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Paralegal Career Dressing: In and Out

Paralegal Career Dressing: In and Out

That’s how fast I voted this morning. After trying to vote early and finding only long lines, I decided to swing by my precinct on the way to work, just to see if I could get into the parking lot. Not only could I park, but I didn’t have to wait at all.

I don’t have a pic of it, but my “I Voted” sticker was my fave accessory I wore today.

Dressed to wait in the cold.
The Deets: Boatneck blouse ($10 Loft Outlet); Clarks loafers (Rack Room); a.n.a. necklace (jcp clearance);  SayWhat cardi (old); Ralph Lauren pants (thrifted)
I know stylish women should use a full-length mirror to see if everything comes together, but a rear view mirror would have helped me a lot today, or at least prevented me from leaving the house with a massive case of “baggy butt.” When I caught sight of it in the bathroom at work, I didn’t want anyone to walk behind me the rest of the day. The long sweater didn’t cover it up, although it does hang over my fingers nicely.
Looks like these very useful stretch gray pants will be heading back to the consignment store, even though they were bought last year because I’d lost weight. I don’t know why the pounds won’t stay on, but I do know that nothing seems to taste good.  I’m pretty sure a bag of Milky Ways a day isn’t on any nutritionist’s lists. I know Ensure is, but yuck.

17 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: In and Out

  1. Well your trousers may not fit from the back, but that cardigan is a marvel, can it be thrown over each shoulder too? The brightness ofthe necklace looks very crisp with your green top too. I'm sorry that you are finding keeping weight on difficult. I have the same problem.

  2. Gorgeous cardigan. Very anthro-esque.

    Sorry about the weight. I've just discovered Kind snacks ( I really like their nut bars. They're kind of pricey, but the dark chocolate and sea salt tastes like a fancy payday. I've also eaten the cranberry and coconut flavors. I didn't try the peanut butter because barf-gross. But they're roughly 200 cal a piece, and low sugar/high fiber, with no funky additives.

    I've also been drinking the protein bolthouse farm drinks. Just a little because too much soy doesn't agree with me, but they've been good on a fussy tummy.

  3. You had a medical check up, yeah? Of course! I also get the saggy butt look from time to time, although I like to pretend that no one ever sees me from the back. Love the green shirt plus gray sweater, and YAY for democracy!

  4. I feel your baggy-butt pain. Oh, do I. Second biggest chronic fit problem, second only to the hips. I lose so much as an ounce, and it comes straight off there.

    From the front, though, you look very snazzy!

  5. I'm so glad you're wearing that sweater. A lot of petite women think they can't/shouldn't wear waterfall cardigans because they can be overwhelming, but you prove otherwise. You look fab. And don't worry about the baggy butt. It totally happens.

    Also, you mentioned my lack of a blogger clutch. I actually did carry one (burgundy eel skin), I just forgot to photograph it!

  6. My voting was very fast as well luckily. I love the green blue combo today. I have baggy butt moments too but it's not the worst thing that could happen! You still look great!

  7. Loving that cardi and the hippy-tastic chain. Please tell me you've had your weight loss checked out.
    You get stickers when you've voted? Maybe the UK should introduce something similar, our turnout never fails to be depressingly low (yet everyone moans about the government) xxx

  8. Amazing sweater – love the dramatic shape! That shade of green and your bright necklace are awesome too. Sorry about the pants (it's far too often AFTER wearing them all day one notices these things, isn't it!) but especially about the lack of appetite-appealing solutions. xo

  9. A sticker but no lollipop? Shame!
    You look as elegant as ever, no one need ever know about the bagginess of the butt! Love the necklace and that pretty shade of green. xxx

  10. I love your colour combination here! And from the front there's not even the smallest glimpse of the baggy butt, so great outfit!

    As Patti said, you have had a medical check up, right?

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