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Paralegal Career Dressing: I’m THAT Woman

Paralegal Career Dressing: I’m THAT Woman

Who took her cat to the vet in a cloth recycle bag.

Cut me some slack. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been owned by a cat.

Cropped ankle pants ~ Loft on sale
Pleione cardigan ~ Nordstrom clearance
Impo shooties ~ Ross Dress for Less last year I think
Cami ~ Rugged Wearhouse @$3
Necklace ~ Jada’s Jewels
Thumb ring gift from kids; stacked rings from Target

Long story short, while The Teen was still in the hospital this afternoon (they abruptly ejected her about two hours ago, and while she’s glad to be home, she’s still in pain and subdued), I had to make an emergency vet appointment for Sasha Jane, the blogger swap cat I share with Megan. Don’t worry, the kitteh is fine.

I planned to get off work in plenty of time to find the small pet carrier I knew we own. Only a client came by at the last minute, and I got home with just enough time to discover we do not in fact own a small pet carrier. In fact, we don’t even have a plain cardboard box. (Because they are all in my car, packaged up with gifts for blogger buddies I have not had time to mail.)

I knew I couldn’t take a cat into the waiting room loose, because this must be a recurring problem for the vet. They made it clear when I made the appointment to only bring in contained cats. Gotcha.

In a panic, I spied the pink recycle bag I got as part of my swag from a Susan Komen run a few years back. Sasha loves to play in it, and thought we were playing again when I lured her into it. She wailed her betrayal all the way to the vet, even though I let her out of the bag as soon as I got her in the car. I stuffed her back in the bag when I got there, and then I was that woman, standing at the reception desk, using both hands to clutch my bag closed at the top, with a quiet, bewildered, betrayed cat inside.

They offered to sell me a cardboard box for the ride home, but the sweet vet tech quietly whispered I could get a real cat carrier for less at Walmart.

Got any “I’m THAT woman (or man)” stories to share? I sure would feel less ridiculous.

11 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: I’m THAT Woman

  1. I applaud your resourcefulness!! I think you managed perfectly and trust me, Kitty wouldn't have been any happier in a "proper" carrier!! Talk about juggling, AND your oufit is outstanding at the same time, AND you found time to post?!! You get my Superwoman award. I need to step up my game. 🙂

  2. I love the neutral cardi and shoes framing the bright pink underneath. Ohmy little Sasha Jane! Hope she's alright. We'll probably be taking the kittens in a box if we have to. We've only got one carrier that I know of between the five cats. It's out of my hands though because their appointment is on a Monday and I have classes all day.

    Glad to hear The Teen was able to come home. Hope she continues to recover as quickly as possible.

  3. Oh man. I'm pretty sure the vet we have been visiting thinks we're the worst cat parents in the world, because Flat Tire does NOT behave well at the vet; we're talking screaming, flailing, generally acting like her life is in mortal danger and she's just so damn mad about it. The second to last time they couldn't even weigh her, she was fighting so much. (Of course, her opinion of the vet's hasn't improved any since the LAST time we took her they removed what was left of her stump…)

    Anyway, I always feel like THAT person when we have to take her in, but maybe we need to find a vet practice where the staff don't stand around staring goggle-eyed at an unhappy critter like they've never seen one before.

    I'm glad The Teen is home! I've been trying to project good vibes in all y'all's general direction, and will continue to do so.

    Also, I am intensely fond of those pants. So cool!

  4. LOL at "been owned by a cat". Oh Lynne. It's always an adventure taking a pet to the vet. I'm sorry, but I'm sure Sasha was just as comfy in the bag as she would've been in the carrier.

    I hope the Teen starts to feel better soon! Why did they let her go if she was still in pain?!?!?! Sending good thoughts your way kid.

  5. Now I love cats. You know this. And I know cats HATE to be made to look foolish or undignified. Yet, even so, this story really made me chuckle! Poor SJ, the SHAME of being carried to the vets in a pink bag…
    I am always THAT woman, I always make a fool of myself, and I have ceased to care much. So there!
    Happy to hear the Teen is safely home, hope she is in less pain very soon.
    PS. Have I mentioned those trousers are fabulous? Like their mama! xxxxx

  6. I'm so happy the Teen is home! Hope the pain subsides quick now.

    I have to laugh a little bit at your "THAT WOMAN" story. Clever idea though and it sounds like it worked! I hope the kitteh is ok!

    I love, love, LOVE your outfit!

  7. Fantastic post – Lynne, you are amazingly resourceful! Trips to the vet are generally lacking in dignity for everyone involved – so glad that Sasha Jane isn't like one kitty I had who mightily objected to car rides to the extent of barfing and peeing every single time. On the way there, and on the way back too. Poor schnooks, hope she's doing all right.

    I often have the "that woman" feeling of ridiculousness, so it's more a generalized state of being. I appreciate how you got through this acute instance with barely even one "let the cat out of the bag" joke, which I could not have done whatsoever.

    You look amazing in these colours and lovely silhouette balancing the ruffles with fitted / tailored. As I was saying in the comments on my blog, I can only wish for ankle pants to work even a little, but you are rocking those raspberry babies!

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