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Paralegal Career Dressing: Is that Poison Ivy?

Paralegal Career Dressing: Is that Poison Ivy?

Oh, this Monday never had a chance to be cute. I got to work AN HOUR early so I could get a few key tasks done before taking a live online CLE (continuing legal education for you non-legal peeps) class.

The Limited skirt ~ blogger swap
Sere Nade sleeveless bow tie blouse ~ Steinmart several years ago about $10
Cropped cardigan ~ Banana Republic online sale (my boss liked it so much she bought one, too)
Coccinelle flats ~ blogger swap
MMD button flowers ~ Megan Mae Daily
Flower bracelet ~ my grandmother’s

But when I opened up the updated CLE materials emailed to me at 4 a.m. today, I noted four different start times. (Yes, very helpful telephone webinar lady, I do know about the different U.S. time zones.) There were four different EASTERN STANDARD TIME start times.

The webinar, prepaid, and about a newer area of law for me, finally ended up starting after 3:30 p.m. EST. Yup. I got to stay at the office until after 7 p.m.

So I did something I rarely do. I took a li’l lunch break. Thought I’d eat my lunch in peace, grab some outdoor outfit pics, since I was wearing bangin’ shoes and a super-swingy-twirly pleated skirt from my blogger swap with Megan (I also got a kitten, but I did not give her one of my dogs), as well as her cheerful MMD button flowers pinned on my cardi.

Only I didn’t have any lunch (forgot), my camera tripod (forgot), or an SD card (still in computer at home). But I don’t give up easily. I had a spare SD card, and I’ve seen plenty of other bloggers just set their cameras on car hoods and get decent pics.

Having set myself the no-tripod photography challenge, I then proceeded to pretty much not get in many of the pics I took. Haha. I love a good learning experience. One of the best shots resulted from setting my camera on a concrete wall, and then leaning myself against a tree. The dead leaves at the bottom of the tree? No problem. A little icky and crunchy in my shoes, but anything for budget career fashion, dontcha know.

Only my feet started itching like crazy-crazy-crazy-crazy, and I thought I was experiencing my first case of poison ivy, and would end up in the local immediate care, getting IV benadryl – and miss that darned prepaid live webinar that was supposed to start at the crack of dawn, and was responsible for all my work day woes to date.

I begged The Teen to save my Monday by taking a better pic for me.

No such luck. I think I’m just allergic to dead leaves. Indoor pics against a plain ol’ painted wall are starting to look like my new photography goal, tho’….

Then I begged The Teen to take a pic of Sasha Jane and me for Megan. (Nope, she’s not an outside kitty.)

Do you have to take annual continuing education or certification classes for your job? Do you prefer online or live?

15 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Is that Poison Ivy?

  1. I have to constantly do webinar training for my Weight Watchers job – it is such a pain, but at least I can multi-task (read: surf blogs) while I do them.

    I love the skirt – you looks very summery! And aw, look at that little kitty…

  2. Oh, I love the skirt. And the kitten has got to be the best accessory of all time. Sorry that the webinar proved to be such a hassle.

  3. Oh Lynne you did a great job with outfit pics under the circumstances and I applaud you! I have been in that situation and it suuuuucks. I think your skirt is just lovely and the kitty I'm sure (and I hope!) will make Megan's day! I don't "have" to take CLEs but I do go to a monthly paralegal luncheon seminar and I LOVE it. I totally geek out to all the new case law and such.

  4. Nope, no webinar training for me, except for self inflicted ones :-). You had a long day!!!

    I adore this outfit … the stripes on the skirt are so cheeky to me this morning – cheerful and you look gorgeous.

    Love your Sasha … she looks lively like my little Bobbi.

    I truly battled with light and where to take the pics … also, too many bodies roaming about my ground … lol.

  5. Aww man, what a day. At least you faced it with a cute blouse and skirt combo, and some rockin' shoes.

    Also so sweet Miss Sasha Jane! She's getting so big.

    (Get back to me when you can on the belts!)

  6. The story of your day made me laugh – not AT you but WITH you. I'm glad you took it all in stride. At least you looked great at work, all bazillion hours you were there! Great outfit and adorable kitten!

  7. I love the two stripes of green on the otherwise grey-scale skirt. They really stand out and catch the eye. I think you did a great job of getting the shots without a photographer.

    And your kitten is such a cutie!

  8. Very pretty skirt. And I love how playful your poses are.

    I, of course, also have to take CLE courses (24 hours each two years). I buy DVDs to squeeze them into my free time.

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