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Paralegal Career Dressing: I Tried to Introduce Some Wardrobe Oxygen But Failed

Paralegal Career Dressing: I Tried to Introduce Some Wardrobe Oxygen But Failed

Completely inspired by Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen, I was going to throw on my yellow cardigan over this blouse and slacks, and totally rock some sunshine. Only my cardi was too pale and too short. Kind of like me in winter.

Please forgive the poor indoor lighting. It was cold and rainy. So cold and rainy that I canceled my appointment for a haircut after work. Because it was too cold and rainy. Instead I went home and hid under a grandma afghan. Total transparency here.

Blouse (years ago @Marshalls); Banana Republic slacks (thrifted); Shrug (years ago @Ross); Booties (Ross)

But I tried to jazz things up a little with stretchy bracelets (the only kind that won’t slide off my skinny li’l wrists) and my fave antique glass ring that’s been in our family for, like, at least 80 years.

Walmart bracelets. Family heirloom.

Because I need a haircut, you can’t really see the BRIGHT GREEN earrings I breathed into this dark outfit. See, I have colors!

Fun with color saturation. No, I have never had a spray tan, and I didn’t know I have three chins.

Guys, I am so stuck on black. Help.

2 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: I Tried to Introduce Some Wardrobe Oxygen But Failed

  1. Haha, you're too funny! That's a gorgeous top, and I like it with the black because it really makes the print stand out!

    I have the opposite problem – my wrists and hands are so big I often can only wear stretchy bracelets because bangles won't fit over my knuckles! 🙂

  2. I love everything you wear, but this is STUNNING! I also suffer from the nearly all black wardrobe, but have recently taken to wearing super colorful accessories which is much cheaper and way more fun than buying more colorful clothes. With that said, I did recently buy a fabulously bright pink jacket ($5.99 at the thrift store) that I wear on days when I am suffering from total "black-out."

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