (can you believe all the hair I had, and OMG, there’s the formerly blah sweater I recently wore backwards), and said, “You’ll have to do, Pig.”

And then the sash fell off, and a miracle happened. I thought, “I can make a bow-tie for the dress out of that sash!”

Only I had five or less minutes to get ready for work and no idea where I last hid needle and thread.

Then I remembered Mina’s onyx magnetic Fashener (which I bought, so this is not like a paid endorsement or anything that qualifies as profit from blogging :), which is way better than sewing or safety pins, because no holes are made in delicate fabric. I folded the sash in half, used the Fashener to secure it to the back of my dress, and tied a fairly good bow – for me.

Can you tell I took ballet as a kid? No? I’m not surprised 😛 Evan-Picone Dress (Steinmart clearance); agenda shrug (old); Nine West wedges (Ross Dress for Less); Organza flower brooch (JKW Jewelry); Sweater clip (antique from a relative); 1928 earrings (Rugged Wearhouse)
I can hear my grandma now, “A lady always wears nice underwear!” So glad you can’t see mine 😛
I think perhaps a poltergeist messed up my bow while I was distracted by the self-timer.
Why doesn’t anyone sell a nice sweater clip any more?

Do you have a great article of 50s vintage or inspired clothing that you can wear to work?

10 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: I Make a Bow Tie Dress in 30 Seconds

  1. This is a GREAT idea. I love bow-tie blouses despite my not-preppy style. I love how you pulled something you already owned and made it work for the inspiration you wanted to channel. Hope you're feeling better!

    The closest I've gotten to real 50s is inspired. I've got some full skirts, but I think I look much better in either 40s or 60s styles.

  2. What a great job you did on this dress ma'am! I LOVE the bow! It looks so classy and just plain pretty now! Well done! Man, I wish I had your sewing skills!

  3. This is ingenious! And so easy. I did go back and look at the previous wearing of the dress and was shocked by the length and thickness of your hair!

  4. Well done on your ingenuity. Very kewl idea. I need to get some fashers, think I'll employ my daughter in Houston to get me some 🙂

    Reading back on your previous post,you said

    "Sometimes I look at style blogs and think, "What am I doing here? I'm not young or photogenic, and I don't have much of a clothes budget. Heck, I usually don't have a photographer." Then I think, "But I'm me, and we're all unique, and we should celebrate the style that works for us, whatever our age, budget, body types, and style needs."" … I am glad that you share your finds and style and you are very photogenic, but I hear you, I think a lot of us 'older bloggers' feel the same way. I'm searching to find other women my age in South Africa who are blogging their styles and so far have been unsuccessful – seems it's the 'younger' ladies.

    Have a fabulous day

  5. What a pretty outfit. The dress and shoes are gorgeous.

    I wish I could pose as nicely as you do in the first picture. Really enjoy that.

  6. I loved that brooch so much I checked out JKW Jewelry and ended up ordering 2 of them! Very reasonably priced and unique. Thanks for including info on the origin of your treasures. I really wish we had a Ross Dress for Less store near me, since it looks like they have a great selection. For now, I'll have to continue finding my treasures at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Steinmart. I really enjoy reading all of your posts. Keep up the great work and I hope your daughter is feeling much better!

  7. I love the look; so classy and beautiful but professional enough for work! You will be my inspiration to GET AWAY FROM BLACK PANTS SUITS!

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