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Paralegal Career Dressing: I’m Good with Used Clothes

Paralegal Career Dressing: I’m Good with Used Clothes

When The Teen got in the car after school, she relayed a conversation she’d had about finding expensive designer labels in thrift stores. A friend from a family that has way more money than we do announced she only shops in the designer stores and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anybody else’s clothes. She was all, “EWWW (insert squeal) GROSSSSS!”

I guess I can see why used clothes would bother some people, but I’ve always loved a good hand-me-down from peeps whose style choices I admire.

And I really like this $4 sweater I scored at a thrift store, which looks enough like really expensive ones I ogled online to satisfy me.

New York & Co Sweater (thrifted); No-iron shirt (Banana Republic on sale @$11); Herringbone pencil skirt (Target @$20); Tights (Walmart); Boots (Rack Room BOGO years ago); Belt (Ross Dress for Less); Brooches (family antiques); Earrings (I forgot)
It’s not that pink, and it’s really, really soft.
Diamonds. Not.
Pink, pink, pink.

Do you like wearing hand-me-downs and shopping in thrift stores, or is that too gross to contemplate?

2 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: I’m Good with Used Clothes

  1. The only things that I buy brand new or not on SUPER sale are my unmentionables. When I first started thrifting years ago I was a little put off about the whole used thing and refused to buy used shoes. That all changed one day when I found a drop dead pair of designer boots for $5.99! I am officially hooked. Both our office assistant and I are thrifting junkies!

  2. Thank goodness Walmart sells those unmentionables in jumbo packs! 😛

    I've never had that revulsion of used shoes or clothes, maybe because I played so much dress-up as a kid. I thought other peeps' shoes were cool!

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