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Paralegal Career Dressing: I Told EVERYBODY My Skirt Only Cost $11

Paralegal Career Dressing: I Told EVERYBODY My Skirt Only Cost $11

Because I have no class, and it is Ann Taylor, thrifted. And it is my fave skirt ever.

Ann Taylor skirt ($11, thrifted); Willi Smith sweater (TJ Maxx clearance); X-Appeal boots (Rack Room, BOGO); Belt (saved from Teens’ GoodWill bag); Earrings (Steinmart)
Dang, I already need my roots and my hair did. Again.
Dear Hubby took this while playing with the camera settings. I wish my hair was all these colors.
These are glass but feel as light as plastic. Definitely faves.

I was dressed for day to evening wear again – yes, ANOTHER legal professional cocktail gathering! Gosh, we can have a good time in Winston-Salem! Thanks, Rebekah and Denna at CaseWorks Deposition Services,, and Leroy at Case-Closed Investigations,, for inviting me to your Autumn Social and graciously letting me blather on about how legal professionals use iPads 🙂

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  1. Your blog is fantastic. My new favorite follow. (Try and visit a Buffalo Exchange one day, you'll love it. I go to the one in Chelsea, NYC.) Enjoy the day!

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